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Inofia Double Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Do you want to sleep without suffering from overheating or sweating during the night? If that’s the case, then you should look at this mattress model made by Inofia, a well-known mattress brand in the UK. This Inofia Double Gel Memory Foam Mattress is designed to keep you cool for a better night’s sleep. It made with cooling gel memory foam, which dissipates body heat, a feature that will be extremely helpful especially during the summer nights. The middle layer is engineered visco-elastic foam and distributes pressure in an optimal way. When delivered, the Inofia double gel memory foam mattress is vacuum-packed for easy transportation and protection, in other words, this is a mattress in a box.  After you receive it, as the mattress is vacuum packed and rolled, you need to allow it between 24-72 hours to fully recover to its original size and then you’ll be able to sleep on it.

Inofia Double Gel Memory Foam Mattress Sizes:

  • Single(90x190x22)
  • Small Double(120x190x22)
  • Double(135x190x22)
  • King(150x200x22)
  • Super King(180x200x22)

Motion Isolation so Your Partner Won’t Be Disturbed

Constant moving from a partner that sleeps next to you can be a tad annoying, and if you’re sensitive to movement, it may keep you up at night. Unless you want to wake up tired, you need a solution, which could be this Inofia double gel memory foam mattress. This Inofia Mattress has no-motion transfer properties, as it keeps the movement isolated to make sure your partner doesn’t keep you up with their tossing & turning. The Inofia Mattress has a 3-layer all-foam system, which consists of gel memory foam, visco-elastic foam, and charcoal support foam. This ensures that the comfort and support you receive will be adequate. These 3 foam layers work in harmony, offering you pressure relief ensuring you will wake up well-rested and without back pain.

Risk-free, Healthy Mattress

Another important aspect to mention about this Inofia Double Gel Memory Foam Mattress is that the foams used in the making process, are non-toxic. It’s CertiPUR-US Certified, which means it contains no harmful substances. Nothing like mercury, formaldehyde and other heavy metals are present in its composition. If you want to try this Inofia mattress first and see whether you like it or not, you can do so by taking advantage of the 100 days free trial period. If you don’t like it during the first 100 days trial period, then you can return it for a full refund.


  • No motion transfer
  • 100-day trial
  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • Cooler sleep thanks to the cooling gel memory foam
  • 3-layers of all-foam system
  • Solid and stable
  • Pressure relief
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Vacuum packed
  • Washable mattress covers

The Popular Customer Opinion

This gel memory foam mattress is quite popular, which is evident when you look at its high overall product rating. (Read the latest customer reviews on Amazon) People declared themselves happy with the Inofia double gel memory foam mattress, as it was able to relieve back pain and it felt more comfortable compared to old mattresses. Many praised that the gel memory foam mattress is not heavy, while the delivery is quick. Since it’s such a lovely and soft mattress, customers fell in love with it. Some buyers wished the mattress had side handles for ease of movement, as they had to drag it across the room to put it on their beds.

Final Thoughts

This Inofia Mattress is a great model if you want to ditch springs and have cooling gel memory foam instead. If you’re the type of person who is heat sensitive and overheats during the night, you need something that is guaranteed to keep you cool. This Inofia Mattress may be the answer to your prayers.