Visco Therapy HL2000 Regular Memory Foam Mattress

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The Visco Therapy HL2000 Regular Memory Foam Mattress (Amazon Link) is made of high-density viscoelastic polymer gel to ensure that you will have a good night’s sleep. Designed to mould to the shape of your body, you won’t have to worry about waking up with an aching back or shoulders with Visco Therapy HL2000 Regular Memory Foam Mattress ever again.


  • Product dimensions: 190 cm x 90 cm x 20 cm
  • Regular comfort memory foam mattress
  • Viscoelastic polymer gel—Uses 5 cm of memory foam (20-cm thickness in total) which is
  • made from viscoelastic polymer gel. This material has a unique ability to mould itself according to the shape of your body
  • With polyester padding for added softness and comfort
  • Base support—A layer of thick reflex foam functions as the base to support your weight. The firmness of the reflex foam will provide a good layer of support since the memory foam is very soft and pliable
  • Sanitised fabric—To ensure that anyone can sleep comfortably using this memory foam mattress, it’s made using hypoallergenic materials that repel dust mites, which can be beneficial if you have asthma or other allergies.
  • Zipped cover—A luxurious cover is included in the package to help you prevent dust and mite. It can also be washed
  • Vacuum-packed and tightly rolled for easy transport. Requires 72 hours of waiting time for the product to be fully expanded
  • Visco gel mattress reviews
  • With 5-year customer warranty


  • Orthopaedic mattress – doctors and chiropractors highly recommend this memory foam mattress because of its ability to specifically outline your body shape
  • Because your body’s weight is evenly dispersed throughout the area you are lying on, common pressure points on your body are relieved
  • Sleep is improved
  • Soft and plump
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Visco gel mattress reviews
  • Evenly distributed support throughout your body is given to promote the correct sleeping position
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Zip-up cover is made of washable material
  • Has anti-dust mite properties which prevent the common causes of early memory foam deterioration
  • The mattress provides the best possible position for your spine so you can fall asleep easier without having to toss and turn
  • Blood circulation freely flows which prevents numbing and aching body parts.


  • According to a few people who used this product, the memory foam easily got dents on it that it became quite uncomfortable to sleep on
  • Some people had a hard time changing from one position to another because of too much give from the foam
  • It cannot be flipped so there is always the tendency of the mattress forming uneven sagging or dents throughout


The Visco Therapy HL2000 Regular Memory Foam Mattress (Amazon Link) is an affordable product that can help improve your sleep with the help of the memory foam it is made of. Because of its ability to conform to your body shape, no unnecessary pressure will be making you uncomfortable. You can also sleep better because the Visco Therapy HL2000 Regular Memory Foam Mattress is made of unique elastic materials.


Another luxurious memory foam mattress to help you sleep better is the BEDZONLINE Mattress 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress (Amazon Link). It contains specially formulated memory foam that moulds to the outline of your body.

It is designed to support 7 different zones of your body, soft support for the shoulders, and a firmer one to support your hips and your lower back. These specially designed support zones will help relieve the common aches and pains you experience when your body is not properly positioned when you sleep. It is also a versatile mattress because it is suitable for bedsteads or divan bases. High-density Miratex foam support also lines the edges of the bed to offer you more sleep space while preventing you from accidentally rolling off the bed while sleeping.

Unlike common foam mattresses that need flipping over, the BEDZONLINE Mattress 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress only needs to be regularly rotated for an even wear. This will prevent any unwanted sags and dents from permanently forming at a particular space you put your weight on. The Pure Relief Memory Foam Mattress (Amazon Link) is also an affordable product made in the UK. It has 13mm of memory foam to help you sleep soundly by relieving any pressure caused by improper sleep positions.

Because it comfortably moulds to the shape of your body, common pressure points are relieved. A 190-mm reflex foam layer also provides extra support for your spine and back. It also features a comfortable feel while allowing air to circulate while you sleep, through the quilted fabric cover. You can also regularly clean the quilted cover because it can be removed and dry cleaned. It is also hypoallergenic and has anti-dust mite properties.


The BEDZONLINE Mattress 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress (Amazon Link) offers the best features since it targets 7 zones of your body that commonly need support during sleep. This ensures that you are properly positioned when you sleep. Different zones are also provided with the right kind of softness or firmness according to their need—soft for the shoulders and firmer support for the spine and back.