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Happy Beds Aloe Vera and Memory Foam 1500 Pocket Sprung

How many times have you had a night of restless sleep, simply because you felt like your mattress is on burning? When mattresses are made of lower quality materials and do not allow for proper ventilation, the surface will become increasingly hot and you’ll be sweating throughout the entire night. However, with the infusion of Aloe Vera in this mattress’s fabric, this Happy Beds Aloe Vera and Memory Foam 1500 Pocket Sprung is highly breathable and very comfortable to sleep on. Many people praise it for its ability to keep cool.

The Coolness of Aloe Vera Infusion

During the summer, it is rather challenging to keep yourself cool during the night. When you are feeling warm, all that warmth is trapped in your mattress. However, considering the fabric of this pocket sprung with memory foam mattress is breathable and thanks to the air vents, your mattress will feel fresh during the night, ensuring a good night’s sleep. This way, you should no longer wake up in the middle of the night feeling warm and unable to go back to sleep. Your sleep quality will improve and you should be able to feel well-rested upon waking up. Moreover, with the 40mm memory foam layer and the 40mm reflex foam, you will not only get great support but a comfortable sleep as well.

Non-Flip Comfort and Support

Some mattress may need to be turned upside down, however, this one does not have that requirement. All you have to do is rotate it every few months – to ensure even wear and tear. The mattress is pocket-sprung – which means that each spring has been individually wrapped in its own pocket. Since they are not interconnected, there is no-motion transfer – so, when your partner moves and gets out of the bed, you will no longer be woken up by the movement. You’ll be able to continue your sleep cycle so that you will wake up feeling well-rested.


  • Medium-tension mattress
  • Non-flip, rotate-only construction
  • Individually pocket-sprung design
  • Aloe Vera Memory Foam Mattress
  • 40mm memory foam surface
  • 40mm reflex foam layer
  • Hand-stitched borders
  • Six-flag stitched handles
  • 1500 pocket sprung mattress

The Popular Customer Opinion

Many people who have purchased this aloe vera memory foam mattress before are pleased with their purchase. Online users claim it is soft and comfortable, all while being supportive. It allows your spine to remain in a proper, straight position while you get a full night’s rest. Many state the aloe vera memory foam mattress is quite heavy. However, considering that you do not have to flip it over, this detail is not a deal-breaker. It comes vacuum-packed, which makes it easy to transport into the room where you have the bed. Click here to read the latest reviews on Amazon. This way, you should be able to determine whether this is the appropriate choice for you or not.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this aloe vera memory foam mattress from Happy Beds has proven to be a good investment – of a quality that speaks for itself. It provides excellent support, all while ensuring that you sleep comfortably throughout the night. Plus, thanks to its pocket sprung technology, both you and your partner can get the rest that you deserve – without being woken up by one another during your sleep.