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Naturalex Soft Sensation Memory Foam Mattress

The Naturales Soft Sensation Memory Foam Mattress for sale has two sides, a winter side as well as a side for the rest of the year; it’s a Dual Season memory foam mattress. All you have to do is flip it over when winter/summer is over, and you can switch to the side that offers the optimal temperature. The winter side has Soft Sensation fabric, which is a high-quality fabric from Naturalex. It will help you keep warm during the winter season. It is hypoallergenic, a major benefit for people suffering from asthma or allergies. It’s antistatic, and it has anti-stress properties too. The summer side has Airtex3D fabric, which should bring you the cooling sensation that is necessary to sleep well during the hot summer nights. The material is breathable, even more, breathable compared to conventional fabrics.

Body Shape Adaptability

It’s uncomfortable when mattresses are too hard and add pressure as you lie down on your bed. Fortunately, this problem won’t be existent if you decide to purchase this Naturalex double memory foam mattress for sale. You will have more comfort than you would expect. This memory foam mattress UK can contour your body shape, thus relieving pressure and making you feel weightless and comfortable, just like floating. This is achievable thanks to the Thermosoft Viscoelastic Foam; something Naturalex incorporates within their mattresses. All materials included are high-quality. The core is made of Blue latex Foam, while the other two layers are combined with viscoelastic foam and Aero Latex, to make sure comfort is always there.

The 7 comfort zones of this double memory foam mattress for sale will adjust your whole body, keeping it in the right position and relieving pressure in certain points of the body. This way, your back, hips, shoulders, and other parts will experience no tension and thus no pain.

Breathable Material for Freshness

The 100% breathable material of the mattress will be enough to stop you from sweating or feel too hot during the night. It’s made with the “Air Fresh System”, which allows air to circulate and bring its cooling properties to help reduce heat getting trapped into the mattress. It’s hypoallergenic so you can say goodbye to all those times your allergic symptoms have occurred after coming in contact with your mattress because you won’t have this problem anymore.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dual season – features a winter side and summer side
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Breathable
  • Has 7 comfort zones
  • Body shape contouring
  • 30-night trial + 10-year guarantee
  • Oeko-Tex certification

Customer Reviews You Should Consider

Online reviews and ratings for this double memory foam mattress for sale are good. Many people were pleased with the comfort of the memory foam mattress UK, and back pain sufferers have stated it solved their back problems.

Final Thoughts

If you want a double memory foam mattress for sale that you don’t want to replace as soon as the season changes, you should try this Naturalex double memory foam mattress for sale. It’s a dual-sided mattress, it’s firm and able to support the body properly for help against back pains while relieving pressure too.