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The best inflatable air mattress will offer an experience that’s similar to sleeping in a regular bed! And the ability to simply deflate the air mattress, roll it up, and store it away makes thi...s a great, practical choice. The classic use for an air mattress bed is to enable you to get a good night’s sleep while camping or full-time home use! Many buyers purchase this product as an affordable and flexible way to add extra guest accommodation to their homes as needed. Therefore, we’ve put together this handy air mattress buying guide to help you! First, we’ve laid out the key points you’ll want to focus on while buying the best air mattress, then we’ve reviewed 5 of the best mattresses available in the UK!

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Top Listed Best Air Mattress of June 2024

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Comfort Quest Airbed Inflatable Mattress
Additional Information
  • Material: Durable black vinyl
  • Electric Pump: AC Air Pump included
  • Time to Inflate: 3 Minutes
  • Colour: Blue
  • Shipping Weight: 3.8 Kg
  • Features: Coil-beam construction for support and stability while sleeping

The smallest and lightest of the blow up mattresses reviewed here, this item could be a great choice if space is at a premium. Affordable, quick to inflate, and featuring coil beams for great support, this will tick most of the boxes for many buyers.


If you need a raised air mattress for ease of use, this may not be the best choice for you. The pump is not built in (though some buyers may actually prefer the fact that the separate pump (included) could be used for other applications).

Highly affordable, but fairly well made, this single height double air mattress is relatively compact and could be ideally suited to campers or hikers. If price is your number one concern, this could be the best mattress for you!

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Sable Inflatable Air Mattress
Additional Information
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Electric Pump: Built-in 130W high-powered air pump
  • Time to Inflate: 3 - 5 Minutes
  • Colour: Grey
  • Shipping Weight: 9 Kg
  • Features: Supportive coil beam construction and adjustable air inflation

Built-in electric pump with handy deflate function, and seamless construction for extra durability. The large (queen) size of this mattress is perfect if extra sleeping space is preferred.


The flocked upper surface may become wet when slept against. The large size may not suit buyers needing a more compact air mattress.

A good quality mattress that would comfortably meet the needs of many buyers. This product seems to tick most of the boxes including construction quality, aesthetics, and comfort and support. It also includes some great features such as the inbuilt pump.

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Active Era Premium Air Bed
Additional Information
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Electric Pump: Integrated easy-to-use electric pump
  • Time to Inflate: 3 Minutes
  • Colour: Grey / Blue
  • Shipping Weight: 7.3 Kg
  • Features: Built-in pillow provides head and neck support with bed-life comfort for a great night's sleep

Those looking for space and comfort should appreciate this queen size raised air mattress. It features an inbuilt mains powered pump which inflates the item very fast. Well constructed, durable and fantastically reviewed!


The size may be too large for some buyers, and it’s a pity that the manufacturer doesn’t include a bag for storage/transport.

Large, comfortable, well constructed, and fantastically received by amazon buyers, this mattress has a lot going for it! Perfect for ‘glampers’ who don’t want to abandon the comforts of home, or as an extra bed for a spare room!

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Fineway Deluxe High Raised Air Mattress
Additional Information
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Electric Pump: Built-in electric pump
  • Time to Inflate: 3 - 5 Minutes
  • Colour: Black / Cream
  • Shipping Weight: 6.5 Kg
  • Features: Double layer base and the bulged outer frame which stops you rolling off the bed in the night

The raised outer frame is a smart touch, while the inclusion of a built-in pump saves buying a separate product. The size could work better for campers than some of the largest air mattresses reviewed here. An affordable product.


A minority of the buyer reviews suggest that this mattress may be susceptible to deflating. Buyers looking for the full ‘home-away-from-home’ experience may prefer a queen or king size to a double air mattress.

Reasonable quality at a good price, this product is essentially an affordable option for price conscious buyers seeking a comfortable air mattress.

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Coleman Maxi Comfort Inflatable Mattress
Additional Information
  • Material: Robust PVC material
  • Electric Pump: Not Included
  • Time to Inflate: 3 - 5 Minutes
  • Colour: Green
  • Shipping Weight: 8 Kg
  • Features: Leak-free reliability thanks to Coleman airtight system with double lock valve

Built for durability and performance, this air mattress combines comfort, support, stability, a raised perimeter, and good features such as a double valve system. The double height and large size will likely appeal to buyers who prioritize comfort!


