What are the different types of mattresses and the 6 most popular

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Nothing beats the excitement of buying a new mattress for your bed. It’s an assurance of fresh, comfortable and breathtaking night of sleep. However, the same excitement can be the dawn of sleepless nights and back aching mornings. And it’s basically because of making the wrong choice while buying your mattress.

But thanks to innovations, science and good research, you can get a product that fits your sleep needs perfectly. However, we often make the wrong decision by simply picking the mattresses based on our personal experience. There are many types of different mattresses in the market and they are all offering different body comforts, support, and relaxation while sleeping.

Therefore, you owe yourself good research and understanding of different mattress types in order to end up with an exclusive choice that your body is yearning for. In this article, we are here to make things simple for you. We’ve done all the hard work of research for you, just to provide you with the best selection of mattresses to choose from.

The articles contain an analysis of 10 best mattresses to choose from and among them are 6 which are most popular in the market. So let’s find out what they are:

6 Most popular types of mattresses

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are very famous for incredible comfort and support. It’s a perfect choice for those who love to sleep on their sides. With its physical nature of conforming to your body shape as you sleep. It’s a great tool for relaxation and relief after a long day of work and exhaustion.

Memory mattress was engineered first at the start of the ’90s by NASA through the idea of vicious but elastic from. The main purpose of inventing memory foam was to protect the astronauts from the gravitational effects as they take off.

But they also believed the foam will be handy for consumer applications. Thereafter, it was released into the market with other manufacturers using the same concept and technology produced this mattress in large numbers for consumer needs.

Memory foam comes with unique material, unlike the ordinary mattress which only supports your body weight, these contours to your sleeping shape. Through this, your body weight is distributed evenly on the surface of the mattress eliminating points of pressure exerted by the heavier sections of your body such as shoulders and hips.


  • Very comfortable
  • Highest customer rating of 80 to 83% in terms of happiness and satisfaction from the product
  • They are a great choice to those with back pain
  • They are durable and will last you for more than a decade while maintain the quality night sleep similar to that on the first day of purchase.
  • Prevent motion transfer which can be annoying to you or your sleep partner

Despite having the best customer rating, they still have some shortcomings you need to watch out for. They include:


  • Some manufacturers use toxic chemicals during the manufacturing process. Therefore, you should apply caution when purchasing one. Therefore, research is essential before opting for one.


Latex is another best choice of mattress. Over time, their popularity is increasing gradually. They are a perfect choice if you are looking for a healthy mattress made from natural resources. What’s more, they are affordable and long-lasting.

However, there is an important thing to note, not all latex mattresses are the same.  There are two major manufacturing processes of these mattresses that are quite distinct. Therefore, the end products in both processes come out with different qualities.

Therefore, failing to note these two processes will result in you opting for a product that doesn’t deliver exactly what you expect. These manufacturing processes are:

  • Dunlop

The Dunlop manufacturing process is quite simple. The major raw material in which tree sap is extracted and then whipped, after full formation, the baking process follows and then to the last configuration process which forms the end product.

  • Talalay

With these mattresses, there are additional processes to produce a much better quality of the latex mattress. During the extra processes of manufacturing, columns are formed within the mattresses. This column allows for air circulation and in the process the mattress breathability increases.

By eliminating air through a vacuum and the instant freezing before latex baking, then the end product is outstanding both in quality and durability. Therefore, with latex matters under this process, comfortable and cool night sleep is guaranteed.


  • Absence of treatment chemicals in the raw material
  • Flip and rotation is not necessary when using Latex mattress
  • There is very little off-gassing
  • Great product for investing your money
  • Comfortable and durable


  • More costly than spring mattresses
  • They are heavy and tough to move around

Air Mattress

I am sure the first thought that pops in your mind when you hear about air beds is the blowup mattresses that left you homesick when you visited your grandma. However, don’t judge too quickly, you will be surprised how much technology has transformed the air mattresses.

There are various types of air mattresses available in the market with different qualities and advanced features. These mattresses will leave you with the best feeling of relief and comfort you’ve ever felt before. Below are a few benefits that will come along when you opt for this type of mattress.


  • Relying on the type of air mattress you chose, they often come with two settings. This means you and your partner can benefit each other from unique needs.
  • You will never experience sagging issues
  • Through the use of PVC as the raw material, challenges such as off-gassing are negligible or even not existing.
  • With these mattresses, you can change the firmness as per your needs.

From above, you can tell that air mattresses offer more than you what is often expected. However, as charming as these mattresses may be, there are a few shortcomings you need to watch out for.


  • There is the use of pumps which are quite loud
  • The assembly of these mattresses take more time


There is nothing disturbing like waking up with the sore and stiff body. That’s a great recipe for ruining your whole day. But you can actually change that. The best solution for a great and comfortable night’s sleep is Orthopaedic mattresses. They have been specifically designed for perfect sleep with comfort.

So, what’s Orthopaedic mattress?

It’s a kind of mattress that is firm and designed to provide support to your joints and spine. In the course of providing support, your posture improves and any stress or stiffness is relieved.

