Silentnight Cool Gel Rolled Mattress Review

Silentnight Cool Gel Rolled Mattress Review

Shopping for mattresses is a time-consuming endeavour. That’s the case for most important purchases, as the mattress you invest in impacts the quality of your sleep. And the quality of your sleep directly impacts your health condition. Deciding on the right time to replace your current mattress might be a tad tricky as well. The rule, though, is replacing the mattress every seven years, or somewhere around that time. 

Some mattresses might have a higher durability index, but this depends on several aspects. If you are thinking of upgrading your mattress, then, Silentnight Cool Gel Rolled Mattress could be a good buy.  


  • This is far from being a typical mattress, as its construction makes it unique. It enlists 7 zoned high-density foam areas. That is to say, you benefit from optimal body support, particularly in key parts of the body – such as hips, shoulders, and back. 
  • The mattress distributes the body weight evenly so that you don’t experience and discrepancies. 
  • To prevent overheating, the mattress features a layer infused with gel. This combined with the quilted airflow sleep surface optimises the breathability of the mattress so that you don’t experience any degree of discomfort during your sleep. 
  • Bounce-back feeling thanks to the use of active response technology. 
  • Naturally hypoallergenic; this makes it suitable even for sensitive users, who have a predisposition to an allergic reaction. 
  • It comes with a quilted cover that provides a high degree of comfort, relief, and softness. 
  • Each mattress is tried and tested in the company’s SATRA approved lab, in order to grant users peace of mind. 
  • The company has an award-winning sustainability program, being carbon neutral. 
  • The company has been awarded for distinction, due to its testimony of reliability, distinction, and quality
  • Manufactured in the UK 
  • It comes with a 3-year guarantee 


  • Very comfortable, allowing you to enjoy a good night’s sleep every time.
  • Good value for the money
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Flame-resistant and flame-retardant
  • The washable cover is removable, which makes it easy to keep the mattress clean
  • It isn’t too heavy, meaning that you can easily move it around the house
  • You can choose from two options: you may get the mattress in the firm option, or in the soft option: it all depends on your individual preferences. 
  • Breathable – meaning that you won’t have to deal with the unpleasant feeling of feeling hot in the middle of the night.


  • After unpacking the product, you will notice that it has an unpleasant smell. The smell lingers for a couple of days, tops. Afterwards, it will go by itself, so you don’t have to worry about it. 


To summarise, as the name of the mattress clearly states, this is a good investment especially for those of you who hate overheating. This can happen especially in the case of memory foam items. But what makes this product different is the addition of a gel layer – which is a miracle worker, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the entire night. 

This is primarily why you won’t feel that unpleasant feeling even if the core of the mattress comprises high-density foam. In comparison with traditional memory foam, the gel will make you feel 4x cooler. Concurrently, the high-density foam aims at diminishing pressure points, offering you relief and support. This is a great mattress especially if you sleep on your back or on your side. In addition to that, if you prefer a medium feel, this mattress will most likely be down your alley. 

Furthermore, as we already pointed out, this is a hypoallergenic mattress, which means that it provides a fresh and clean sleeping experience. The thing is that many mattresses can include all types of ingredients that might be harmful for sensitive users. Happily, this isn’t the case with the Silentnight Cool Gel Rolled Mattress. Although there is a specific smell that comes with the item, this will eventually go away. Most likely, the off-putting smell is related to the packaging, as it is the case with most new items. 

Overall, this mattress is a good alternative if you want to shop a unit that is made in the UK, by a reputable company that focuses on supplying quality, reliable units that stand the test of time. 


There is a reason why there are so many different mattresses on the marketplace: in order to address the different needs of various customers. Each client has different needs when it comes to finding the right mattress. If you think that the Silentnight Cool Gel Rolled Mattress isn’t it for you, then, we have some suggestions for you. 

One suggestion would be Silentnight Pocket Essentials. This is a 1000 pocket sprung mattress. The springs facilitate pressure relief and comfort. This mattress might be the right choice if you enjoy sleeping on a traditional kind of mattress, and you’re not a big fan of the newest models featuring memory foam construction. It is 24cm deep, meaning that you get a medium feel, so to speak. It is also hypoallergenic.

If, on the contrary, you enjoy sleeping on memory foam, the Silentnight 7 Zone Memory Foam Rolled Mattress might be appealing to your taste. Memory foam is best known for its ability to follow the shape of the body. It is specifically popular because it is a very supportive mattress. 


All things considered, after reading this review, you should know whether the Silentnight Cool Gel Rolled Mattress is the right option for you or not. It is manufactured by a reliable, reputable company, which has been offered several awards. In fact, it is regarded as the most trusted bed brand in the UK, and that is something if you ask us. 

As for this model, it is more than ideal for side or back sleepers, as pointed out by the manufacturer, due to the medium firmness level it provides. It is a good buy that will allow you to wake up well-rested each morning – let’s be honest, what is more important than that?