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All of us need a mattress to sleep on, but not everyone can afford the expensive mattress models available. Many mattresses come at a high price, turning those on a budget away from them. Well, yo...u need to worry no more, because there are many value mattresses to choose from, and are of quality too. If you don’t know where to look for the best budget mattress in the UK, this buying guide will present 5 top-notch best value mattresses that you should consider, as well as a buying guide to know how to pick the best cheap mattress.

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Top Listed Best Budget Mattress UK of June 2024

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Starlight Beds 4ft6 Budget Mattress
Additional Information
  • Type: Sprung Mattress with Memory Foam
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Features: Hypoallergenic And Anti Dust Mite Protection, Cool Touch Breathable Sleep Surface, Micro Quilt Top Panel, Gravity Free Memory Foam
  • Packing: Rolled, mattress in a box
  • Certification: Made in the UK and comply with all UK and EU regulations. (BS 7177: 2008 Domestic Use)
  • Weight: 17 Kg
  • Warranty: 12 months

Anti-allergic and dust-mite resistant
Does a great job at keeping you cool during hot nights, as it has gravity-free memory foam
The top panel is a micro quilt one, and it’s extremely comfortable


- Has an unpleasant smell at the beginning
- Won’t last for too long

Allergy or asthma sufferers should keep this mattress in mind if they want better sleep. Also, this mattress prevents bad respiratory symptoms.

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Bedzonline Memory Foam Budget Mattress
Additional Information
  • Type: Memory Foam and Reflex
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Features: 2 Free Pillows are included
    Dustmites resistant
    15 cm thickness
  • Packing: Rolled, mattress in a box
  • Certification: Product has been manufactured within the UK and conforms to all British fire regulations
  • Weight: 10.56 Kg
  • Warranty: 12 months

Memory Foam mattress, with a layer of high density visco elastic gel that is heat and pressure sensitive.
Recommended by chiropractors and doctors.
It conforms to your body share relieving pressure points across the body improving blood circulation thanks to this.
It has hypoallergenic properties, great for allergy suffers.


- The foam layer is not that thick

Since support is a must with every mattress, you should consider this model to make sure you get the support that you need, even on a budget.

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Cool Blue Gel Foam Spring Budget Mattress
Additional Information
  • Type: Memory Foam and Spring Mattress
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Features: Hypoallergenic
    Contours to your body shape
    Quilted mattress with a quality cover
    Promotes good blood circulation
  • Packing: Rolled, mattress in a box
  • Certification: Fully compliant with all UK fire regulations
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Warranty: 12 months

Relieves pressure by moulding after your body shape
Compliant with all UK fire regulations
Has an open coil firm spring system, which provides outstanding support for all your entire body
It improves blood circulation


- May have a chemical smell after being delivered

You can have a wonderful, high-quality mattress if you pick this particular product, as it provides you with amazing body support while making sure you feel comfortable.

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Memory Spring Orthopaedic Budget Mattress
Additional Information
  • Type: Memory Foam, Pocket Sprung
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Features: Orthopaedic mattress
    Hypo Allergenic
    Dust mite resistant
    Luxurious cool stretchable fabric
  • Packing: Rolled, mattress in a box
  • Certification: Fully compliant with all UK fire regulations
  • Weight: 20 Kg
  • Warranty: 12 months

Perfect for people deadhead with allergies or asthma, as it’s hypoallergenic
Can relieve body pressure as it’s made from memory foam and polyester, which contour the body shape
- Improves blood circulation
Has a luxurious cool stretch fabric


- A slight dent may appear in the middle of it after a while

If you need something that brings you a lot of benefits in one place while being friendly for your wallet, then this hypoallergenic, comfortable and supportive mattress is the way to go.

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Jumpi Memory Foam Tufted Spring Budget Mattress
Additional Information
  • Type: Memory Foam
  • Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Features: Cool Blue Memory Foam, Hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite perfect for allergy sufferers
  • Packing: Rolled, mattress in a box
  • Certification: Made in the UK and comply with all UK and EU regulations. (BS 7177: 2008 Domestic Use)
  • Weight: 17 Kg
  • Warranty: 12 months

Memory Foam tufted mattress, approx 9 inch depth.
Open coil, the most popular spring system in the world.
It contours to your body`s natural shape and it relieves pressure points across the body. It promotes good blood circulation.