However, when buying an orthopaedic mattress there is a higher chance of picking the wrong product. This is because it’s not uncommon to find brands that use this name for marketing rather than providing the actual service through their mattresses. Therefore, you should dedicate enough time for personal research in order to get an exact orthopaedic mattress.


  • Improves your body posture
  • Relives joint and back pain
  • Very comfortable


  • Not all mattresses labeled as Orthopaedic provide such service


If you want to experience an imaginable comfort, then a Hybrid mattress is an excellent choice. These mattresses combine the use of more than one support system which is distinct. In the market, there are different types of hybrid mattresses. Some of them include:

Innerspring memory foam hybrid mattresses

With this type of hybrid mattress, memory foam and innerspring technology have been used. This mattress is the precise definition of comfort and relaxation when sleeping. Some of the benefits that make this mattress the best choice include:


  • The support is precisely where you need it to be
  • Extra support since both of the memory foam and spring technology offers different supports
  • It’s relatively affordable and cost-saving


Apart from the incredible benefits of this mattress, there are also shortcomings that come along with it. Some of them include:

  • The contouring ability of this mattresses is higher
  • A combination of foam and spring creates an outstanding feel that is hard to replicate from other mattresses.

Innerspring latex hybrid mattresses

As the name states, this hybrid mattress is made by combining latex and innerspring mattress technology. Therefore, this mattress is the best choice for those yearning for the best comfort and relaxation. Also, you get to enjoy this product at a much lower price since latex mattresses are a bit expensive. Other benefits that come along with this hybrid include:


  • Additional support from springs
  • These mattresses are quite durable and of great quality
  • Antimicrobial features that come with a latex mattress


  • Possibility of structural compromise

Polyfoam Latex hybrid mattresses

While many people would agree about indulging in different sleeping posture at night, there are mattresses that affect their comfortable sleeping pos. there are certain unique sleeping pos that each person has.

And this sleeping position enables them to have a long and comfortable night. If you are the kind of person that fits any of the descriptions above then Polyfoam Latex hybrid mattresses are an excellent choice to go with.

Pocket Spring

Pocket spring, also known as Pocket coil/Marshal coils is another great choice of comfortable mattress.

At first, it may seem like you need a degree from a college in order to wind-up with the best and most comfortable mattress. But actually, you don’t. To get the best mattress you will definitely need to invest a bit of your time as well as money.

With pocket spring mattress, the above steps will grant you the best among them. However, you need to consider the gauge of the coil. When you feel the mattress is firm, it means there are a few coils within it. And a few coils are a sign of thicker coils.

But if what you want is a mattress that sinks softly, then you should consider the pocket spring mattresses with smaller coils. The gauge rating should range between 12 and 15.

What’s the difference between Pocket coil and spring mattresses?

For starters, both pocket coil and spring mattress use bouncing coil within them. However, the pocket coil mattresses are engineered with the focus of reducing the transfer of motion. On the other hand, spring reputations are known to bouncy. Therefore, the motion of one person while sleeping disturbs the other partner.

But when it comes to pocket coil mattresses, the designing of coils is quite unique. Unlike the spring mattress where the coils are all connected, these are separate. In pocket coil, the springs are independent and wrapped in the encasement of fabric.


  • They are very comfortable
  • They have little or no noise unlike spring mattresses
  • Absence of transfer motion


  • They are a bit heavy to lift

Other Types of Mattresses to consider include

Natural Fibers

This is another popular type of quality mattress. If you’ve read several reviews about mattresses before, you must have come across it. These mattresses are exactly what the name depicts. Rather than foam, spring, or any other material, this mattress comprises of natural fibers.

It’s a great option for those with allergies or skin sensitivity since it’s made from natural fibers. However, the major setback comes at a price. They are quite expensive due to the complex process of manufacturing that they undergo.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Absence of chemical
  • Very comfortable
  • Quite durable


  • Very expensive


For a bouncy and comfortable night sleep, then the innerspring mattress is the best choice. They are made from steel coils that are interconnected to create a comfortable support system.

Therefore, the more the coils in the mattress, the more comfortable it becomes. And despite the resent inventions of comfy mattresses with the latest technology, innerspring mattresses are still favorite choices to many users.

Types of innerspring mattresses include:

  • Continuous coils
  • Offset
  • Bonnel


  • Wide range of options
  • Simple and easy to transport
  • Firmness is available in different varieties

Also, it’s very important to note some of the setbacks that come with these mattresses. They include:


  • They are a little bit noisy
  • Irreversible wearing out of the spring


While many people know that innerspring mattresses have the longest-serving history, you will be surprised to find out that they are not. Waterbeds as much as they are less popular, are the oldest in terms of the mattress. Waterbeds dates as far as the 1800s. Therefore, before you make a decision of buying or not buying this product, check the following benefits and limitations:


  • With this, your back will be more limber
  • Allows two settings for convenience
  • Barriers adjustments to regulate wave action to promote back health.


  • Can easily puncture and begin to leak
  • Electric bill cost
  • Tiresome setup

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