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Best Single Mattress Buying Guide - Optimum features and the best mattress reviews to compare

With a garden variety of quite affordable models, 3ft single mattresses present a buyer’s challenge. If you are less familiar with orthopaedic features, quality standards and material specifications, choosing the best single mattress requires herculean effort. The mattress guide below will provide a solid footing, familiarizing you with all of the desirable features. At the end, we will review the best single mattress size models in depth, helping you with the selection process.

BEST 2018

Luxury Single 3ft x 6ft Spring Mattress

Luxury Single 3ft x 6ft Spring Mattress
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Silentnight Pocket Essentials 1000 Single Memory Mattress

Silentnight Pocket Essentials 1000 Single Memory Mattress
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Silentnight Comfortable Foam Rolled Single Mattress

Silentnight Comfortable Foam Rolled Single Mattress
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3FT Memory Foam Orthopaedic Pocket Springs Single Mattress

3FT Memory Foam Orthopaedic Pocket Springs Single Mattress
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Starlight Luxury Single Memory Foam Spring Mattress

Starlight Luxury Single Memory Foam Spring Mattress
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High quality Damask fabric, with a strong and durable Bonnell spring unit. It features quality stitching at a super affordable price. Likely the most affordable quality mattress you’ll ever find in the UK.

Strong structural integrity – a mix between micro-pocket grid and dense memory foam padding; anti-allergic and handmade in the UK; very soft and durable cover.

Back to back high density Miratex foam, with 14 cm thickness. Comfortable and durable soft knit, that is hypo-allergic and dust mite resistant. 5 years of manufacturer warranty included in price.

The best combination of micro-pockets and two layers of memory foam. Relatively affordable, anti-allergic and very durable.

A strong and durable mix between open coil unit and dense memory foam. Offers the most comfort for the money! It is nearly twice less in price when compared to other models of the same quality.


Firm support, not easily adjusting to the body.

More expensive than most.

Very thick memory foam can prevent full breathability. Not recommended if you have issues with mold and excessive moisture.

Memory foam on top can be deeper – otherwise, no cons whatsoever.

More height won’t hurt, and micro-pockets will definitely make this model a winner in any category. But price and durability combined, I cannot complain.


If you need a reasonably quality mattress, this single mattress size model is the best you can get for the price. Very sturdy and durable, it is a model worth considering.

One of the best single mattress models on the market. The price is way more expensive than all of the other models on the list, but one can say it is well worth it.

A back-to-back memory foam at a low price, this is definitely a model to consider. If you need a soft and cozy surface for a bed, there is hardly a better option at this price.

One of the best single mattress models available in the UK! It is a perfect combination between micro-pocket technology and memory foam paddings. Highly recommended – especially for people who have mild to debilitating back issues!

The most affordable model on the market, that is comparatively better than 90% of the competition. The best deal you’ll ever make!


190 cm x 90 cm x 20 cm

190 cm x 90 cm x 25 cm

190 cm x 90 cm x 14 cm

190 cm x 90 cm x 27 cm

190 cm x 90 cm x 16 cm


3ft single mattress with an open coil spring unit

3ft single mattress with Micro-pocket grid and memory foam padding

3ft single mattress with memory foam

3ft single mattress with micro-pockets and dense memory foam

3ft single mattress with open coil interior and thick memory foam


22 Kg

22 Kg

8 Kg

28 Kg

15 Kg


High quality fabric

Soft knit (anti-allergic, thick and fully breathable)

Soft knit cover (hypo-allergic and dust mite resistant)

Breathable brocade fabric

Strongly stitched surface that is very soft and thick


Most affordable model on the list

Moderately expensive

Relatively affordable

Relatively affordable, especially when on sale

Super affordable!


12 months

5 years

5 years


12 months

Luxury Single 3ft x 6ft Spring Mattress

Luxury Single 3ft x 6ft Spring Mattress

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Silentnight Pocket Essentials 1000 Single Memory Mattress

Silentnight Pocket Essentials 1000 Single Memory Mattress

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Silentnight Comfortable Foam Rolled Single Mattress

Silentnight Comfortable Foam Rolled Single Mattress

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3FT Memory Foam Orthopaedic Pocket Springs Single Mattress

3FT Memory Foam Orthopaedic Pocket Springs Single Mattress

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Starlight Luxury Single Memory Foam Spring Mattress

Starlight Luxury Single Memory Foam Spring Mattress

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How to select the best single mattress?

I continually get a lot of questions from people who learned something about mattress features, and obviously misinterpreted what they mean. So despite the general qualities such as comfort and sturdiness, there are lots of things to look at when choosing the best mattress.

Most of the features described below would greatly affect weight distribution, breathability of the model, support and durability. So let’s start this mattress guide from the top.