Unlike the other mattresses in this guide, the Coleman air mattress does not come with a pump. However, it is possible to purchase a Coleman pump along with this item – in fact amazon recommend this in their ‘frequently bought together’ section.

A high quality product built to stand up to the rigours of outdoor use. This could be the best mattress for buyers who are looking for quality first and foremost, and are willing to purchase a separate pump.

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Top 5 Air Mattresses in the UK

1. Comfort Quest Airbed Inflatable Mattress

This double air mattress bed offers the comfort of sleeping on a cushion of air – at an attractive price!

Main Benefits

This is a double size but single height air mattress bed with built in pump – and the most compact of the products reviewed here. This is a definite plus if you’re looking to sleep well, but space is tight. The smaller size also means that this mattress has an ultra-fast 3 minute inflation time.

The inclusion of a plug-in pump removes the need to buy this separately – or labour over a foot pump! Besides, the pump can be used to deflate the mattress. The manufacturer includes an adhesive repair patch for emergencies and a handy bag for simplified storage (a plus for anyone who doesn’t enjoy deflating their mattress back into the original packaging every time it needs putting away!)

Features and Specs:

  • Double size, single height
  • L:191 x W:137 x D:22
  • Max. weight limit: 295kg
  • Black vinyl material
  • Flocked upper surface
  • Coil beam construction
  • Plugin pump/deflator included (not built-in)
  • 3 min. inflation time
  • Adhesive repair patch
  • Storage bag

Materials and Construction

The coil beam construction is designed to offer excellent stability and support, while the vinyl material is built for durability. The flocked upper surface is soft to the touch and provides a more comfortable sleeping experience.


Built with coil beams and a flocked sleeping surface, and coming complete with a pump, this item offers some great features at a great price. More compact than others reviewed here, this air mattress bed with built in pump could work well in tighter spaces like a tent.

2. Sable Inflatable Air Mattress

The Sable Inflatable Air Mattress Bed is a high-quality product perfect for a range of uses from providing extra sleeping accommodation for guests through to camping trips.

Main Benefits

This spacious queen size air mattress bed offers a large sleeping area – perfect for couples seeking a home-away-from-home style sleeping experience. Meanwhile, buyers providing a temporary bed for visitors can be confident their house guests won’t leave feeling like they picked the short straw!

There is excellent attention to detail such as the seamless construction and the inclusion of extras such as an inbuilt electric pump – with attached cable and UK 3 pin plug. Visually, this air mattress bed with pump has a stylish look compared with other air mattresses for sale. The colours are fresh and neutral – something which could be worth considering, especially if you are eyeing this up as a regular addition to a spare bedroom.

Features and Specs:

  • Queen size, raised height
  • L: 203 x W: 152 x H:50 cm
  • Supports up to 300kg
  • 0.55mm flocked top
  • Seamless construction – reduces punctures
  • Built-in electric air pump (for UK mains)
  • 3-5 min. inflation time (dependent on desired pressure)
  • Additional manual valve

Materials and Construction

The manufacturer, Sable, has taken steps to ensure a quality product. The coil beam construction is intended to spread the user’s body weight evenly, for maximum comfort and optimal support. The flocked top makes for a better sleeping surface than slippery plastic and is fitted using seamless construction. The seams are a common point of failure – potentially tearing or leaking if excessive pressure is applied, or if the mattress is pulled sharply (something which can happen when it is being folded down for storage). By avoiding seams, Sable has produced an item that may be more resistant to this form of wear and tear.


This raised air mattress bed offers comfort, reasonable durability, and good extra features such as the in-built pump. Nicely styled in neutral tones, this product doesn’t have the tacky appearance of some cheap air beds and would sit easily in most homes – whatever the décor.

3. Active Era Premium Air Bed

Produced by Active Era (a manufacturer that some buyers may know by their previous name – The Body Source), this queen size air mattress bed for camping is a high-quality product with a host of great features for buyers.

Main Benefits

As a queen size air mattress bed, this model offers a large overall sleeping surface. Taller users will find the extra length a big bonus (no more chilly toes while camping!) while couples sharing this air mattress with pump will appreciate the extra width on offer here. The raised height (48 cm) could well appeal to older buyers or those with mobility problems.

