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Angel Queen Mattress with Gel Memory Foam

When you sleep, you need to have a mattress that keeps you comfortable and supports your body correctly. If you think this is not achievable, you will change your mind when you see the Angel Queen Mattress with Gel Memory Foam. What makes this possible is, first of all, the memory foam and the softcover of the mattress. Memory foam is a fantastic material thanks to its body moulding properties, whilst being firm enough to keep your spine aligned properly.

Besides, there is an ultra-soft knitted fabric that covers the mattress, which doesn’t only protect it, but also gives you a softer surface to sleep on. To make things even better, there is an airy mesh linen used on the side; this allows air to circulate ensuring breathability. And since you certainly don’t want to sweat during your sleep, the breathability aspect is even more convenient.

Pocket Springs for Body Support

As mentioned, support is essential – it will make sure your body rests in the right position, avoiding possible back pain. Well, this Angel Queen memory foam mattress is impressive in this regard. It has independent pocket springs, which are a total blessing when it comes to spinal support. The 9 zone partition coil will be able to support each part of your body. Let’s not overlook the fact that this also eliminates motion transfer. If you are often disturbed by your partner’s movements during the night, then purchasing this gel memory foam mattress will solve your problem. You won’t be woken up in the middle of the night when your partner tosses around.

Excellent Ventilation from Gel Air Cotton

This gel memory foam double mattress uses cool gel technology, which is fantastic for people who need a more chilled environment to be able to sleep. This technology adds the cold gel factor, which means that the foam’s cells will be able to disperse air pressure. As a result, ventilation will be incredible, and you will feel fresh throughout the night, you will not overheat and you won’t wake up sweaty. This technology will also relieve stress as your sleep will be undisturbed.

Features to Keep in Mind

  • Pressure relief
  • Motion transfer reduction
  • Heat dissipation thanks to the cold gel technology
  • Pocket springs
  • Amazing comfort and support
  • 100 days worry-free trial period
  • Edge system and 3D airy mesh at the bottom
  • Has an ultra-soft knitted fabric
  • Breathable

Customer Reviews and Ratings

All you have to do is read the reviews on Amazon for this product to see how many people loved it.  Customers recommend this gel memory foam double mattress to those who need a comfortable mattress that rids them of back pain and keeps them fresh at the same time. It’s a mattress that is supportive and of good quality. The gel memory foam mattress came packed very well, and it recovered to the original size pretty fast. Last but not least, users were pleased with the price and quality of this mattress. What is even better is that the gel memory foam mattress doesn’t have an odd smell either. After it returns to its original shape, it can be used without any problems.

Final Thoughts

If you want a good mattress that meets multiple requirements at once, then this Angel Queen gel memory foam mattress review may be just what you need. It is comfortable, supportive, and it can also provide you with a cool surface and less motion transfer. All in all, it’s a mattress worth investing in.