Best mattress models

While all mattresses look generally the same, there is much happening under the surface layer. The model of the mattress is determined by the interior unit, which is often a spring grid, a memory foam layer, a micro-pocket grid or some type of a combination between these.

All of the models have their own advantages and disadvantages. Otherwise, the market would stop producing one variety on the expanse of saturating the other. So what are they?

The open coil model

The open coil mattress grants better and firmer support. It is sturdy, durable, and excellent for people who want a less responsive surface. It also allows for better breathability, which means less moisture and odor accumulating throughout the years.

These are generally more affordable, and if combined with high quality fabric, they are a great option to consider.

On the flip side, weight distribution is poor, which translates into more pressure points and discomfort if you have acute back problems.

The memory foam model

Much more adjustable to the body, the memory foam mattress is generally more expensive. But not all foam is created equal. You’d like high density foam that is partially breathable and offers fast recovery.

Quality foam mattresses can distribute the weight evenly, preventing from pressure points and discomfort. They give the feeling of sinking down into the mattress which is amazing if you happen to love cozy and soft surfaces.

The Micro-pockets model

Micro pockets offer a very adjustable support, which perfectly realigns in order to accommodate your weight and sleeping position. These technology uses shorter coil springs, wrapping them into a quality fabric pocket each. The result is a grid of highly responsive and elastic points that sometimes count up to 1000 in number.

Combinations of models

Mattress manufacturing technologies have witnessed a great leap forward over the last couple of decades, but few things remain the same. Whatever else might be said, coil springs still supply the strongest support, offering durability of the interior unit.

On the other hand, memory foam paddings can greatly improve the weight distribution, essentially eliminating pressure points. A mix between these two, therefore, seems to me the best solution if you want both firm support and a soft surface layer.

Zone technology (where every body part is enjoying a different level of support), is here mostly thanks to micro-pocket technology, so if you have back issues it is recommended that you look for a micro-grid system that provides a firm but otherwise adjustable base support. My wife also swears by this technology since it allows each of us to move throughout the night without affecting the other.

When combined with layers of soft memory foam right under the surface, and dense memory foam right under the grid system, the micro-pocket model can outrank any “orthopaedic mattress”.

Health-friendly features to look at

Since you can never guess what material is beneath the surface, it is safe to follow the UK safety standard. As a rule of thumb, search for mattresses made in Britain, since they comply with the latest British standards.

Mostly, what this means is that the models doesn’t containing any toxic materials, are fire resistant and have a decent level of breathability.

Furthermore, you can look for 3ft single mattresses that are approved by the national bed federation, which concerns with quality sleep, weight distribution, durability, comfort, and anti-allergic features like the Purotex treatment.

That being said, let’s continue with a selection of the best mattress reviews, covering the single mattress size UK models.

Luxury Single 3ft x 6ft Spring Mattress

Luxury Single 3ft x 6ft Spring Mattress

Luxury Single 3ft x 6ft Spring Mattress

As one of the most affordable single mattress models that I’ve reviewed over the last couple of years, the Luxury single 3ft x 6ft spring mattress has a lot to offer. Surprisingly enough, it is covered with a high quality Damask fabric, and a strong open coil Bonnell spring grid underneath.

Manufactured by Mr. Sleeps Beds Limited, it is sold online, far surpassing the quality features of pricier and more widely recognized models.

The 3ft single mattress features a high quality stitching as well, ensuring structural integrity despite the fact it is a simple open coil spring model. Reasonably heavy and dense, it is sturdy enough to withstand moderate weight without losing its shape throughout the years. Given the price tag, this is a rare quality feature.

The standard length measures 190 cm x 90 cm, with a height of 20 cm. However, in order to avoid damage during transport, the mattress is send vacuum packed, effectively decreasing the height at 16 cm. The instant recovery to 20 cm, once you open the package, is a great indicator of the elasticity and durability of the coil spring unit inside.

The Luxury single 3ft x 6ft spring mattress is made with compliance to UK fire regulations, which means that it is sufficiently durable and safe. The newest regulations also prevent manufacturers from using toxic fire retardants, so you can rest assured that this is a health-friendly model – no phosphorus or similar chemicals whatsoever.

The company won’t deliver in Northern Ireland, but you get free delivery throughout Mainland UK.

With over 450 reviews on Amazon UK, from verified customers, the Luxury single Spring mattress is one of the most popular models within its category. And while the lower price tag definitely helps, it is the quality that people actually appreciate.

With my weight of 84 Kg, I expected a less supportive surface, and definitely a lack of adaptability when transferring my weight from one side to the other. To my surprise, the coil spring unit adapts easily, with fast recovery and excellent support.