The built-in electric pump is powerful and fast – the air mattress bed reaches full inflation within just 3 minutes. The dial can also be turned in the opposite direction to quickly and simply deflate the mattress – bringing an end to the hassle of having to roll around on a mattress with the valve removed to squeeze out the air manually! Buyers who are after an effective all-in-one space-saver while camping/hiking will be sure to approve of the raised pillow area.

Features and Specs:

  • Queen size, raised height
  • L:152 x W:203 x H:48cm
  • Built-in electric pump (UK 220-240v mains powered)
  • Manual valve
  • 35 structured air coils
  • Puncture repair kit
  • Waterproof flock top
  • Multi-layer 15 gauge puncture-resistant construction
  • Raised pillow area

Materials and Construction

Active Era has produced a high-quality, well built, and durable blow-up air mattress bed. This model features multi-layer 15 gauge PVC – designed to provide excellent resistance to punctures. The upper surface is flocked and waterproof – a definite plus for anyone taking this air mattress for camping into the great outdoors where it could face the elements! The 35 structured air coils are designed to offer maximum support, and the manufacturer highlights the ability of this mattress to help maintain correct postural alignment while sleeping.


This queen size, raised air mattress bed for camping is large, comfortable, and well built. It would be well suited to providing an extra bed for guests, or perfect for campers which can accommodate the size of this product.

4. Fineway Deluxe High Raised Air Mattress

This double air mattress for camping would be an excellent pick for buyers looking for a product that offers functional sleeping space and comfort, while still being compact enough to store away neatly and use within a tent.

Main Benefits

The air mattress bed is built with a raised outer frame – a feature which makes falling out of bed much less likely! This will be a definite bonus if this mattress is expected to be used by children – especially given the fact that its double-height. While being listed as a double, the overall dimensions are a little larger than you may expect, owing to the raised outer area. It is still slightly smaller than several of the inflatable mattresses reviewed here, meaning that this item could work better within the confines of a tent or small room.

The built-in mains powered pump (with deflating action) makes for hassle-free set-up and take-down, while the flocked upper layer makes for a more comfortable, less slippery sleeping surface.

Features and Specs:

  • Double size, raised height
  • L:196 x W:145 x H:47cm
  • Double-layer base
  • Bulged outer frame
  • 240v pump
  • Deflate function
  • Cable storage
  • Storage bag

Materials and Construction

Stability can be an issue with some air mattresses – especially if under-inflated. The manufacturer has addressed this by building in a raised perimeter – a smart design choice that makes it harder to roll out of bed! The double-layer base is a useful feature – providing additional puncture resistance where it’s most likely to be needed. Meanwhile, the flocked upper layer provides a better surface to sleep against.


A slightly larger than average double size raised air mattress bed – at a very reasonable price. The raised edges could be a big plus for safety-conscious parents, and the inclusion of a built-in pump is always a big plus when it comes to an inflatable mattress!

5. Coleman Maxi Comfort Inflatable Mattress

This generously sized Coleman Air Mattress Bed is an excellent choice of product durable enough to handle either indoor or outdoor use.

Main Benefits

This is a high-quality, well-built air mattress bed designed with the needs of campers at the front of mind. Its khaki green coloring gives it an excellent look for the outdoors, while the double-height of the mattress makes it a good pick for buyers who find getting into, or out of, lower air beds difficult. The upper surface is flocked and soft to the touch – for a comfortable sleeping experience. The air mattress repair kit is a great addition, and the attached bag provides a compact storage solution.

Features and Specs:

  • King size, raised height
  • L:198 x W:152 x H:46 cm
  • Weight: 7kg
  • Max. weight limit: 295kg
  • 35 air coils
  • Double lock valve
  • Attached storage bag
  • Extra thick multi-layer PVC

Materials and Construction

The Coleman air mattress for camping includes a raised perimeter – a great feature that boosts stability and prevents fidgety sleepers from falling off of the edges! As this is a double-height mattress, this is especially beneficial.

The coil beam support system distributes the user’s weight evenly while the use of a double valve system is designed to offer significantly enhanced resistance to air leaks. The outer layer is puncture resistant PVC for extra peace of mind.


A high-quality product geared towards outdoor use, many buyers, will approve of the size and double-height, along with the excellent construction/design features like the raised outer perimeter.

