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Silentnight 2000 Pocket Gel Mattress

Some mattresses are better than others, and this mattress model from Silentnight Mattress Ltd proves this. Made in the UK, this Silentnight 2000 pocket sprung gel mattress can provide you with the extra cushioning and comfort that you need in your life. The Silentnight 2000 pocket sprung mattress comes with a plush Gel Pillow Top layer to make sure your body will feel like lying down on a giant marshmallow. Silentnight’s unique Gel Infused comfort layer prevents overheating throughout the night. Aside from being so comfortable, what’s great about this soft knitted fabric is that is breathable;  this unique Gel Infused comfort layer will prevent sweating ensuring a night of uninterrupted sleep. Being breathable allows it to stay fresh all the time. Furthermore, it’s a preventive measure against odors and bacteria.

Comfort and Support from Pocket Springs

One aspect that Silentnight always does right, is incorporating pocket springs in their mattresses. This Silentnight pillow top mattress has 2000 individually wrapped pocket springs. Each one of them works individually, thus offering comfort to every part of your body and distributing weight evenly. Thanks to this, you’ll suffer from no pressure during your sleep, which means you will also wake up with no-body pains as a result. Another great thing about the individually wrapped pocket springs is the no “roll-together” feature. So, if your partner is a restless type of sleeper, you won’t feel their movement anymore. There will be less disturbance, as well as more mattress space.

Geltex Technology

Do you want to feel less pressure on your back when lying down on a mattress? This Silentnight pillow top mattress will offer you this thanks to the Geltex technology it incorporates. The Cool-Gel mattress is excellent and has temperature regulating properties, a total blessing for those warm nights during summer when it feels like you’re boiling. The material is breathable, which allows your skin to get enough ventilation and not deal with a lot of sweat. This Silentnight mattress comes in multiple sizes. That being said, whether you have a double, single, UK King, or Super King bed, you receive the same level of comfort and support.


  • Geltex technology
  • 2000 individual pocket springs
  • No “roll-together”
  • Made in the U.K
  • Breathable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Medium soft
  • Durable
  • 31.5cm depth

Customer’s Opinion about the Mattress

What users loved the most was the comfort it can provide. Some even said they didn’t want to get up in the morning because the mattress was so comfortable. Many stated the springs were very supportive, and no pain was felt after sleeping on the mattress. It is also delivered pretty quickly, meaning you won’t have to wait too long to enjoy what this Silentnight 2000 pocket sprung mattress has to offer. The only complaints some people had were related to the smell of the mattress, however, this is common with any new mattress; the smell will disappear after a few days.