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Starlight Beds 4ft6 Double Memory Foam Sprung Mattress

This memory foam mattress offers so many options to the weary sleeper. The comfort and convenience of laying down on this double memory foam pocket sprung mattress will have you looking forward to sleeping each night, instead of dreading it. When you get a good nights’ sleep on a comfortable mattress, you will most likely wake up in a better mood and feel better physically. The mattress itself is a double mattress that is almost nine inches deep. It brings together both memory foam and the 13.5-gauge coil spring unit that is European engineered. The Starlight Beds 4ft6 double memory foam sprung mattress is easy to set up and start using. Follow the directions that come with your bed mattress to ensure a good night’s rest from the first night you lay down.

Starlight Beds 4ft6 Double Memory Foam Sprung Mattress Benefits

With this double memory foam pocket sprung mattress, you have several benefits that include consistent support for an all-body relief from pressure points. The fabric used to create this mattress is hypoallergenic as well as anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial for those who may suffer from allergies. The result is a healthier environment that is clean. When you sleep on this pocket sprung double mattress, it can improve the circulation of blood in the body too. Because it is a double mattress, it features the jersey knit fabric which will provide the ultimate comfort while you sleep. The memory foam is gravity-free meaning that it is combined with other memory foam to create a plush mattress that will contour to your body once you lay down. It offers head to toe anatomical support to ensure less pain and eliminate the pressure points found on a traditional mattress. All of these features will help you to wake up in less pain and decreased body aches.

Available mattress sizes:

  • 2ft6 Small Single Mattress
  • 3ft Single Mattress
  • 4ft Small Double Mattress
  • 4ft6 Double Mattress
  • 5ft Kingsize Mattress

Features to Keep in Mind

The 4ft6 pocket sprung double mattress features:

  • A quilted jersey knit fabric that gives you the ultimate in comfort and is finished with a grey border for more modern feel and design.
  • Gravity free memory foam that is combined with the soft filling that contours to your body shape and keeps the position while you are sleeping so you don’t wake up feeling pain and body aches.
  • Feeling well-rested because it decreases the tossing and turning that goes on when the mattress is hard and uncomfortable.
  • Like many others, you may also suffer from allergies. The last thing you need is a mattress that holds in the allergens that cause your allergies to react. This double memory foam pocket sprung mattress is made from a material that provides you with a hypoallergic and dust mite resistant sleep, so you wake up healthy, clean, and refreshed.

Comparing Similar Models

It’s important that you end up with the best mattress. You may need to compare your mattresses in order to know which one is right for you. Here are the top two mattresses that compare with the Starlight.

  • Yaeetech pocket sprung mattress with memory foam and Tencel fabric

This mattress is medium-firm for added comfort. The pocket sprung double mattress features individual pocket springs which distributes the weight more evenly or a more comfortable body alignment. The coil springs are not connected but are enveloped in fabric for a comfortable rest each night. You won’t feel the springs and will sleep more soundly. This pocket sprung double mattress is good for those who are light sleepers. If you suffer from skin irritations and other skin issues, this mattress features a cover that is made from fibers that are degradable but high quality. They help to absorb the moisture and separate it from the skin. Click here to read customer’s reviews on Amazon!

  • Bedzonline Memory Foam and Reflex Mattress

This mattress offers many different benefits to the weary sleeper. This mattress offers support to every part of the body, so you know that you are sleeping in the right position every night all night long. This mattress also comes with a cover to prevent dust mites and other allergens that may end up in the mattress. Check out all features of this mattress on Amazon!

What Do Users Think of This Mattress

When you are purchasing a mattress, you want it to be a purchase that will last. Many standard mattresses today don’t hold up to the way the new ones can. Today’s mattresses offer more than just support. They offer comfort with support. Sleeping with a partner can be difficult when they toss and turn all night and you wake up with every movement. The Starlight Beds double memory foam sprung mattress will provide you with the comfort and support you need and deserve every night. Customers have a lot to say about this mattress including the way that it supports the body for a long sleep without waking up. Not only is the quality high but also the amount you pay for the mattress is not as high as some mattresses and it will last a long time when taken care of. You can also rotate the mattress on a regular schedule in order to reduce premature wearing of the mattress.


If you suffer from allergies or you suffer from a condition that makes it hard to get up out of bed and start your day, then this double memory foam pocket sprung mattress is the one for you to choose. It is lightweight and easy to set up once it arrives in a box. Follow the directions before laying down on it. Remember, it’s important to select a mattress based on what your needs are and what is important to you for a good night’s rest.