What Should I Look for In A Mattress?

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For the rest of your life, you will be spending the most time on your bed than on any other furniture you have in your home. A bed is a source of both comfort and relief. If you get a good night’s sleep, you will feel energetic and refreshed the following morning. All this cannot be achieved if you don’t have the best mattress on your bed. This is why mattress selection is a very important shopping exercise. To help you take home the best mattress, we have done our research to determine what you need to look for when you are selecting your mattress.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Mattress

  • The Mattress Firmness
    The firmness of your mattress will affect how great your sleep will be. The preferred mattress firmness may vary for different people. This depends on your height, the sleeping position you prefer, and your weight. For example, for people who usually change positions during the night, a soft mattress is the best. A soft mattress is also ideal for side sleepers. For side sleepers, there are more curves on the side of their body. Therefore, there is a high likelihood of creating pressure and tension if you are not careful when picking your mattress. A soft mattress will give the side sleeper the support he or she needs while cradling the shoulders and hips gently. This prevents stress and injury.
  • The Level of Comfort
    You will only have a good night’s sleep if your mattress is comfortable. Therefore, you need to confirm whether the mattress is really comfortable before paying for it. This can only be achieved by testing the mattress. Some of the tests which you can carry out include bouncing, sitting on the mattress, and rolling over it. Only buy your mattress from a dealer who is fine with you testing the mattress before buying it.
  • Trials and Return Period
    This factor does not only apply to mattresses, but it also applies to almost every item that you buy for your household. You need to make sure that your mattress has at least a trial period. You need to find a mattress dealer who will give you a comfort trial period. This is usually about 30 days. You can return your mattress within this period of time if it does not turn out to be the best mattress.
  • Temperature
    Temperature plays a key role in how you sleep and how much you will enjoy your sleep. Make sure that you purchase a mattress based on the climatic condition which you have in your residence area. For areas which usually experience long winters, heavy comfort mattresses which have heat settings are the best. You can also purchase a traditional memory foam mattress that has pillow tops to ensure that your nights are warmer. If you heat up naturally while you are in your sleep, it is a good idea to consider getting a mattress that has the cooling technology.
  • Size
    Basically, mattresses are available in different sizes. These include the king, double, queen, and twin. Several factors will affect the size you choose. These factors may include your personal preference, how much space you have available and whether you usually share your bed with some else, for example, a significant other. If you have a small room and you find that the bed is taking over all the space, the best thing you can do is downsize your mattress. If you have a partner and you notice that you are always fighting for space in your bed, the best mattress to buy should be bigger than the one you are currently sleeping on.
  • Pain
    Before making a commitment to invest in your mattress, first, know if you experience any sort of pain especially when you are asleep. If you experience any pain, a mattress can either help you decrease that pain or it can hurt it. If you usually experience pain in your lower back, the best mattress to get is a firm one. This is because it will help you keep your back aligned. If you manage to determine the sort of pain you experience and be transparent about this health problem when you are shopping for your mattress, you can get a good mattress which will help you minimize discomfort while you sleep and hence improve the quality of sleep.
  • Material
    The materials used in the construction of your mattress will affect its ability to provide you with both comfort and support. For example, an innerspring mattress will have different firmness levels. However, this kind of mattress will not have the ability to mould itself to suit your body. If you need a mattress that moulds itself, you will have to get a mattress that has been made using either latex or memory foam.
  • The Price
    Price is a factor that you cannot ignore. The best mattress should have the ability to last for about 8 to 10 years. Also, sleep is a very important part of anyone’s life. Therefore, a mattress is one of the household items that you may consider spending some extra cash on. However, the mattress you purchase should always fit into your budget. If it does not fit into your budget, you may find it hard to afford it.
  • Conclusion
    Your bed is one of the most important furniture. You will spend numerous hours on it. For this reason, you need to ensure that it is as comfortable as possible. This can only be achieved by making the right choice when you are selecting your mattress. The best mattress should be able to provide you with comfort, support, and it should fit into your budget. To determine whether a mattress will offer you both comfort and support, consider testing it before taking it home. Although the mattress should fit into your budget, make sure you don’t purchase it just because it is cheap. Instead, consider all the other factors we have listed in this article before making your decision.