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Happy Beds Clifton Royale Orthopaedic 1000 Pocket Sprung Mattress

How many times did you wake up with back pain in the morning – a stiffness that would only disappear hours later? Most of the time, this is caused by an unsupportive mattress – one that is not able to align your spine correctly. And when your spine is not straight, your chances of waking up in pain are fairly high. This is why the Happy Beds Clifton Royale Orthopaedic 1000 Pocket Sprung Mattress is such a convenient purchase. This orthopaedic pocket sprung mattress double can adequately support your spine throughout the night. This way, you will be able to wake up well-rested and pain-free.

The Support of Pocket Sprung Technology

A traditional spring mattress, generally, it is qualitative and durable – and with a decent layer of memory foam, it will be very comfortable too. However, there is still a chance that you will feel the movement when your partner tosses and turns around throughout the night. This might cause you to wake up and feel unrested. However, since this pocket sprung mattress double features pocket spring technology, the springs are not connected. Instead, they are each individually wrapped, isolated in a way so their movement is not affected by the other springs; thanks to this, you will be able to sleep soundly, without any interruption.

Supreme Hand-Tufted Comfort

When you are sleeping on a mattress, you need more than support. You need a mattress that can also provide you with the necessary comfort for a good night’s sleep. For this reason, this traditionally hand-tufted mattress featuring deluxe polyester filling can provide increased durability, along with great comfort. The 1000 pocket sprung mattress offers a medium level of firmness. This means that it is not too soft, nor too firm – it is just right. It also features a number of air vents that ensure the mattress stays fresh – even during the warm season. It has the ability to keep allergens at bay in this manner.

Features to Keep in Mind

  • Medium firmness mattress
  • 1000 individual spring pockets that react independently
  • Flag-stitched handles for ease of manoeuvrability
  • Traditionally hand-tufted with deluxe polyester filling
  • Air vents for fresh, allergen-free material
  • Fire retardant material

The Popular Customer Opinion

Most people buy this 1000 pocket sprung mattress thanks to being affordable, considering all the features that you see in the product description. However, all of them are pleasantly surprised by the fact that this pocket sprung mattress double is very comfortable. Most people who purchase this mattress do so because they want to relieve themselves of their back pain – and so they did. This was all thanks to the pocket spring technology that is used, as customers tend to praise it high and low. Since each spring is individually wrapped and moves independently from the other springs, the spine can be aligned in the correct position – therefore, allowing you to sleep comfortably. For more reassurance, you may even read more customer reviews on Amazon. People that have restless sleep or that are regularly woken up by the movement of their partners can finally have a good night’s sleep. This is because each spring acts independently – so, if your partner moves, you won’t feel the motion.

Final Thoughts

Sleep is precious, which is why a supportive mattress should be given a lot of importance. With its pocket sprung technology and its hand-tufted design, this pocket sprung mattress double will allow you to feel cosy throughout the night and wake up feeling fresh like a daisy.