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Angel Queen 4D Breathable Fabric Mattress with Pocket Springs and Memory Foam

Some pocket sprung with memory foam mattress can make noise when the springs are under pressure. But Angel Queen pocket springs and memory foam mattress model does a great job of absorbing all noise and vibrations ensuring a peaceful sleep throughout the whole night. This 4ft6 double pocket sprung with memory foam mattress is made of memory foam and pocket springs, which makes it perfect for individuals who want a nice combination of support and comfort. The materials are able to align your body in such a way that back, neck, or shoulders pain will be a thing of the past. The memory foam layer will mould to your body shape, which is a great way to relieve any potential pressure.

Knitted Fabrics and Hypoallergenic Features

Skin-friendly knitted fabrics are used when making the mattress to ensure anti-allergic properties. Purchasing this pocket sprung with memory foam mattress may be the solution to your asthma or allergy problems. The double foam mattress is anti-mites and anti-bacterial.

Support Provided by Pocket Springs

Pocket springs are a blessing thanks to the support they can offer and you’ll be happy to know that this Angel Queen double mattress features springs. There is a 9-Zone Support System ready to keep your body in place, promoting a healthy alignment and preventing any unpleasant feeling or pain. This provides good shock absorption, which means that if your sleeping partner tosses and turns a lot, you won’t feel any of their movements. Therefore, you can be sure your sleep will not be interrupted.

Features to Consider

  • Made of knitted fabrics
  • Anti-allergic
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-dust mite
  • Shock absorption mattress
  • 9-Zone Support System
  • Very quiet
  • 100 night-trial
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Made of memory foam
  • Body-contouring
  • Breathable and comfortable

What Customers Think of It

Most people who bought this pocket sprung with memory foam mattress fell in love with it. Many people declared themselves happy with their purchase, as it exceeded their expectations. It offers the luxury of a hotel bed, it relieves pain and it’s suitable for multiple types of sleepers. Also, they mentioned how the memory foam works to give them the comfort needed, thanks to being very soft. Another thing liked is how much it isolates movements, making it easier for the one next to you to sleep without interruptions. The mattress is quite heavy, but it shouldn’t be that much of a problem. Do you want to find out more details about Angel Queen 4D Breathable Fabric Mattress? Read the latest customer reviews on Amazon!

Final Thoughts

This is the double foam mattress that you need if you are looking for comfort and support, but also for something that prevents allergy symptoms from being triggered. If you end up buying it, you will have a much better sleep.