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Silentnight Posture Support Mattress Review

The secret to waking up feeling well-rested and refreshed involves you sleeping in a correct posture, one a mattress that offers comfort & support – one that keeps your spine aligned and relieves pressure. The best mattress, offering adequate support, will ensure you your sleep will be uninterrupted and pain-free. Silentnight Posture Support Miracoil Mattress has gained a lot of popularity thanks to its ability to provide extra support and comfort; this is the kind of mattress that will help you sleep well throughout the night – all without interruptions. Let’s see what precisely this Silentnight mattress double has to offer us.

Support and Durability

A common problem that we all have in regards to spring mattresses is the fact that we don’t always get the support that we need – or that if we do, it only happens upon the first few months after the purchase was made. After the “trial period”, the springs begin to weaken, and we end up losing that support that we used to have. However, since this Silentnight mattress double features Silentnight’s Miracoil zoned spring tech system, it was undoubtedly made to be comfortable in the long run. This way, even if you have been using it for quite some time, the level of support will not die down. You should be able to sleep soundly for years to come.

Available mattress sizes:

  • Single
  • Small Double
  • Double
  • King
  • Super King

Available mattress types:

  • Miracoil Ortho
  • Miracoil Ortho Luxury

Extra Firmness and Hypoallergenic

Some people prefer sleeping on softer mattresses depending on the type of sleeper they are. Others prefer firmer mattresses, firm enough to give their back the support that it needs. This Silentnight mattress double has been traditionally hand tufted so that its users have a comfortable sleeping surface to sleep on. Moreover, the Silentnight mattress double is hypoallergenic – which is a major benefit if you suffer from allergies. Mould and mildew will also be kept at bay, which is why you can rest assured that you will sleep in a clean environment. As an alternative model, have a look at the Happy Beds Star Quilted Open Coil Spring Mattress. Made by Happy Beds in the UK!

Features to Consider

  • Firm mattress based on springs
  • Miracoil zoned spring system for back support
  • 24.5cm deep mattress
  • Eco-comfort filling that makes the mattress hypoallergenic
  • Traditional hand tufting for extra firmness
  • Soft and durable fabric case for extra comfort
  • Breathable eco-comfort fibre layer
  • Elegant white peach colour
  • Silentnight mattress double
  • Made in the UK

What Customers Say

There are many user reviews online in the UK for the Silentnight mattress double – as you are looking for a model to provide extra firmness, then this double Silentnight mattress should deserve nothing less than five stars. It is durable and supportive – and precisely what you would expect from a support-oriented mattress. What people tend to appreciate the most about this Silentnight mattress double is the fact that it is very quiet – with no springs squeaking when you roll over on the mattress. This way, if your partner is already sleeping, it is unlikely that they will feel you get into the bed.

Final Thoughts

If you are after a soft mattress that you can sink in, then this is not the best mattress for you. However, if you have back problems and you need a firmer mattress to provide you with some adequate support, then you should certainly give this Silentnight mattress double a chance. Its extra firmness will ensure that your back stays properly aligned – making sure that you wake up refreshed in the morning.