What to Look For When Buying an Air Bed in the UK

There are several factors you’ll want to consider when buying. Before looking at the features of the air mattresses, we’d recommend you take the time to think about how exactly you’ll use the product:

How much use will the mattress have?

If you’re buying an air bed for one-time use, or just for the odd weekend camping trip, you’ll probably be reluctant to spend a great deal of money. On the flip side, if you’re buying a product for regular, or even nightly use, then the extra investment could be worthwhile to ensure you’re getting the very best quality.

How much wear and tear will the mattress receive?

An air mattress bed should always be placed on reasonably smooth ground, away from grit or sharp objects. That being said, if you’re using the item regularly in the great outdoors, it’s likely to face a certain amount of rough treatment. In these circumstances, ensuring you buy a robust product becomes much more important than if the air mattress will only be used in a carpeted spare bedroom.

How much space do you have for the mattress?

While the idea of buying a luxuriously spacious air mattress bed may appeal, you need to be sure that the product you choose fits into the space it will be used. If you’re going camping, we’d strongly recommend you check the internal dimensions of your tent!

Who will be using the mattress?

You need to carefully consider the height, build, and the bodyweight of those who will be using the air mattress bed. This will affect your decision when it comes to size, build quality, and support. Older users or those suffering from back problems will want to focus primarily on the levels of comfort and support offered. Those with limited mobility will also find it easier to get in and out of a raised air mattress.

How much space is available to store and transport the mattress?

A blow-up air mattress for camping is a space saver – but even deflated, it will still take up some space. A larger, deeper air mattress bed will typically take up more space either when inflated or stored away. That said, most people will probably have sufficient space in a cupboard or wardrobe for their air mattress bed.

However, the size of your deflated air mattress becomes much more relevant if you’re going to be squeezing the mattress into your car when you go camping! Some users may even plan on carrying a mattress while on a hiking trip.

Do you have a compatible pump – or would you prefer to buy an air mattress with a built-in pump?

An electric air mattress pump is a huge time saver and a significant bonus because of the energy it takes to blow up a mattress with a manual pump! 3 of the 5 products we look at here actually come with a built-in electric air mattress pump plus an attached UK 3 pin, 240v plug.

Do you need extras like inflatable pillows?

Inflatable pillows aren’t usually necessary if you’re buying a blow-up air mattress bed for use at home. But they are a great way to save even more space and cut down on weight when you’re traveling. Blow up pillows can be bought separately at very affordable prices, though some inflatable mattresses include a raised pillow zone for the very best in all-in-one convenience!

Materials and Construction

Air mattresses are typically constructed from PVC, a medium-soft form of plastic. Many of the better products also feature multi-layered PVC – offering enhanced protection from punctures. While basic products use just one chamber, high-quality air mattresses are constructed with multiple chambers or coils for the air (we’ll explain the benefits of this in the ‘Comfort and Support’ section below).

You’ll also want to consider the upper surface of the air mattress bed – since this is the part you’ll be sleeping on. The best air mattresses (including all of the products reviewed here) feature a flocked (textured) surface which allows a bed sheet to grip better and feels nicer to sleep on than a slippery plastic surface!

Size Guide

Best Air Beds UK are available in sizes ranging from single through to king. There is sometimes a slight difference in the precise dimensions of products in the same size category, so we’ve provided the exact dimensions in our product reviews. Your choice should be guided by factors including your height and build, whether you will using the mattress alone, or with a partner and space, you have available – both for the inflated mattress, and for the deflated mattress when it’s being stored and transported.

Another aspect to consider is whether you’d prefer a single or double-height air mattress (also known as a raised air mattress). Single height mattresses have the advantage of being more compact. Raised models have more of the feel of a conventional bed and are often better suited to older buyers, those with limited mobility, and anyone simply seeking a more authentic ‘home-from-home’ type experience!

Comfort and Support

There’s a world of difference between the best mattress and the worst – and nowhere is this more noticeable than when it comes to the level of comfort and support provided.

The best products feature multiple air coils. As the mattress is inflated, each air coil fills with air to support the user’s body weight evenly. The more coils, the more even the support is – reducing pressure points or areas where the mattress can sag when under pressure. Don’t hesitate to read our other best mattress buying guides; could we interest you in best firm double mattress?