Bedsonline Mattress 7-Zone Depth Memory Foam Rolled Mattress

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A memory foam mattress will follow the shape of your body based on your body heat to help improve your posture when you sleep, as well as relieve common body aches attributed to improper sleeping positions.

The BEDZONLINE Mattress 7-Zone, 20cm (8 inches) Depth Memory Foam (Amazon Link) is a high-quality product that is designed to target 7 specific zones of your body that need support when you sleep.


  • Size: Double (135 x 190 cm)
  • Targets 7 zones of your body that requires support
  • Has hypoallergenic features
  • Has dust-mite repellent features
  • Isolates motion
  • Offers firm support for your hips and back
  • Quick response—The body shaping capability of the memory foam can respond quickly to body heat and movements so you can change positions easily
  • Comfort—With pressure points relieved, pure comfort is provided to help you sleep soundly
  • Shoulder support is provided which requires a softer level of comfort
  • Made of thick Miratex foam that not only makes up the overall mattress but also the very edges as well to give you more sleep space without worrying of any roll-offs
  • Soft knit cover—It also provides a soft knitted cover for added comfort and protection for your mattress
  • Pressure-relieving features—Minor aches are reduced because the pressure is decreased on joints and other common pressure points
  • Suitable for use with any bedstead or divan style base
  • Delivered vacuum packed and rolled for easy transport to any room you want to put it in
  • Requires 24 hours for the mattress to take on its full size after opening the package
  • Absorbs movement


  • Affordable
  • The memory foam moulds perfectly to the shape of your body
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved blood circulation from proper sleeping position
  • Soft and comfortable
  • No need to turn over, just rotate the mattress regularly for even wear
  • Easy to clean
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Great design
  • Resistant to dust mite
  • Relieves pressure from joints and the back
  • Easy to set up, as it comes vacuum-packed and rolled
  • More sleep space is provided with the edges made of Miratex foam


  • With a memory foam mattress, body heat is usually retained, thus temperature can get hot during the night
  • Some people who reviewed the product noticed that the promised 8-inch of memory foam was not followed
  • Smells like chemicals for a while
  • A few people who reviewed this product found the memory foam too thin and not as soft or comfortable as they expected it to be


The BEDZONLINE Mattress 7-Zone Depth Memory Foam Rolled Mattress (Amazon Link) is designed to support specific regions of your body that are common pressure points during sleep. This will reduce body aches and joint pains.

Maintaining it requires no demands coming from your side as it only needs to be regularly rotated for an even wear throughout the mattress; no need to flip it over.

The sensitivity of its body moulding property can also enhance your sleeping position making you more comfortable, thus improving your sleep.


You may also want to consider the Visco Therapy HL2000 Regular Memory Foam Mattress with Quilted Cover (Amazon Link). It is a soft and pliable memory foam mattress that helps improve your sleeping position. It is made of high-density viscoelastic polymer gel that moulds to the shape of your body based on the heat emitted by your body.

By following the contours of the body, pressure points are relieved thus decreasing complaints of body aches from improper sleep positioning. It has 5cm of memory foam with regular firmness and features an elegant quilted design for the cover.

This memory foam mattress is also hassle-free to clean and maintain, with the quilted cover on, dust and other dirt is prevented from coming in contact with the interiors of the mattress itself, while the cover is removable and can be dry cleaned.

The materials used in making the mattress are also hypoallergenic and sanitized so you don’t have to worry about certain allergens affecting your health.

Another great option for a memory foam mattress is the 4FT6 Double Memory Foam and Reflex Mattress also from BEDZONLINE. It is an orthopaedic mattress with 15cm thick memory foam. To support your weight properly, it has a firm base made of reflex foam that functions opposite as to how memory foam works.

The firmness of this reflex foam mattress provides a balance to the softness of the memory foam. This is also responsible for evenly dispersing your weight throughout the area you are positioned in to reduce pressure.

It features soft polyester wadding for additional comfort and has anti-dust mite properties to help you preserve the interior of the foam.

In just 72 hours after removing the mattress from its package, it will be fully expanded to its normal size and ready to use.


The BEDZONLINE Mattress 7-Zone, 20cm (8 inches) Depth Memory Foam Rolled Mattress (Amazon Link) gives the best value for your money because it is specifically designed to support particular areas of your body where pressure commonly occurs during sleep.