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Kono 3D Breathable Memory Foam Mattress

Mattress shopping today can be done online. You can view, shop, read reviews, and even try out a mattress for a certain amount of time – look for a free trial mattress. When your current mattress is about done and you wake up feeling stiff and in pain, you may want to go ahead and start shopping for your next purchase. With the mattress features of today, you will sleep more comfortably and wake up feeling refreshed every morning. The mattress you are viewing today is the Kono 3D Breathable Memory Foam mattress. This memory foam mattress 4ft6 has a lot to offer you. If you have trouble sleeping at night or if you are looking for a mattress that isn’t as firm, you should like this mattress.

Kono 3D Breathable Memory Foam Mattress Benefits

This memory foam mattress 4ft6 features a quilted knitted fabric and memory foam to help form around your body while you are sleeping. This fabric can also keep you cool while you sleep so you don’t wake up feeling like you are overheating in your bed. The material is breathable so air can pass by and through it throughout the night. It also keeps the moisture from laying on your skin, reducing the chances of skin breakdown.  If you suffer from allergies, this memory foam mattress 4ft6 also offers a breathable fabric covering so it doesn’t trap allergens that can make sleeping even more difficult and uncomfortable. The mattress is also quiet, so it absorbs movement, so your partner doesn’t feel every time you turn over and you won’t notice your partner either. This will reduce the chances of you waking up in the night so you can get more rest.

Selecting the Right Mattress

Mattresses are an investment of your hard-earned money and that is why you need to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth when you buy it. Here are some reasons why the Kono 3D Breathable Memory Foam Mattress is a great choice for many people.

  • Hypoallergenic – because this medium firm memory foam mattress offers 3D breathable fabric made with natural fibers that are ecologically safe on the environment, it is also hypoallergenic.
  • There is nothing in the fibers of this mattress that can harm you or aggravate your allergies.
  • This mattress is made with mite and allergy-resistant materials to make it a healthier and safer alternative.
  • The fabric is reinforced around the edges for a longer-lasting mattress. This will extend the life of your mattress.
  • The memory foam is 5mm and moulds to your body for added comfort and soothing all pressure in the pressure prone areas. You won’t wake up feeling as though you slept on a rock.
  • Sleeping on a mattress with your partner will not be a problem with this mattress. Turning over will not bother the other because it absorbs the movement, so the partner doesn’t feel it.
  • The design in this mattress is unique because it helps to align the spine and reduce the chances of you waking up with a backache and stiffness.
  • The mattress is medium-hard so that you can relax and fall to sleep much easier than with the standard mattress.

Comparing the Kono 3D Breathable Memory Foam Mattress

When you are searching for the right mattress, you may find that there are similar mattresses out there offering the same or similar features and benefits. Choosing the right mattress must be something you do from the beginning or you are going to be very unhappy with your purchase.  Here are the top two mattresses to compare to the Kono Spring Breathable Memory Foam Mattress

  • The Summerby Sleep’ No1. Coil Sring and Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

This mattress is a double mattress design. It features the traditional coil spring with memory foam and support foam that is compressed down and rolled up to deliver it conveniently to you. It is considered a hybrid design. Click here to read all about, on Amazon!

  • The Bedzonline Memory Foam and Reflex Mattress

This design was developed by NASA and features a layer of memory foam that has a high-density visco-elastic polymer gel, so it is not only heat-sensitive but also pressure sensitive for a better night’s sleep. The difference I reflex foam and memory foam is that the reflex foam doesn’t mould to the body. It does bounce back quicker when pressure is applied to it and then released. This mattress features a sanitized cover that reduced the allergens and dust mites that may accumulate over time. Read what customers are saying about this mattress, on Amazon!

Customer Reviews

Because you want to find out what others think about the mattress before you purchase your own, you will feel good knowing that the money you pay for your Kono will provide you with

  • A better night’s sleep because you are sleeping in the correct position no matter which direction you turn
  • You can improve your overall health because it eliminates body pressures and increases blood circulation
  • This medium firm memory foam mattress is suitable for any age group from children to adults.


When purchasing a mattress, it’s important to consider what you need out of a mattress and then what you want. If you suffer from a physical condition such as osteoarthritis, you will like the foam support because it takes the pressure points away and puts you into a comfortable position that will take the stress off of the points that you normally put pressure on when you sleep. The springs are added comfort as they give just enough for your movements and comfort.