How Much Should I Pay for A Mattress?

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Mattresses come in a wide variety to meet the comfort needs of everyone. Due to the difference in build and materials, they vary in prices, and it can be confusing to find the right combination of mattress type, materials, and cost for you. Mattress choice is a personal choice and is based upon not only the budget but the needs of the purchaser, any injuries or medical needs, as well as comfort levels.

When choosing your mattress it is important to consider:

  • Type of Mattress
  • Materials
  • Firmness/Softness
  • Medical or Pain Needs
  • Budget
  • Size

Before beginning your mattress shopping it is important to decide which factors are most important to you and hold the most value. If you have any special requirements such as a bad pack, injuries, or concerns such as headache or insomnia, it will be important to address these concerns in your mattress choice. You may require a harder mattress, or softer, depending on which suits your needs and reduces your pain while increasing your comfort level. While it may take a few nights or even weeks to settle into your new mattress it is still important to try some in-store. Lay on them as you would when you are sleeping to see if they are the right fit. While trying mattresses be sure to test different types, a memory foam versus pocket spring, for example, as each will have a different feel and comfort.  Once you have an idea of what you need in a mattress you can look at which ones will fit those needs while staying within your budget.

Types of Mattress:

  • Memory foam
  • Latex
  • Pocket Spring
  • Air Mattress
  • Adjustable Bed

A pocket spring mattress is likely still the most popular, and it’s years of experience make it well known and has allowed for it to be adjusted over the years for both better materials and improvements in comfort and support. Based upon an innerspring mattress where springs are used to create support and tied together, a pocket spring or pocket coil now has separate pockets for each spring. This allows them to maintain support while allowing for one person to sleep comfortably with less effect from another person sharing the bed. The springs are more able to move individually which also allows for the entire body to be supported, through curves and all body shapes. If working with a smaller budget and needing firmer support this may be the mattress type for you, but they will range from less costly to more high end and expensive, depending upon what material they are made from and what type of top they have.

You can get a pocket spring with a layer of memory foam, latex, or even a pillow top. Each of these will offer a different layer of support and comfort, and cost will vary depending upon which top is chosen. The lowest cost ones are made more cheaply and will be most likely to wear out first, and to wear down the fastest. However, they can be a great choice for a short term mattress or one that will be in a spare room or cabin and not used continuously. A basic pocket coil with foam layer can start at under £100, some as low as £75 for a single or small mattress. Prices will go up with additional comfort extras, materials such as bamboo or cotton will increase cost, and mattresses have such a wide range they can go into the thousands for a mattress. An average cost for a double mattress of this type is around £272.

Memory foam mattresses are made from layers of dense foam that is made to offer support while contouring to the body and adjusting to movements throughout the night. These have been known to adapt to the body temperature of the user and may warm up over night, but new adaptations are creating more advanced foams that remain cool and help to cool the sleeper. The more advanced foams will cost more but may provide more comfort for any who need to be cooler to sleep well. A memory foam mattress may be a great choice for anyone who has body or muscle pain and needs soft support. The thicker the memory foam is, the more layers, the longer it will last and the softer it will be, while still providing a firm support. A memory foam mattress can be found for any budget, from £80 to hundreds, and can be found in any size and multiple thickness options. The average cost of a double sized memory foam mattress is £375, and this should provide a quality mattress with comfort and support.

Latex mattress is made from rubber, either natural or synthetic. These are able to provide full support while remaining firm longer. These have been said to offer bouncy support and will offer more resistance than a memory foam mattress but with a similar comfort level. The average double size latex mattress is around £516 so a larger initial investment then a memory foam mattress but can be worth the investment for someone needing firmer support.

Air mattresses are a type of mattress that is most similar to an inner spring or pocket coil, but the channels are filled with air rather then springs and covered with a layer of foam or memory foam. They are adjustable and the firmness can be adapted for each sleeper in the bed, including different levels of firmness for each side of the bed if necessary. These are not comparable to the short-term use air mattresses that are frequently used for camping and last minute guests but are the size and height of any other regular mattress and built for long term use. They are sturdy and stable and have been found to be beneficial in cases of spinal injury or other injuries that keep someone in bed for an extended time.

Adjustable beds require a specialized mattress that is thinner and created to bend easily with the shape of the bed but can be made from almost any of the materials above. Pocket coils are unsuitable for this application, as they don’t bed well, but memory foam and latex are good choices as they will bend as the bed is adjusted for comfort without causing any damages to the mattress or losing support. Many of these beds come with a mattress for around £900 for a double, and replacement mattresses can start around £100.

To increase the comfort level of a mattress a mattress topper is always an option. This can help to make a mattress at a lower cost point to be as comfortable as a more expensive mattress with just a little extra work. They can be found in many materials from memory foam to air or feathers. Available for even £20 a topper can increase the lifespan of your mattress while creating the comfort you need at a price you can afford.

              When preparing to mattress shop it can be a valuable step to look at your budget first, and see what is a comfortable amount to spend or save up for your new mattress. Working within your budget is key to selecting the right bed and mattress for you. A mattress cost as little as £100 for most types and can run into the thousands for a high-end mattress from larger companies and long-lasting or specialized materials. Always try a few types; it’s the only way to know for certain if you prefer memory foam to latex or a pocket spring mattress with a foam top or pillow top. The many variations available can create endless options for finding the right fit for each individual at any price point, and many companies offer options to increase the comfort and personalization such as the type of top on a pocket coil or the material covering a memory foam. If your budget requires a lower cost mattress there are several ways to get a high-quality mattress for a lower cost. These include companies that offer lower advertising but use similar materials to the larger companies, some may even be a lower price point mattress made in the same locations as the higher priced ones, and this can be discovered with a little time invested in researching the companies themselves. Stores that have small or no showrooms can carry lower overhead costs, providing a quality mattress at a lower price, and online ordering can be a great opportunity for lower overhead. For added comfort and adjustability on a mattress, a mattress topper can be a great option and they are available in many materials and sizes at all price points. A lower-cost pocket coil with a thinner top layer can be added to with a feather or thicker memory foam topper to create a similar feel to the more expensive mattress with the thicker top layer but at a lower investment cost.