- After unpacking it, you may notice an unpleasant chemical smell

It’s a great choice if you want a mattress that keeps you cool during the night and that’s comfortable. It also looks amazing in your bedroom, no matter the décor.

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Looking for a cheap mattress? Look no further!

1. Starlight Beds 4ft6 Budget Mattress

The Starlight Foam Sprung Mattress offers the best benefits of both a sprung mattress and a memory foam. The inner springs offer a supportive base while the memory foam layer on top of the springs adds comfort and softness for a cushioned sleep that lasts the whole night. The best cheap mattress can sometimes wear quickly but this best budget mattress is built to last and with comfort and durability in mind.

  • To separate the springs from the memory foam, adding a layer of support and protection, are layers of upholstery. An extra layer of protection between the memory foam and the inner springs extends the life span of this mattress and ensure there is stability as you move during the night. This allows the springs to move with the memory foam without the foam sinking into the springs, providing both comfort and support. The top layer of micro-quilt offers a surface to sink into at the end of the day and be cradled all night. It is cushioned and plush while also providing protection against allergens through the hypoallergenic materials and dust mite protection that prevents mites from digging into the mattress material.
  •    Offering a soft, quilted top layer over the high-quality memory foam, supported by the layers separating it from the supportive base springs, creates a comfortable sleep that offers support but without the pressure points of the springs. The memory foam is able to temper the pressure points and cushion the body without decreasing the support offered, and spreads the comfort support evenly across the entire mattress, allowing for comfort no matter how or where you sleep. No more finding the sweet spot in your mattress when the whole mattress is the most comfortable it can be.  The higher quality of the foam allows this mattress to not only cradle the body and form around it but it bounces back during the day and is ready to do it all again the next night for years to come. Lower quality foam will decay and be unable to maintain it’s shape and support over time, only the high-quality memory foam can offer months and years of the same comfort you expect.
  • Free yourself from delivery appointments and the hassle of changing heavy mattresses with the vacuumed and rolled shipping technology that delivers your new-sprung memory foam mattress in one manageable box to the door using your local shipping courier and allows two hours for it to expand to its full size and shape as the air re-enters the foam. Click here to read customer reviews on Amazon!
  • The packaging can be cut or folded down and recycled, reducing waste and minimizing both shipping costs and the effect of your new mattress on the environment, with easy clean up after your mattress is unpacked and ready to go. Use it the same day it arrives. For the best budget mattress look no further than this memory foam sprung mattress.

2. Bedzonline Memory Foam Budget Mattress

Using two layers of different memory foam materials this best budget mattress is an affordable cheap mattress that will offer support and comfort. This budget mattress has a base layer of thick reflex foam which is not as mouldable or flexible as memory foam, so will hold its shape well even after use. The top layer of memory foam will cradle the body and conform to the curves of every body type and is covered by a polyester fill cover to add an extra layer of comfort and protection.

  • While spring mattresses have pressure points that occur in each spot that the spring comes in contact with the body, a base of reflex foam removes those pressure points and offers an even surface with support in all areas of the mattress. This makes each spot of the mattress just as comfortable as the rest, with no one spot causing pain in the body, increasing the amount of time a comfortable sleep can be enjoyed without restless tossing and turning to find a comfortable position. This mattress is suitable for all sleeping positions, back, front or side sleepers will all find this mattress both supportive and comfortable. Read the latest reviews on Amazon!
  • To cover the reflex foam and add a cushion top to this medium-firm mattress memory foam is added. The memory foam layer adapts to the body and cushions each joint and muscle in its flexible surface. This adds comfort to the base layers support, using the best benefits of each to provide a comfortable yet supportive best budget mattress. A great option for children with the sanitized production process and end product, along with the anti-dust mite construction this mattress will offer easy support and comfort top for any child’s bed. Remove the worry of allergens and irritants in a child’s room by choosing this lightweight and easy to set up mattress.
  • The polyester mattress cover adds an extra layer of comfort to the top of the mattress while making it easy to clean and maintain. This extra layer boosts the comfort and adds one more layer of padding over the memory foam, protects the foam from any spills or sweat, and can be cleaned quickly and easily as needed.
  • Delivered vacuum sealed in a bag within a box the mattress is protected from dust, dirt, and allergens during shipping and delivered right to your door. Simply unbox the rolled mattress, open the vacuum-sealed bag, and allow the mattress to sit undisturbed for 8 to 72 hours. During this time the air that has been removed will re-enter the layers of foam and return them to their natural resting position and thickness. Due to the type of material used, there may be a slight scent to the mattress that will dissipate as it settles into its natural shape. Once the mattress has had time to rest it is ready for use, often the same day that it is delivered. Manufactured and shipped right in the UK this best budget mattress saves time, resources, and cost by avoiding overseas shipping and difficult deliveries.