If you need a sturdy, comfortable and reliable 3ft single mattress, this is definitely an option to consider. The low price is attractive, but there is much more to this model than simply being affordable. Highly recommended!

Silentnight Pocket Essentials 1000 Single Memory Mattress

Silentnight Pocket Essentials 1000 Single Memory Mattress

Silentnight Pocket Essentials 1000 Single Memory Mattress

Very popular on Amazon UK, the Silentnight pocket essentials 1000 memory mattress – single deserves a spot on this list as well. We personally tested the model, and it is one of the best single size mattresses we had the pleasure to review.

Combining the 1000 zoned Mirapocket spring system with a dense layer of memory foam, the Silentnight feels medium firm and quite responsive to each move. The upper layer adjusts to your body position accordingly, and the interior pocket system provides a strong base support.

With an end-to-end weight distribution, the mattress is excellent for those who move a lot throughout the night. Regardless of your weight, there won’t be a single sag in the middle – the zonal support system would adjust accordingly, and the memory foam padding would help in better weight distribution.

The high price, when compared to other models, is due to the quality of the micro-pocket system, and the generously dense memory foam.

The model is made in the UK, and it is compliant with the latest standards of quality and safety. Wrapped and nicely stitched with a hypo-allergenic soft knit cover, it will protect against dust mites as well, repelling the most common allergy triggers.

Several models are available, but the single mattress size in cm is the usual 190 in length with 90 cm in width. It is 25 cm tall, which is generous enough when compared to other models.

With 45 Kg of weight, this model is a fortress of resilience and durability. Weighing almost twice as much in comparison to other models of similar size, it is perfect for people who are medium heavy to slightly overweight, and especially for those who move a lot throughout the night.

If you have an acute back pain, the zonal support and memory foam padding should help, alleviating most of it.

As a plus, the mattress comes with a 5 year warranty included in the price. It is a handmade model, manufactured in the UK, and perhaps what you can call the flagship of the company. Needless to say, this is quite a desirable model, with solid feedback and proven quality as well as durability. The only issue I have with it is the price, which is almost twice as much as some of the other models. If you can afford it, definitely go for it. This model is made to last without ever losing shape or structural integrity.

Silentnight Comfortable Foam Rolled Single Mattress

Silentnight Comfortable Foam Rolled Single Mattress

Silentnight Comfortable Foam Rolled Single Mattress

Approved by the National Bed Federation and the British Allergy Foundation, the Silentnight comfortable foam rolled single mattress was a model we had to review. After inspecting it closely, I can say with a great level of certainty that it deserves a spot on the best single mattress selection.

Made with sturdy and high density Miratex foam, the Silentnight adapts perfectly to your body and weight. It worried me initially that the 14 cm height, which the company describes as generous, is not sufficient for long term use, but I quickly changed my mind.

Consulting our base of customers, and reading most of the reviews on Amazon UK, it seems as though this is quite a durable mattress model.

On close inspection, it feels very supportive though quite soft as well. If you prefer a cozy mattress that is going to absorb your weight and make you feel like you are floating, this is definitely a model to consider. If you struggle with spine injuries, or prefer a more supportive base, it might be a tad too soft.

The foam is going to distribute your weight perfectly, and it will handle moderate to high weight with no problem whatsoever. It adapts to the body and different body parts specifically as well.

On the top side and bottom, the foam is protected by a soft knit cover which makes it even more comfortable. Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, it is meant to provide for a healthier sleep, and allergy free environment. It is interesting to note that the soft knit cover is treated with Purotex friendly bacteria, to protect against the most common allergy triggers. It doesn’t come with a specific smell embedded in the fabric, which is definitely a plus.

The foam is highly responsive, and it recovers surprisingly fast. This is perhaps the reason why the company is sending them packed in a roll, without worrying about loss of structural integrity, or shape.

The surface is fully breathable, which is a great plus for a single mattress relying exclusively on foam, and is will protect against odor accumulating over the years. The model comes with a 5 years manufacturer warranty as well. Within this price range, you can say that it is not a thing that is expected.

Measuring 190 cm in length and 90 cm in width, the mattress is only 14 cm tall, weighing 8 Kg. It is resilient, durable, and very comfortable. If you are looking for quality foam 3ft single mattress within this price range, there is hardly a better model on the market. I’m definitely recommending it without any hesitation!

3FT Memory Foam Orthopaedic Pocket Springs Single Mattress

3FT Memory Foam Orthopaedic Pocket Springs Single Mattress

3FT Memory Foam Orthopaedic Pocket Springs Single Mattress

One of my favorite models on the market, the 3ft memory foam orthopaedic pocket springs single mattress definitely deserves a spot on this list. With an ergonomic combination of materials – mainly pocket technology and memory foam – this model provides an adequate support for the spine, all the while offering a super comfortable rest.

