Vesgantti Air Foam Series Mattress Review

Vesgantti Air Foam Series Mattress Review

When they have a bad night’s sleep, people will usually blame their stressful job or other aspects of their life that could affect the way they are sleeping. However, very few of them actually take a look at their mattress and think of it as the main cause of their poor sleep.

Obviously, it goes without saying that, if you want to sleep really well, then you have to invest in a proper mattress. Namely, one that comes with all the technologies and designs meant to help you sleep well, no matter what your sleep behavior is.

Therefore, today we will be talking about the Vesgantti Air Foam mattress and take a good look at what it has to offer and how it can improve your sleep. Naturally, a mattress from such a reputable brand will do much more than just making you sleep better – let’s see exactly what it can do!


  • The product comes neatly rolled and vacuum-sealed in a box, making it much easier to carry and move around. It will regain its original size 10 seconds after unpacking and it will fully expand in about 72 hours. 
  • It comes equipped with a breathable and soft cover, made of TENCEL blend fiber. This material greatly improves the breathability of the sleep surface, while eliminating the heat that your body generates. The result is an air layer between you and the mattress that keeps your body cool and dry.
  • The mattress also features a dual-comfort memory foam with an eggshell cutting design. This makes the product able to absorb the noise, as well as the vibration, that you or your partner might cause. In short, no turning or tossing will ever wake you or your spouse up. 
  • Along with the dual-comfort memory foam, there’s also a supportive high-density base foam. This makes it so that the mattress compresses in an even manner under your body weight. It also adapts to your curves and spine, in order to alleviate important and common pressure points. 
  • The two types of foam make a mattress with a soft feeling, but which can also provide you with proper back support and pain relief while sleeping.
  • Four-layered design – high-density foam to help with pressure relief, a 3.5cm bamboo charcoal wavy foam to keep you cool during the night, a 2.5cm massage wavy foam that ensures sound and vibration absorption, and a removable and washable soft cover.
  • Its medium-soft feel is made for all types of sleepers – for a night of deep sleep, able to comfort anyone out there.


  • Due to its aforementioned medium-soft feel, the mattress will do a great job at making you feel like sleeping on a cloud, but without you actually sinking into it.
  • The four-layered design ensures a proper sleep, making sure that all of your needs and requirements are met.
  • The high-density foam will relieve pressure from your neck, hips, waist, shoulders, feet, and back.
  • The rest of the foam layers make sure that enough air travels through the mattress and keeps you cool. They also ensure that no sound or vibration gets to you and wakes you up.
  • The manufacturer offers you the chance to try this mattress for 100 nights, with no risks whatsoever. If you are happy with it, feel free to keep it – if not, then you can easily return it. 
  • Only durable, high-quality materials are used in the making of this mattress. Add to this the brand’s reputation as well as the many positive customer reviews and you have a top-quality mattress, ready to be tested and slept on!
  • It comes in an easy-to-carry box. So, it’s simple to carry it around. You won’t need two people and a lot of time to get this product on your bed.


  • Some people found the mattress a bit too thin for their need. Still, most customers did not have any complaints to its thickness.


The Vesgantti Air Foam Series mattress is the perfect fit for those that want to feel like sleeping on a cloud. Without any single springs, but with three layers of foam and one soft and breathable cover, this mattress will most likely offer you what you need in terms of sleeping and quality of sleep.

When you buy a mattress, it is important that you don’t stop after you determine if it’s soft enough for your back. Taking into consideration all the features mentioned above, it is safe to say that there’s much more to a mattress than size, thickness, and softness.

You really have to search for the one that will fit you the best, taking into account its features, characteristics, as well as the technologies it comes equipped with. In this respect, we can say that this mattress from Vesgantti might be just the perfect fit for you. Not to mention that it comes from one of the top brands in terms of quality mattresses.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter what type of sleeper you are, as this product will conform to your body, align your spine, and provide you with the comfort and support that you need.


However, if you think that an air foam mattress might not satisfy you, then you could take a look at the Inofia Pocket Sprung mattress. Even though this one also comes with three layers of foam meant to provide you with support and comfort, its main feature is the pocketed springs technology.

Still, both mattresses are able to provide you with a good night’s sleep – now, what matters the most is how you personally feel while sleeping on each of them. So, make sure to take advantage of the 100 nights trial that they both come with!


The bottom line is that the Vesgantti Air Foam Series mattress is a top-notch product and one of your best choices if you want to buy a new mattress. It comes from a reputable brand, it uses certified foam and has dozens of positive reviews.

People have praised this product’s comfort, ability to relieve pain, as well as its value for money. In short, you get more than you pay for – a good, deep, and restful sleep!