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Comfort is key to a good night’s sleep. The best memory foam mattress uk has been a popular option for bed mattresses when you want a comfortable bed to sleep on. Before it became a hit among mattress choices, it was originally developed for use by NASA scientists in the 1970s.

Slowly, it made its way to the consumer market as a mattress topper pad in the early 1990s, where it steadily gained popularity. Now it is being used for complete foam mattresses.

Why memory foam mattresses are considered better than innerspring foam mattresses is greatly due to its unique ability to conform to your body, thus reducing pressure points.

This means no waking up with an achy back and shoulders. Unlike the average spring foam mattress, the memory foam is made of tightly packed foam cells that take the shape of whatever applies the pressure on it, like a person’s body.

This reaction disperses the weight throughout the area you are lying on, which also decreases the pressure you feel on your body brought by the foam.

Another reason why a memory foam mattress is well-liked is its sensitivity to temperature.  Memory foam is made of viscoelastic material that becomes firm when the temperature is low, and when the temperature rises, the foam becomes more elastic.

However, not all memory foam mattresses are created equal; quality of the memory foam, density, longevity, durability and reaction to temperature changes can make all the difference.

Several Factors That You Need To Consider When You Choose The Best Memory Foam Mattress


Choose a memory foam mattress based on the size of your bed. Memory foam mattresses are available in several standard sizes.

Foam types

Viscoelastic foam is made from petroleum-based polyurethane foam. It is a popular choice for relief of back pain and joint aches. It reacts based on your body heat and moulds according to the shape of your body, which can reduce pressure points for better sleep. This is the original foam type commercially released, and is also termed as “traditional” foam.

This type is durable and widely available with prices ranging from affordable to expensive. Generally, a good quality budget memory foam should last you about 7 years of usable lifespan. It is a great foam type for motion isolation.

However, this type has the tendency to retainexcessive heat which can make you feel hot throughout the night. Heat retention can be quite uncomfortable if you live in a place where the climate is hot.

Gel-infused foam is made from viscoelastic foam infused with gel beads to reduce excessive heat retention that can slow response time. With gel beads added, heat dissipates at a faster rate which also makes the memory foam respond faster to change in positions. There is also minimal motion transfer, allowing you to move around without disturbing your partner.

Plant-based or natural memory foam is made of a plant-based solution to replace the gel or petroleum-based filling inside the memory foam. Extracts from aloe vera, soya, bamboo, or tea can be used. The manufacturer usually specifies the plant used in the product.

This foam type also offers the same benefits that you can get from the previous two, minus the gassy smell and chemicals. This type is also cooler to sleep on, thanks to the extreme open-cell technology used that can dissipate heat fast. It is also eco-friendly and hypoallergenic.


Ideally, the density of the memory foam mattress that you should choose must be at least 3 pounds or more. A higher density will mean increased mattress firmness and more pressure relief.

Stationary sleepers or those who are fond to sleep on their stomachs and back will find the support of a dense memory foam.

A less dense mattress will be softer and plush and will have a better curve on your shoulder and hips, this is a good choice for side sleepers and those who toss and turn when they sleep.





  Visco Therapy HL2000 Memory Foam Mattress  ££  4.3/5
  4FT6 Double Memory Foam and Reflex Mattress with Border Miqro Quilted Exclusive Cover  £  4.3/5
  BEDZONLINE Mattress 7-Zone, 20cm (8 inch) Depth Memory Foam Rolled Mattress  £  4.5/5
  3ft 4ft6 5ft 6ft Pure Relief Memory Foam Mattress for Extra Support   £  4.5/5
Nytex CORE Memory Foam Mattress  ££  4.3/5
DuraTribe Golden Sleep 2000 Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress  ££  4.7/5
  Happy Beds Bamboo Vitality 2000 Memory Foam Pocket Sprung Mattress  £££  4.4/5
  Silentnight 3 -Zone Memory Foam Rolled Mattress  ££  4.2/5
  5ft Kingsize Memory Foam Mattress  ££  4.9/5
  Double Memory Foam Mattress  £  4.5/5

Visco Therapy HL2000 Regular Memory Foam Mattress with Quilted Cover

The Visco Therapy HL2000 Regular Memory Foam Mattress is soft and pliable, which gives your body the best mould possible to keep you properly positioned in bed when you sleep. It supports your spine and back, and the memory foam mattress is made from high-density viscoelastic polymer gel to give you the softest mattress.


