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HFUK Palm Grey Quilted Memory Mattress 4ft6 Double

Once you pass a certain age, it’s shocking how easily you can “injure” yourself during sleep. All it takes is an unsupportive mattress and sleeping in an uncomfortable sleep position – and the next thing you know is that your back will be hurting for two days straight. This is why you need to invest in a mattress that gives you all the support that you need. One such mattress is the HFUK Palm Grey Quilted Memory Mattress 4ft6 Double from Home Furnishings 4 You – a double memory foam mattress that is made using a traditional support system, but still has the comfort and support of modern mattresses. Thanks to this, you will be able to get a decent night’s rest – without waking up with back pain in the morning.

Luxurious and Cool Materials

For many people, the luxurious feel this memory foam mattress for double bed provides is like nothing they experienced with an older model. This is mostly thanks to the cool, stretchable fabric that also features a cotton outer edge. This will allow you to feel comfortable on the mattress, as every sheet you put on the bed will properly stay in its place. It features an 8m wire edge for even more edge support. Moreover, this double memory foam mattress has a modern micro quilt whose design is quite modern. Its stripes have a way of massaging your body as well – therefore, allowing you to sleep soundly throughout the night. You should wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Quality Open Coil Bonnell Springs

Those that are looking for support and softness in a mattress might want to indulge in the benefits of an open coil Bonnell springs mattress. This kind of double bed memory foam mattress will reduce the effect of the bounce, offer support – and together with the memory foam, will ensure a more comfortable sleep. The double memory foam mattress itself is around 9-10 inches deep – which further speaks of its comfort. Plus, it will not lose its shape, and it is resistant to flattening.

Features to Consider

  • 4ft6 double mattress
  • Approximately 9-10 inches deep
  • Modern micro quilt design
  • Luxurious and cool stretchable fabric with cotton edges
  • 13.5 open coil Bonnell springs for more support
  • 8m wire wedge for extra support
  • Memory foam layer

The Customers’ Opinion

Many people highly recommend this memory foam mattress for double bed, mostly due to its thickness in accordance with the affordable price. It is also particularly useful for people that are slightly heavier and require that extra bit of support. It’s not anything luxurious – but it is comfortable. The memory foam layer is relatively thick, which is why you will not feel the springs digging in from beneath you. Plus, while they say you may feel a bit of motion movement, it will also be mostly dampened by the layer of memory foam. Most people stated the support it offers allows them to sleep soundly throughout the night, without any tossing and turning. For more opinions on this mattress, you may check out the reviews on Amazon and determine its quality for yourself.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a soft yet supportive memory foam mattress for double bed, then you might want to check this double memory foam mattress out. It’s inexpensive – and for the price, you get quite a lot of quality and comfort. Most people also claim that it allowed them to get rid of their back problems. Therefore, if you feel that your back is no longer “listening” to you the way it used to, you should check this mattress out.