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Inofia Memory Foam Spring Hybrid Mattress SMAX

When you need a good night’s rest, you need a mattress to provide you comfort and relaxation in order to wake up and feel ready to start your day. Having a mattress that is worn out is not only uncomfortable, but it can make it difficult to get started and it can also cause aches and pains that you shouldn’t be feeling. If you are searching for a new mattress, the Inofia memory foam spring hybrid mattress SMAX may be the one you want to consider. When you deprive yourself of a good night’s sleep, you can cause long term issues that may not be so easy to correct. When you notice that the mattress you are sleeping on needs replaced, make that change as soon as possible.

Inofia Memory Foam Spring Hybrid Mattress SMAX Benefits

Getting a good night’s rest is hard to do when the mattress you sleep on is rough and doesn’t give. The benefits of owning this type of mattress include sleeping better at night. Another benefit to this double hybrid mattress is its pressure-relieving properties. When you lay down on a traditional mattress, no matter how soft it is, you will have some pressure points, on the elbow, the hips, or the neck. These pressure points can make it difficult for blood to flow throughout the body at a normal pace.

This double hybrid mattress can be used for any age group from a child to a senior. The mattress is considered a hybrid mattress and this means that it brings together the traditional coil springs that you find in older mattresses and memory foam which not only protects the body with layers of memory foam to protect the body from touching or feeling the coils inside but to provide you with a relaxing sleep the entire time. This double hybrid mattress is made to last for a very long time before you would want to consider a replacement.

Features to Consider

With this double hybrid mattress, you can expect a few creative perks that you can’t find in an ordinary mattress. These features include:

  • A zero-gravity sleep experience – this means that this mattress creates a new level of comfort for you by using the most modern materials to reach maximum comfort. When you lay down, the mattress is made to conform to your spine in a natural way, so you are relaxed while you sleep.
  • Using the most advanced memory foam that will provide you with ultimate comfort, you will feel like you are sleeping on a cloud of softness. The memory foam is also made with breathable material that allows the air to circulate around the body. This type of memory foam will relieve the pressure points on the body because your mattress will give with each area on your body. The muscles will be able to relax because you will have the comfort surrounding you. The spine will stay aligned while you sleep for added support.
  • This double hybrid mattress offers individualized pocket springs to allow for support when you move around and roll over in bed. The pockets are sealed, and they are filled so your every movement will be supported the entire time you are laying down in bed.
  • The memory foam and spring hybrid mattress is topped with a knitted quilted cover that is made from 100% natural fabric that can not only absorb any moisture while you sleep, but it dries quickly so you never feel it. This is an advantage for the skin

Comparing the Inofia Memory Foam Spring Hybrid Mattress

In order to know if this memory foam and spring hybrid mattress is the right one for you, it’s important to compare them to others that may be similar, so you know that you are purchasing the right one for you. Here are the top two mattresses to compare with the Inofia memory foam spring hybrid mattress SMAX:

  • Inofia Double Memory Foam Sprung Mattress from The Elegant Collection

This memory foam and spring hybrid mattress provides a wave memory foam with soft fabric covering for added comfort. It features a simple black and white classic design that will provide extra comfort with breathable material. The memory foam is layered to provide extra comfort. This type of memory foam will give you the same relaxed comfort every time you lay down on it. Click here to read all user reviews on Amazon!

  • Inofia Double mattress with Euro Top Memory Foam and Spring Hybrid Mattress

This mattress is from the Inofia Platinum Collection that is constructed using springs that are barrel-shaped. This mattress also features the carbon fiber fabric that is not only cool during the warmer months but also comfortable throughout the winter. Read what customers are saying on Amazon!

What are Customers Saying?

Customers who purchase the Inofia Memory Foam Spring Hybrid Mattress SMAX are satisfied with the comfort of the bed and the way it sets up as it should. The memory foam is thick as advertised, is budget-friendly, and is firm as it should be. There is also no feeling as though you are sinking when you sit or lay down on the mattress.


There are many choices out there today when it comes to anything a consumer may need or want. If you are considering a new mattress, determine what you need out of your mattress and then decide if this mattress is the right one for you. Buying a mattress online is not a difficult thing to do and it avoids going out and trying to get one back home or planning to have it delivered.