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Dagostino Manhattan Memory Foam Mattress

The Dagostino Manhattan Memory Foam Mattress is fit for an urban lifestyle and matches creativity, as well as modernity. It does not lack comfort or the ability to offer you the best sleep you’ve ever had! However – let’s start with the beginning! The European king size mattress comes with a modern design, as mentioned above, in a 3-layer build, the middle one being grey. The padding features large hexagonal shapes meant to further increase the mattress’ adaptability to your body. The European king size mattress is available in multiple sizes – therefore, it doesn’t matter if your bed frame is too big or too small, as there are plenty of options to choose from.

Coolness and Breathability

It is worth mentioning that the Manhattan European king size mattress uk is reversible, thus providing the sleepers with all-year-round comfort – no matter what side they sleep on! One side is meant to keep you warm during winter, while the other will cool the hot months of summer so that you can enjoy a good night sleep. As a touch of style, the European king size mattress features a jacquard stretch fabric made from Ital Fashion. Breathability and coolness are joined by the comfort with the help of the padding made with high-tech memory foam. The latter features different resting zones that allow for total body movement without loss of softness and/or comfort.

Health and Hygiene

With a total height of 22 cm, the manufacturer had more than enough place to add a TECHFORM technical foam core to the mattress. This particular feature allows permanent ventilation within the mattress. Its technical foam core will make sure that moist, smell, and other allergens are kept out of the mattress while keeping it fresh all the time. On top of that, it comes with 8 years guarantee so that you don’t have to worry about any damage to the product’s features!

Features to Remember

  • Reversible mattress, fit for year-round use
  • Medium firmness, fit for comfort and for those with back pain
  • Padding with high-tech memory foam
  • Different resting zones that allow complete body movement
  • High breathability
  • 8 years warranty
  • OEKO TEX certified
  • TECHFORM technical foam core – ensures permanent ventilation.

What Customers Say

The Manhattan Mattress from Dagostino comes highly rated – as expected from the popular mattress brand. Users stated the European king size mattress fulfilled their expectations and didn’t lack any of the features it had advertised. On top of that, they also praised the fact that it is extremely comfortable! Naturally, it’s no wonder that the European king size mattress has a high rating, given the incredible technologies and features it comes with – such as the high-tech memory foam hidden in its padding or the different resting zones that ensure comfort no matter where you lay on the mattress! Has this mattress picked your interest? Do you want to know more about it? In this case, you can check for more features on Amazon!

Final Thoughts

Overall, this Manhattan European king size mattress will definitely improve your life, especially if you suffer from back pain! If you choose to replace your old mattress with this one from Dagostino, you’ll enjoy year-round comfort, breathability, and the assurance of a good night’s sleep!