Naturalex Extra Fresh Mattress Review

Naturalex Extra Fresh Mattress Review

One thing that should definitely not be overlooked when you care about the quality of your sleep is your mattress. Unless you want to feel like sleeping on needles, a good mattress is a must. Therefore, you should make sure you invest in a mattress that makes you sleep like a baby. 

The Naturalex Extra Fresh could be just the right product to save you from bad sleep, and since you may be too busy to go from shop to shop, why not consider purchasing a mattress online? Just like most newer mattresses, it comes with various technologies that favour the sleeper. Are you on board so far? Then let’s explore the product in more detail to see whether you’ll be convinced to try it or not.


  • Only high-quality materials have been used when creating the product. The main goal was to make sure no customer ends up with a bad mattress. The materials have been tested in order to guarantee quality and satisfy any buyer.
  • The mattress doesn’t collect any allergens, such as dust mite, pollen, and bacteria. 
  • No matter what season you’re in, the Naturalex mattress is suitable for all types of weather. Featuring a special summer side, this product can relieve some of the struggle you feel due to high temperatures. It contains gel microcapsules that deal with temperature growth and allow you to feel cooler and fresher. 
  • The winter side has also been properly taken care of to keep you warm. It is covered with a hypoallergenic fabric called SoftSensation. It contains no toxic substances, which makes it even safer to sleep on. This side is meant to preserve heat, so you don’t freeze during cold winter nights.
  • It was made in the EU.
  • This mattress is breathable, giving your skin enough ventilation to feel cooler and not retain any sweat.
  • It features outstanding comfort that’s difficult to find with other mattresses. Being 30 cm thick, it is firm for proper support, but that doesn’t decrease any of the softness needed for a comfortable position. 
  • It has an internal structure of 7 comfort zones. Simply put, each of these comfort zones will adapt to the pressure points of the body, allowing you to sit comfortably.
  • The mattress has been provided with Bio Memory technology. In essence, this means that you’ll be embraced by the comfort of the mattress. So, it doesn’t matter what weight you have, there will be no pressure. 


  • Because it was created with 7 comfort zones for pressure relief, it does an amazing job at improving blood circulation and preventing tense muscles. 
  • Its mix of firmness and softness is enough to keep your body properly aligned, but it also makes sure you won’t feel like sleeping on concrete. 
  • It has anti-allergenic features. That being said, if you’re someone who has to deal with asthma or allergies, these won’t be a problem anymore with the Naturalex mattress.
  • The fact that it has a summer side and a winter side means that less space has to be used to store separate mattresses. You just have to clean it and flip it over – thus, it’s more practical.
  • During summer, you won’t sweat, and you will definitely not feel like your skin could catch fire at any time. The air ventilation will make sure you’re cool. 
  • During winter, you can rest assured that you won’t be too cold because the mattress will maintain a proper level of heat.
  • Your back will be aligned and there will be no back, neck and shoulder pain when you wake up in the morning. 
  • You have a 10-year guarantee.


  • It might smell a little after you receive it.


There’s no denying that a good night’s sleep is crucial for our health and daily activities. When you don’t get enough rest, you end up feeling dizzy, and it becomes really difficult to stay focused on your tasks. Since you need a proper environment for a good sleep, you should always pay attention to your mattress. It’s rather difficult to find a suitable one until you actually test it, which is why you must know every detail about the product.

The Naturalex EXTRAFRESH is one of the top products you could use, particularly if you’re looking for a dual-side mattress. It has a summer and a winter side, so flipping it should be enough to ensure your body’s temperature will be maintained for any season. In addition, the 7-comfort zone feature is very useful for people of all weights. Basically, it helps relieve pressure points, meaning that you will feel a soft surface underneath, instead of something that seems like a rock.

Also, keep in mind that it works amazingly for people who are dealing with a hard time due to neck and back pain after sleeping. This mattress has a particular level of firmness – thus, your back will be held in a healthy, comfortable position all throughout your sleep. This should get rid of your pains altogether.


If you’d rather make comparisons with other mattresses prior to deciding on the purchase, then you should take a look at the Vesgantti Hybrid Mattress. Just like the Naturalex product, it comes with 7 pressure points for multiple body parts – legs, shoulders, feet, head, neck, waist and hips. At the same time, it promotes good air circulation, which makes it a blessing during summer nights.

The best thing about it is the 100 nights feature, which lets you return the product or ask for a refund if it didn’t meet your expectations.


To sum up, the Naturalex mattress is a top-notch product as we can see from the many benefits it’s able to provide. Although the brand is quite new in the industry, it has proven again and again that it values the customers’ well-being, which can be seen from the high number of positive reviews, as well as the awards they’ve won. Therefore, the company is reputable, while this product is one of their top creations.