With a multi layered structure, this 3ft single mattress starts with a polyester woven fabric on the bottom, protecting the cotton felt under the surface, which is covering nearly 1000 micro-pocket springs. These are tasked with providing support while at the same time allowing different parts of the body to sink at different heights, ultimately supporting the spine and allowing for an orthopaedic weight distribution.

Covering the micro-pocket grid, there is another cotton felt, topped by non-woven fabric, and then a medium density foam support base. This, in my experience, is used in order to reduce the direct contact with the pocket grid, offering a much more stable support, as well as durability.

Then, an antibacterial cotton is topped by a bamboo charcoal fiber protecting you against the most common allergy triggers, and these are topped by the dense and thick memory foam that is absorbing most of your weight. It is placed right under the surface, and protected with a broche fabrics cover.

Enough with the technicalities though – the mattress does provide a lot of comfort. Transferring your weight from one side to the other doesn’t seem to affect the surrounding space on the surface. You can “sink” comfortably on the left side, and inches nest to your body, the surface seems unaffected by your weight. When you try to roll over, the spot you’ve been occupying recovers faster than most of the models I’ve reviewed throughout the years.

I personally, am a huge fan of the pocket spring technology, and prefer a combination of this support system with high density foam. The fabric pockets will increase the longevity of the spring grid, while at the same time providing a more responsive support. Combined with high density foam, you get a super comfortable orthopaedic mattress. Needless to say, it provides a perfect weight distribution, and reduction in pressure points – each body part sinks differently, without experiencing added pressure against the surface.

The 3ft memory foam orthopaedic pocket springs single mattress, according to my opinion, is the best mattress when narrowing your search down to its category and price range.

The model is ant-allergic, fire resistant and toxin free. The foam is breathable, high quality and dense, while the sewing of the different layers is strong enough to ensure structural integrity for years to come.

A standard 3ft single mattress, the size is 190 cm in length, 90 cm in width. With a height of 27 cm, the model weights 28 Kg, which is quite a lot given the affordable price.

Expect it rolled and vacuum packed, and be careful when opening the box for it might pop right out. After unpacking it, allow for 24 hours (or even better, up to 48) recovery time, so the mattress regains it full height.

A very comfortable and supportive model, this is likely the best single mattress within its category and price range. Over 330 reviews on Amazon provide positive feedback, so I’d go ahead and say that it is one of the best deals you can ever make.

Starlight Luxury Single Memory Foam Spring Mattress

Starlight Luxury Single Memory Foam Spring Mattress

Starlight Luxury Single Memory Foam Spring Mattress

The most affordable quality mattress, the Starlight Luxury single is a winner across many categories. Though arguably less impressive than the third model on this list, it costs almost twice less. With even stronger structural support, enhanced durability, and a more breathable system, the Starlight luxury single memory foam spring mattress is a model to consider.

After unpacking the vacuumed roll, the mattress recovered incredibly fast. The spring unit is very strong and supportive, and the memory foam rather thicker and denser than the average model.

We measured the size and weight, and it is a perfect 190 cm x 90 cm model, that is 16 cm tall and 15 Kg heavy. The model is a mix between an open coil unit, and a thick memory foam panel. Unlike other models where the memory foam is only there to provide a soft padding, here it is an integral part of the structure and support mechanism.

Resting on the mattress, I can say that it is a medium support model, providing a soft and cozy sink, while at the same time offering a strong base support. The spring unit is not bouncy, and gives a firm support if you decide to press with your weight.

Rolling on each side is unobstructed, and you only sink deeper when you rest comfortably against the surface longer than few seconds.

The memory foam, in my opinion, is of high quality since it distributes the weight perfectly, preventing singular pressure points.

Made in Britain, the Starlight luxury single memory foam spring mattress complies with domestic and EU standards of quality. It is fire resistant, doesn’t contain toxic materials, and is both hypo-allergenic and dust mite resilient.

The fabric cover on top is soft and thick, nicely stitched and fully breathable. The open spring unit inside the core improves breathability, which in my experience protects against odor even better.

If you are a medium heavy person, this model feels super comfortable. The strong spring interior can definitely remain durable even after years of use, as many of the verified Amazon reviews conclude.

When you are shopping on a budget, this is bar none the most affordable model. However, it doesn’t compromise on quality, comfort and durability. Instead, it includes a number of other desirable features as well. The reason why the price is so low, I believe, is because the company manufacturing these is selling directly online, skipping the middleman altogether.

If you need a reliable 3ft single mattress, that is super affordable and surprisingly comfortable, this is the model I’m vouching for. Most highly recommended!