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Airsprung Revivo Sprung Memory Deluxe Mattress

The best mattress would be comfortable and supportive, and thankfully, that’s what you will get if you purchase this Airsprung Revivo Sprung Memory Deluxe Mattress. The medium firm double mattress comes in a variety of tensions, respectively soft, medium and firm. This means that you can choose your own preferred comfort level. You will have the right amount of body comfort while receiving enough support and avoiding the risk of getting back pain. This medium firm double mattress is non-turn; it doesn’t need to be flipped. However, it is recommended to rotate it now and then, so to ensure even wear and tear, prolonging the life of your mattress.

Supercoil Spring Unit

To make the mattress firm, so to adequately support your body, this medium firm double mattress uses a Supercoil Spring system. Supercoil units are made of high tensile wire spring coils with helical wires; these usually run across the mattress joining all the springs together. This process is more beneficial than you think because it is what gives the mattress a firmer feel. The spring system will give the medium firm double mattress the support that it needs to align your body parts properly. The mattress also has a 55mm memory foam layer that adds additional support and comfort. And since it’s a medium-firm mattress, you can rest assured it will offer the right level of support.

Knitted Sleeping Surface for Softness

While the mattress must be able to offer you support, there’s another aspect that many overlook, respectively, the surface. The surface needs to be high-quality just like the rest of the mattress and it is precisely something this medium firm double mattress has to offer. This medium firm double mattress uses a soft knitted fabric, which is responsible for the soft feel finish that will caress your skin while you’re trying to sleep. So, unless you want to feel like sleeping on needles, you should consider this aspect. It’s important to note that this medium firm double mattress is rolled when delivered. Therefore, when you receive it, you must let it recover to its original shape before you’re able to use it. In general, one or two days should be enough for the process to be over.

Features to Keep in Mind

    • Medium-firm mattress
    • White colour
    • No roll mattress
    • Has a knitted sleeping surface
    • The surface feels very soft
    • 55mm memory foam layer for added comfort and support
    • Supercoil spring unit
    • Vacuum rolled and packed upon delivery
    • A top-notch mattress that will maintain its quality over time

What Customers Think of It

The medium firm double mattress is quite popular as the majority of people who bought the mattress are pleased with it. Customers were mostly happy with the fact that the mattress doesn’t lose its quality over time and the fact that it feels very comfortable and helped them sleep properly. Not to mention that they also loved how affordable it is for the qualities it has to offer. Delivery was fast, something they appreciated. Do you want to find out what other Airsprung Revivo mattress users think? What do users think of this product? Read user reviews on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

If you want a good mattress, you won’t go wrong with this medium firm double mattress. It offers comfort, support, and it will also maintain its quality even after being used for a while.