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Finding the best small double mattress might seem like a daunting endeavor. You might feel utterly frustrated at times, but it doesn’t have to be this way. When you know what to look for in the mattress you i...ntend to purchase; everything becomes straightforward. This is why we’ve comprised this small double mattress buying guide for you: to offer you a good starting point so that you make a sensible, worthwhile investment.

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Top Listed Best Small Double Mattress of June 2024

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HomyLink 4FT Small Double Mattress
Additional Information
  • Type : Pocket Sprung + Memory Foam
  • Firmness : Medium
  • Features : Hypoallergenic; Orthopedic; Fire-Retardant; 3D Breathable Fabric, Natural Fillings, Anti-biosis, Anti-odorization, Anti-allergy, Anti-mites, Waterproof and breathable
  • Packing : Rolled up, Vacuum Packed
  • Certification : CE and CERTI PUR-certified, EN, Oeko Tex
  • Weight : 22.36 Kg
  • Warranty : 12 months
  • Thickness: 22 cm

A lovely small double mattress from HomyLink with hundreds of positive reviews online from actual customers. Combines pocket springs and memory foam, this model offers orthopedic support. It’s made with natural ecological fibres, completely environmentally, skin friendly and non-toxic.


The memory foam layer could do with being thicker as they feel the springs; however, after researching more and after speaking with the manufacturer, this could be because the mattress wasn’t allowed enough time to expand. The memory foam layer does require around 24-48 to fully expand.

A perfect option for people that prefer a mattress that is equally soft and supportive

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#2 Good Value
Sleep Factory Small Double Mattress
Additional Information
  • Type : Memory Foam + Sprung Mattress
  • Firmness : Medium
  • Features : Traditional hand tufting to prolong the life of the mattress, Features V50 kg/m3 temperature sensitive visco elastic memory foam
  • Packing : Not Rolled, just adequately protected. Ready to use!
  • Certification : Meets all UK & EU safety regulations by using quality components, BS7177 fire retardant. UK MADE.
  • Weight : 33 kg
  • Warranty : 12 months
  • Thickness: 23 cm

A popular model from Sleep Factory, this mattress is innerspring, foam, Hybrid mattress. It has been traditionally hand tufted to prong long the life of the mattress; this mattress is made with only quality materials.


Same as with the previous model, some state that the mattress is not firm enough; this mattress provides a medium level of firmness.

A good alternative if you want a soft mattress

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#3 Top Pick
Vesgantti 4FT Small Double Mattress
Additional Information
  • Type : Memory Foam; Pocket Sprung
  • Firmness : Medium
  • Features : Hypoallergenic; Fire-Retardant; Memory Foam; Orthopedic; 100-Night Trial, Natural Filling, Breathable Foam,Noise & Movement Absorption, Targeted Support
  • Packing : Rolled up mattress in a box, Vacuum sealed
  • Certification : Meets all UK & EU safety regulations by using quality components
  • Weight : 26 Kg
  • Warranty : 10 years
  • Thickness: 24 cm

This small double mattress from Vesgantti provides a medium plush feel and is made using individually pocket springs (Noise & Movement Absorption) and breathable multi layers of foam that all work together to offer comfort and adequate support for your back.


This is sold a medium firmness level, a user states the mattress is too firm. It can take between 2-4 weeks to get used to your new mattress.

A decent all-round mattress that would work perfectly well for a guest bed

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Vesgantti Small Double Foam Mattress
Additional Information
  • Type : Memory Foam Mattress
  • Firmness : Medium Firm
  • Features : Soft & Breathable Cover - TENCEL blend fiber efficiently improves breathability of sleep surface and eliminate the surplus heat of your body, Hypoallergenic; Natural Filling
  • Packing : Mattress is roll packed and delivered in a small box
  • Certification : CertiPUR-US Certified. Meets all UK Fire & Safety Regulations
  • Weight : 13.1 Kg
  • Warranty : 10 years
  • Thickness: 18 cm

Model made using all foams, memory foam + high density foam. The memory foam provides the softness, pressure points relief, body contouring properties whilst the high density foam offer adequate body support; the combination of foam make this mattress a medium firm.


Could be a bit thin at 18 cm depth; it really depends on your body weight.

An excellent option if you’re looking for a low-cost mattress that is still comfortable

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Inofia Memory Sprung Small Double Mattress
Additional Information
  • Type : Memory Foam + Sprung Mattress
  • Firmness : Medium Firm
  • Features : 100 Nights Trial, Hypoallergenic, anti-mite cover, Special 3D Mesh Fabric on Side, Unique Zoned Coil Support
  • Packing : Vacuum-packed mattress; needs 24-72 hour to fully expand
  • Certification : Meets all UK & EU safety regulations by using quality components
  • Weight : 20.7 Kg
  • Warranty : 10 Years
  • Thickness: 29 cm

This pocket sprung with memory foam mattress uses high grade steel pocket springs and open cell foam that wicks away heat while you sleep. Thanks to being made with hypoallergenic fibers it is suitable for those suffering from allergies.