3. Cool Blue Gel Foam Spring Budget Mattress

If you are looking for the best memory foam mattress on a budget this might be the mattress for you. The memory foam contours to your body every time you use it and will adapt as you move throughout the night to offer comfortable support consistently night after night. The memory foam returns to its natural shape during the day and is back to its normal height and thickness in preparation for bedtime each night, providing a consistent sleep and support that can be counted on night after night. By making and shipping these mattresses directly from the UK mainland shipping costs and supplies are kept to a minimum and there is less damage to the environment, while still being able to offer free shipping to many areas.

  • The use of memory foam rather than a straight spring mattress evens the pressure across the mattress reduces pressure points, which can increase circulation and can lower the body pain left after a night on many mattresses. As it returns to its original shape each time there are less settling and few dents formed by the body even after many nights use, keeping the comfort even and offering a medium support combination of spring and memory foam. Read what users are saying on Amazon!
  • With inner springs the support offered is equal to that of a traditional spring mattress but with a memory foam layer providing comfort and flexibility of the top layer. To maintain that support and retain the shape of the mattress the outer edges have been double stitched and a firm supportive edge has been created the entire away around the mattress. That ensures that this is not just a cheap mattress but one made to last through months and years of use. Having supportive outer stitching and material boost the support of the mattress while prolonging its lifespan but also creates an appealing look that fits in with almost any style.
  • Covered with a sanitized and hypoallergenic material it brings protection against allergens and dust mites, preventing them from gathering within the mattress. To protect the mattress further during the shipping process it is rolled and vacuumed sealed in heavy plastic and then placed in a cardboard box that is delivered to the consumer’s door. These are both made and shipping in the UK, and offer free shipping to most locations, making it a good fit for almost any budget. When it arrives simply unpack the mattress and unroll it into place. It will take between eight and seventy-two hours for the mattress to return to its full size and depth, but can most often be used after eight hours.
  • With many memory foam mattresses, there is a scent that is released the first few hours after being removed from the plastic this is normal and will dissipate as the air returns to the mattress and it takes its normal shape. As memory foam doesn’t require being flipped, this mattress won’t require flipping every few months but can be turned as needed.

4. Memory Spring Orthopaedic Budget Mattress

When looking for the best budget mattress you are sure to come across this memory sprint orthopaedic budget mattress. The use of memory foam over springs offers the best combination of support and comfort, helping to increase circulation and decrease joint and body pain. Covered in a cool and flexible material it adapts to the shape of anybody and offers even support while cradling the body and contouring to meet the needs of a wide range of sleepers. This is not just a cheap mattress that will wear quickly and offer no support, but a budget-friendly medium support mattress that can help to reduce joint pain and body strain through proper support and a firm outer edge to maintain it’s shape.

  • The individually wrapped spring coils reduce the transfer of movement from one person to anyone else on the mattress, reducing the waking of both people. It also creates a comfortable sleeping situation that will allow for a full night sleep without the tossing and turning that accompanies attempts at finding a comfortable position and to reduce the pressure felt from the individual springs. The memory foam shields the body from those points and offers a layer of equal support across the mattress reducing joint pain and aches in muscles. A good night’s sleep can improve health and concentration, and decreasing pain can also increase the energy enjoyed throughout the day.
  •  To maintain the shape of the mattress there is a thick outer layer and edging that supports the springs in their place and keeps them in proper alignment within the mattress. Over time every mattress will wear down from use and the shape can be affected, reducing the support offered, this medium to firm mattress will maintain it’s shape and support without weakening or separation of the springs. Read what customers are saying on Amazon!
  • The material used is sanitized for safety and health and meets all the fire safety requirements while being hypoallergenic to deter allergens from gathering within the fibers of the mattress itself and also deters dust mites and bed bugs. It is shipped in a thick plastic cover that is vacuumed sealed to protect the mattress during shipping, keeping out all dirt and shielding the mattress from damages, then placed into a shipping box delivered right to the door. To prepare the mattress for use it is simply opened and allowed to return to its natural shape and size over the next few hours.
  • It can take between 8 hours and 3 days for the mattress to achieve its full size and thickness though it should be able to use after the first 8 hours. The shipping method also helps to keep the mattress affordable and helps it be the best budget mattress for those who need a mattress that is safe, comfortable, and can be delivered quickly and safely. Any stale or similar smell that is obtained during shipping will dissipate from the mattress within a day or two, and it should not return once the air has been returned to the mattress and the plastic has been recycled or disposed of.

