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California Memory Foam Graphene Hotel Comfort – Anti Stress Mattress

For a mattress to provide you with a night of restful sleep, it must come with something more than just the ordinary features of a traditional mattress. For example, this California Memory Foam Graphene Hotel Comfort Mattress – Anti Stress from Dagostino is made using graphene fibres that ensure a relaxing and pleasant sleep. On top of that, this double memory foam mattress sale is equipped with regulating temperature technology, ensuring it will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter – precisely what most of us want in a mattress. The benefits and features don’t end here, as the California double memory foam mattress is also equipped with anti-moisture and auto-cooling technology, as well as with a breathable 3D fabric.

Responsive Memory Foam

When it comes to the primary material of the mattress, memory foam, it’s roughly 5 centimetres thick, and it’s made from graphene of 70kg/M3. This high-density memory foam makes it so that it spreads the user’s body weight evenly, for better sleep. Another benefit of this double memory foam mattress on sale is that it is orthopaedic – this makes it ideal for those that experience back pain. Furthermore, the double memory foam mattress on sale comes with a silicone polyester fibre that ensures the product’s resilience and softness. Due to its optimal adaptability, the California mattress can help you manage muscle tension, besides promoting a very healthy sleep!

Multi-Zone Padding

As with most high-end mattresses, the California Memory Foam comes with multi-zone padding as well. This means that this mattress features as many as 8 different comfort zones that work together to provide you with increased softness and comfort while sleeping. Given this multi-zone padding, the double memory foam mattress is firmer in the centre to support your body weight while ensuring comfort. The areas around the neck and head are softer since they require less support. This double memory foam mattress features an Aliforme core with a density of 33 kg. of high resistance. This ensures the average firmness of the product’s interior, as well as its durability.

Features to Keep in Mind

  • Regulating temperature technology
  • Auto-cooling and anti-moisture mattress
  • Soft orthopaedic reception with controlled firmness
  • Multi-zone padding
  • Silicone polyester fibre
  • Aliforme core
  • Anti-allergic, anti-mite, anti-mould, anti-bacterial, and antistatic treatment.
  • OEKO TEX quality certificates
  • Manufactured using AITEX trusted textiles

Customer Reviews and Ratings

The California Memory foam mattress on sale from Dagostino comes with an impressive rating, making it one of the highest-rated mattresses when compared with similar models. The majority of the customers – and happy users praised the double memory foam mattress for its incredible comfort and ability to relieve pain. On top of that, many users state that the product comes with great, enjoyable firmness, as well as softness to compensate.

Given the many reviews, this double memory foam mattress does a great job at providing anyone that bought it with high-end comfort and support. After all, it is labelled as hotel comfort and anti-stress – it speaks the truth as several customers claimed that this mattress has helped them recover from the pain caused by older mattresses. If you want to know what others think of the California Memory Foam Mattress, you can find out more on Amazon!

Final Thoughts

Overall, it is safe to say that the California double memory foam mattress is one of the most reliable choices when it comes to replacing your mattress with a high-end one. It comes with multi-zone padding, controlled firmness, as well as with regulating temperature technology – features that are more than enough to ensure a decent night’s sleep!