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Ej. Life Pocket Sprung and Memory Foam Mattress Pressure Relief

As surprising as it may seem, it’s straightforward for people to “injure” themselves during sleeping. All it takes is to sleep in an uncomfortable position and you will be in pain for a while. However, this Ej. Life Pocket Sprung and Memory Foam Mattress Pressure Relief is the right mattress when it comes to balancing firmness with comfort. It is firm enough to provide you with the support that you need – but at the same time, it is comfortable enough to make sure that you stay comfortable for the rest of the night. If you have problems with pressure points as you sleep, this Ej. Life pocket sprung mattress with memory foam is precisely what you need.

The Perfect Support Mattress

Unlike many other mattresses, this pocket sprung with memory foam mattress features a different pocket spring system – each coil has been individually sewn in its own fabric pocket. This means that no spring will be influenced by the movement of the one next to it – it will work independently. For example, if you sink your shoulder into the mattress, only the springs under that part will move down – the rest remaining in their place and/or adjusting to your other body parts. The pressure will be relieved this way and you will sleep in much more comfort.

Comfortable Knitted Fabric

If a mattress uses low-quality fabrics, the mattress might not be able to breathe properly, causing you to overheat. Your hair can become static, your skin may develop acne and/or eczema and you might also put yourself at risk of allergies. You need a mattress made with skin-friendly fabrics. This is precisely why this knitted fabric mattress is such an excellent choice. Not only is it breathable, but the fact that it is hypoallergenic also makes it an excellent choice for those that suffer from allergies. It’s able to wick sweat away, ensuring that your skin remains dry throughout the night.


  • Spring coils that have been sewn in individual pockets
  • Memory foam upper layer
  • Breathable knitted cover
  • Ultra-quiet springs with no motion transfer effect
  • Hypoallergenic and resistant to mites and bacteria
  • Pressure-release design
  • Medium firmness mattress
  • Pocket sprung with memory foam mattress

The Popular Opinion

Many online users have given this pocket sprung with memory foam mattress a high rating, read reviews on Amazon! They are all impressed that the mattress is relatively soft and comfortable, whilst being supportive too. Those who have purchased the Ej Life Mattress, claim their pain went away in just a matter of days. Some people were not content with the actual length of the mattress, as they said it was too short for their bed. However, this problem is not very common, and many were happy with what they got.

Final Thoughts

This pocket sprung mattress with memory foam is an excellent choice for those that have spine support issues and wake up every day with back pain. It is not too firm but not too soft either – but at the same time, it offers you great comfort that will make you feel like you are floating.