  • High density viscoelastic polymer gel—This type of foam has the unique ability to soften based on body heat. In just a few minutes after it senses your warmth, it can outline your body and relieve pressure points on common parts of your body
  • Easy transport—For quick transport, this memory foam mattress is vacuum packed and rolled securely to compress the mattress ready for transport
  • The mattress will fully expand to its size after 72 hours out of its vacuum-sealed package
  • Has 5 cm of memory foam
  • Regular firmness
  • Has a quilted cover design that can be removed and dry cleaned
  • Hypoallergenic materials are used with the fabric sanitised and with anti-dust mite features
  • Offers 5-year warranty


  • Orthopaedic mattress
  • Doctor recommended memory foam mattress
  • Has a thick layer of reflex foam to form the base so your weight can be properly supported.
  • The hypoallergenic and sanitised fabric make the mattress usable especially for people who are sensitive to many allergens.
  • Easy to maintain and clean. The cover is removable and can be dry cleaned so you can keep it clean without any hassle.
  • It has the right balance of softness and firmness to it to help you sleep comfortably.
  • Affordable
  • It helps blood to circulate freely around your body because you are positioned correctly while you sleep.
  • Weight is evenly distributed to relieve common pressure points.
  • The anti-mite properties prevent the foam from getting damaged from unwanted infestations.
  • Keeps your back and spine well-supported


  • According to a few people who reviewed this product, this memory foam mattress has dents easily after a few uses
  • Some people also complained of sags
  • A few reported that the foam gives too much, making it hard to move around the bed


The Visco Therapy HL2000 Regular Memory Foam Mattress with Quilted Cover – Single is an affordable memory foam mattress designed to help you sleep better by improving your sleep positions to promote blood circulation, and relieve common pressure points that can cause you to experience particular body aches commonly experienced after sleeping.

BEDZONLINE 4FT6 Double Memory Foam and Reflex Mattress with border

The BEDZONLINE 4FT6 Double Memory Foam and Reflex Mattress can help improve your sleep by providing you soft, plump memory foam that moulds to your body’s form. This unique ability of the memory foam will also retain body heat so you won’t get cold during the night. Aside from the memory foam, a reflex foam layeris provided to balance out the softness of the memory foam as well as provide your body enough support so your weight can be evenly distributed.


  • Orthopaedic mattress with 15cm thick memory foam
  • Has a supportive base made of firm reflex foam mattress that bounces back weight instead of taking the shape of your body. This ability of the reflex foam ensures that your weight is properly and evenly distributed which relieves pressure points
  • Hypoallergenic materials are used, which also have anti-dust mite properties to ensure that your health is protected, as well as preserving the interior of your memory foam from common infestations
  • The mattress also features soft polyester wadding for added comfort when you sleep.
  • The memory foam mattress will expand to its full size after 72 hours out of the packaging


  • Made of sanitised materials so those sensitive to allergens or have asthma can use the mattress
  • The memory foam mattress perfectly contours to your body’s shape so you can sleep in the correct body position, with decreased pressure
  • Body heat is retained by the memory foam to keep you from getting cold when you sleep
  • With proper sleeping position, blood circulation is improved which can help you sleep better
  • Plush and comfortable to sleep in
  • Budget friendly


  • A few people who reviewed this product complained of the foam forming a lump in the centre of the mattress which caused discomfort during sleep
  • Some people find the mattress too firm or too thin for their preference
  • Sagged after a while, according to some reviews


Sleeping on a memory foam mattress does not need to be expensive; the BEDZONLINE 4FT6 Double Memory Foam and Reflex Mattress will offer you improved sleep with its layers of memory foam and reflex foam mattress combined so you can comfortably sleep on a bed with just the right balance of plush and firmness to support your whole body.

BEDZONLINE Mattress 7-Zone, 20cm (8 inch) Depth Memory Foam Rolled Mattress

Sleeping can cause unwanted pressure being applied to certain body parts as well as your joints, and this can lead to muscle aches and joint pains that you may experience after sleeping with your body positioned improperly. With a BEDZONLINE Mattress 7-Zone, 20cm (8 inch) Depth Memory Foam Rolled Mattress, your sleep can improve through the special moulding capability of the memory foam, which reduces pressure so you can comfortably sleep during the night without having to suffer from any back or shoulder pains the morning after.


