Silent Night Pocket Sprung Mattress Review

Silent Night Pocket Sprung Mattress Review

As you know, getting enough sleep is very important. Studies suggest that our body takes roughly one week to recover from a poorly slept night or from one with no sleep at all. However, we can’t always decide whether we are going to have a good night’s sleep or not – of course, that is unless we choose a proper mattress for our bedroom. Even though some people out there claim that they don’t need a sophisticated mattress to sleep well, we beg to differ!

Therefore, today we’ll be taking a look at Silent Night Pocket Sprung Mattress. Naturally, given its name and manufacturer – Silent Night – it is safe to say that it is going to help us have the best sleep of our lives! Since we can’t talk for everybody, we’ll leave you with our review of this mattress down below. We hope that, based on our research, you’ll be able to determine whether this mattress is the right one for you or not!


  • The mattress features 1000 individual Mirapocket springs, making this product able to provide its users with superior comfort and pressure relief. This spring system is used to help spread weight evenly across the mattress, thus making it align to your body, for tailored comfort. 
  • With the help of the Eco Comfort Fibre layers – a Silentnight exclusive feature – the mattress enjoys a natural airflow, which contributes to a more refreshing and invigorating sleep. 
  • The cover of the mattress is soft knit, an aspect that provides you with extra durability and – probably most important of all – cushioning.
  • This mattress also comes with zoned support, meaning that it will align across your shoulders and hips in such a way that aids overall spinal alignment and, naturally, provides you with one good sleep, so to say.
  • The sleeping surface is made of 100% polyester, the underside of 60% polypropylene and 40% polyester, and the side border of 64% polyester and 36% polypropylene.
  • The mattress comes with a medium feel to it, as its mattress depth is only 24cm.
  • Obviously, as expected, the mattress is fully hypoallergenic – for increased quality, as well as for a cleaner and safer sleep.
  • Made in the UK, by one of the most trusted bed brands out there. Guaranteed quality with easy-to-reach customer support as well.
  • Reportedly, it is suited for all types of sleepers, including side-sleepers.


  • t comes with a soft knit cover, for increased cushioning and durability.
  • Handmade in the UK by the country’s most trusted brands.
  • The mattress comes with a full manufacturer’s five-year warranty.
  • It is available in several sizes, so you won’t have to worry about having a bigger or smaller bed.
  • Many of its reviews praised its price, most of them stating that you truly don’t need to spend a fortune for a good night’s sleep.
  • It comes with a medium feel, somewhere right between soft and firm, making it perfect for those that can’t decide over the mattress’ hardness.
  • Increased comfort and relief due to the Mirapocket spring system.
  • Fit for every type of sleeper.
  • Entirely hypoallergenic – the mattress has been tested for durability, quality, and safety in the company’s SATRA accredited test lab.
  • Received the Sustainability Award and is backed by the Carbon Neutral Organization, as well as by Zero to Landfall – in short, a positive impact on the planet, as the materials are sourced from sustainable areas.
  • Silentnight is also a member of the British Furniture Manufacturers Trade Association, with more than a couple of prizes to stand behind their products.
  • Last, but not least, the Pocket Sprung mattress enhances body alignment across the shoulders and hips, an aid for overall spinal alignment.


  • Reportedly, you cannot use both faces of the mattress and there are also no handles that could ease transportation or movement.
  • Some people stated that it’s rather firm, and not actually medium-firm; however, its quality was still praised.


As mentioned before, a good night’s sleep is not achieved depending on how tired you are or on how much you twist and turn before falling asleep in order to get in that perfect position.

It’s all about your mattress – one single product decides whether you are going to wake up as tired or not!

Therefore, we highly recommend you put enough time in choosing your mattress before rushing in. When it comes to the Silent Night Pocket Sprung mattress, we begin by mentioning that it is fit for versatile sleepers – those that shift between liking both firm and soft mattresses – since it comes with a 24cm depth.

Moreover, due to the Mirapocket spring system and the product’s zoned support, you can enjoy not only comfort and pressure relief, but also proper spinal alignment. The mattress is specially designed to provide you with zoned support across your shoulders and hips, making every part of your body stand at proper elevation when sleeping.

It is also worth mentioning the fact that, besides being hypoallergenic, the mattress also comes with a soft knit cover, thus being able to provide the sleeper with extra cushioning – just what we all needed for better sleep!


The Silent Night Pocket Sprung mattress is a solid pick – especially given the fact that it is fit for any type of sleeper and aids spinal alignment. Still, we know that different people have different needs.

Therefore, instead of the 1000 individual Mirapocket springs, you might want a mattress that will be able to keep you cool during the night – depending on your location. 

In this respect, it is worth mentioning the Silentnight Cool Gel mattress. It comes from the same brand, so quality is guaranteed. Among a couple of differences, we have the comfort layer of the mattress that’s infused with cooling gel, making the product able to prevent overheating since it is highly breathable.


In the end, one of the most important things that we have to say about this mattress is that it has a great price to quality ratio – and this is a fact backed by most people who have purchased the Silentnight Pocket Sprung mattress.