5. Jumpi Memory Foam Tufted Spring Budget Mattress

One of the best budget mattresses is the memory foam tufted spring budget mattress. This best budget mattress offers comfort, support, and a quilted top to offer extra comfort with its familiar form and feel. The inner coil springs offer firm support while the memory foam contours to cradle the body and increase comfort, all under the soft quilted top. This isn’t just another cheap mattress but one that values quality and comfort as well as affordability, and the quilted top paired with the stitched sides help the mattress hold it’s shape longer and maintain a firm level of support for the lifespan of the mattress.

  • Coil springs provide a supportive base for the mattress, increasing life span, and support. This best budget mattress is a medium to firm supportive mattress making it good for anyone who needs a firm mattress to avoid joint or back pain. The springs are individually wrapped to move on their own and not move all the springs with every moment, which reduces sleep disturbances when looking for a comfortable position, while the memory foam increases comfort. The memory foam covers all the springs in one sheet and spreads out the pressure from the body on the mattress and the springs evenly throughout the mattress reducing pressure point pain and the effect of the springs on the body. Adding the memory foam to the top of the springs creates both comfort and support, where all sleeping positions can be accommodated without increased aches or pains. By topping the whole mattress with a quilted top it mimics a more traditional mattress topper bringing familiar comfort and an extra layer of padding.
  • The material used to cover the mattress is a cool touch material, helping to deter heat from gathering and creating discomfort. It is stitched in a swirl pattern that adds strength to the sides to hold the shape of the mattress even during use. The firm build outer covering adds to the lifespan of the mattress while also adding to the aesthetic so it will fit with almost any style and appeal to people who need a medium to firm support while also having a layer for comfort.
  • When looking for a cheap mattress that will last and has medium-firm support this best budget mattress is sure to make the list, but it’s the details that cause it to stand out amongst others in its price range. The tufted quilted top offers extra soft support over the memory foam layer for comfort, all topping off an inner base of springs to offer support.
  • The whole mattress is treated to be safe, sanitary, and deter dust mites, and shipped in a vacuum-packed plastic rolled inside a cardboard box that is all delivered right to your door. This both keeps the mattress free from dirt, dust, and germs during shipping but is environmentally friendly. Simply open the mattress and allow it to return to its normal resting size and height, and it will be ready to sleep on in just a few hours.

What to Look for in a Best Value Mattress

You shouldn’t settle for a new mattress unless you know what to look for. This is why the following guide will highlight what to look for when searching for the best cheap mattress in the UK!


Size is one of the first things to consider with any best budget mattress. First of all, size matters as you need to find one to be big enough for you and your partner. Is the mattress for your child, or do you and your partner intend to sleep on it? Additionally, the size is crucial because you need it to fit your bed frame, as well as your room space.


Many cheap budget mattresses tend to trap heat inside causing overheating during your sleep. For this reason, you need to pick the best budget mattress with cooling properties or at least a material that prevents overheating if you want a good night’s sleep. By doing so, you will not overheat, ensuring you have restful, undisturbed night sleep.

Sleeper Type

Depending on your sleeping position, you may need to purchase the best budget mattress that accommodates your needs. Different materials influence the quality of your sleep, depending on your sleeping position. So, consider whether you are a side, back, or stomach sleeper before settling for a mattress. Side sleepers, for instance, suit a slightly softer mattress whilst stomach and those sleeping on their back, should sleep on slightly firmer mattresses such as a medium-firm or firm mattress.


You can’t settle for a mattress without considering your comfort levels. This is why you should look at how firm or soft a mattress is before you purchase it – everyone has different requirements. If you suffer from back pain, you may want a firm comfort mattress for support. If you want less body pressure, maybe you should look for a soft, comfortable mattress that doesn’t push your body as you sleep on the bed.

Final Thoughts

You can certainly find high-quality mattresses on a budget too, but you must know where to look for one and what features it should have. We hope this best budget mattress buying guide has helped you discover some great mattress models to pick from.