  • It measures 135 x 190cm
  • 7-zone support—The memory foam targets 7 specific parts of your body that requires support during sleep. This includes the shoulders that requires a softer support, and a firmer support for the hips and back
  • Sanitised—Made from sanitized and hypoallergenic materials, the mattress can be used by people sensitive to common allergens such as dust, etc. It also features anti-dust mite properties to help protect your memory foam on the inside.
  • More bed space—The mattress is made from Miratex foam which extends its softness up to the very edges of the mattress to give you more space to sleep on without accidentallyrolling off the bed
  • It has a soft cover with a knitted design to protect your mattress
  • Versatile mattress—It can be used in a divan style bed or bedstead
  • Motion isolation—Toss and turn without disturbing your partner since the memory foam is great in absorbing your movements


  • Budget-friendly
  • Helps improve your sleep by increasing your level of comfort as well as promoting good blood circulation
  • Enhances good sleeping posture
  • The memory foam moulds according to your body contours for better comfort
  • Easy maintenance—No need to flip over the mattress, just regularly rotate it for an even wear
  • Hypoallergenic and has anti-dust mite properties


  • The mattress is too thin and not as soft as expected by a few people who reviewed the product
  • The memory foam was not as thick as the advertised 8-inch thickness according to a few people who reviewed the mattress
  • Because the memory foam reacts to your body heat, it also has the tendency to retain heat. This can result to an increase in temperature, which can make you feel hot throughout the night


The BEDZONLINE Mattress 7-Zone, 20cm (8 inch) Depth Memory Foam Rolled Mattress is an affordable memory foam mattress that can help you sleep well at night. Because it is designed to support different zones of your body that need support when you sleep, you will be able to rest comfortably with pressure points relieved with no worries of aching back and shoulders when you wake up in the morning.

3ft 4ft6 5ft 6ft Pure Relief Memory Foam Mattress for Extra Support

Sleep comfortably with the Pure Relief Memory Foam Mattress for Extra Support. It has a balanced softness and firmness to it, thanks to the layers of memory foam and the reflex foam mattress that effectively complement each other’s unique abilities. With the extra support given by the mattress, your body’s weight will be properly dispersed for better sleeping.


  • Product specifics: 13mm thick memory foam layer and 190mm thick reflex foam base
  • Body moulding ability is offered by the memory foam which can help improve your body’s sleeping position as well as posture
  • A hand stitched, quilted cover is provided to keep dust and dirt from getting into your mattress
  • Your spine and back are also given importance when it comes to support
  • The quilted design of the fabric cover also helps in promoting air to circulate in and out of the mattress to keep the heat retention properties of the memory foam regulated to comfortable temperatures


  • With proper blood circulation, sleep is improved and pressure commonly felt by particular areas of the body will be reduced, thus resulting to fewer muscle aches and joint pains
  • The balanced firm and softness of the bed can especially benefit those with back problems
  • Movement transference is very minimal which keeps you from disturbing your partner when you move or roll on the bed. It also prevents your partner from rolling with you


  • Some people who reviewed this product found the mattress too firm and uncomfortable to sleep on
  • According to a few people who reviewed the product, there have been issues of denting or sagging in particular areas just after a few uses


The 3ft 4ft6 5ft 6ft Pure Relief Memory Foam Mattress for Extra Support gives you great value for your money because it is a quality product but without the expensive price tag. It features the right balance of soft and firm to give your body the ultimate comfort and support it rightly deserves when you sleep.

Nytex CORE Memory Foam Mattress, Double 4ft6, 30 Night Trial

The Nytex CORE Memory Foam Mattress, Double 4ft6 offers two layers of foam to provide you the best comfort possible while you sleep. Made in the UK, the memory foam mattress adheres to its product standards and regulations.


  • Size: Double – 4’ 6”
  • Has a memory foam depth with a thickness of 5cm, with an overall mattress depth of 20cm
  • The firmness level of this mattress is medium to firm
  • The memory foam layer occupies the top layer of the whole mattress. It has the ability to follow the outline of your body as the heat emitted by your body softens the memory foam
  • For the support or foundation, a firmer reflex foam comprises the bottom layer of the mattress. This layer is responsible in supporting your weight as well as ensuring that your weight is evenly dispersed throughout the mattress
  • The product also has a 30-night risk-free trial that allows you to try the mattress at home


  • Budgetfriendly
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Helps improve posture when you sleep due to the help of the body moulding abilities of the memory foam
  • May reduce occurrence of muscle aches and joint pains caused by pressure from incorrect sleeping positions
  • Has a 30-night trial period for you to experience the product properly


  • According to a few people who reviewed the product, the mattress was too firm for them
  • Quite expensive for others.


Feel your sleeping habits improve with the help of Nytex CORE Memory Foam Mattress, Double 4ft6. It has a balanced medium to firm level of mattress density that is great for supporting your back especially the spine. This is a great choice for people who prefer to sleep on a firmer bed. You can also take advantage of the 30-night trial period they offer to see if the product meets your expectations.