It is not very firm, which might not be appealing to some users.

A comfortable and affordable mattress that will offer you the right level of support

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Top 5 Small Double Mattress Reviews

1. HomyLink 4FT Small Double Mattress

It is always easy to shop for a mattress for those who have king or queen size beds. Different kinds of mattresses in various patterns and construction are readily available for such beds. But what about those who are looking for a mattress for small bed? Believe it or not, people have this perception that buying a mattress for small bed is not easy as there is not enough variety to choose from. You end up giving up and buying whatever fits the size of the bed. But what if we tell you that you can now buy an amazing mattress which not only fits your bed like a glove but will also be very comfortable for you to sleep on? That’s right, the HomyLink 4FT Small Double Mattress is an amazing mattress for small double bed that will satisfy all your sleeping needs too. 


In this article, we will shed light on a few factors which make HomyLink 4FT Small Double Mattress great for small beds:


Perfect for Body Shaping

You must be wondering, what is so great about HomyLink 4FT Small Double Mattress? The first thing that makes it so different from other mattresses is that it is perfect for body shaping. Now and then, if you wake up feeling exhausted and your body feels all cramped up, know that you have the wrong mattress. HomyLink 4FT Small Double Mattress is constructed in such a way that it supports your body in the best way possible. It keeps the spine straight and aligned so that you no longer wake up with sore back muscles. 


Eco-friendly and Cozy

When looking for a mattress to buy, it is important to look for one which is non-toxic and has a soft, skin-friendly cover. Those who like to sleep on their front find themselves getting allergic to certain mattresses. HomyLink 4FT Small Double Mattress is the best small double mattress as it is not only skin-friendly but also eco-friendly. It is not only comfortable to sleep on but extremely cozy too. 


Shock Resistant

HomyLink 4FT Small Double Mattress is designed in such a way that it not only absorbs noises, but it is also shock resistant. No matter how much movement there is on the other side of the mattress, you will not feel a thing as it grips movements and motions. HomyLink 4FT Small Double Mattress is the best mattress for small double bed as it has been carefully constructed while keeping the sleeper’s comfort as the first and topmost priority. 


HomyLink 4FT Small Double Mattress is the mattress we all need! 

That is true, HomyLink 4FT Small Double Mattress is the mattress we all wanted but never knew we needed. This mattress for small double bed serves as a package as it has the quality and solves all our body and muscle cramps problems while being extremely reasonable on the pockets. It is one great investment which will last for a long time.  

2. Sleep Factory Small Double Mattress

With our busy lives and work schedules, who has time for sleep? As a matter of fact, it is true that we take sleep too non-seriously. Most of the time, it is our last priority. One more episode, one more email, one more page of the book, sounds familiar? We tend to take sleep too lightly, so in return, the lack of it starts affecting our moods as well as our physical health. 


As we take sleep lightly, we give less to no heed in investing in it too. There are many who have been sleeping on the same mattresses for ages. Even if it is torn or has lost its construction, we keep on sleeping on the same mattress because we just don’t want to invest in our sleep. 


We need to understand that sleep is very important, and that is why it is equally important to invest well in it. Mattresses play a huge role in helping us sleep better. One mattress which is the best small double mattress is Sleep Factory Small Double Mattress. 


Benefits of Sleeping on Sleep Factory Small Double Mattress

In this article, we will further outline what the benefits and advantages of Sleep Factory Small Double Mattress are and why it is such a great mattress for small double bed


Small Double Mattress Memory Foam 

Memory foams are most of the time associated with king-sized beds. Until Sleep Factory Small Double Mattress, people had little or no idea about memory foam for small beds. This small double mattress memory foam is one of the best mattresses you can find for your small beds. The memory foam in Sleep Factory Small Double Mattress allows you to have a comfortable sleep all night long. The memory foam allows the mattress to hug your body like a glove, giving your body and muscles the right support where needed. 


High-Quality Mattress

Sleep Factory Small Double Mattress is a high-quality mattress because it is designed using the best techniques along with the best materials. The entire mattress is covered with viscose, making its touch feel like silk against our bodies. The mattress cover is very skin-friendly, so no matter how much contact your face and the mattress has all night long, you will not experience any kinds of allergies or pimples due to it. 


Firm and Supportive

Sleep Factory Small Double Mattress is neither too soft nor too hard. This small double mattress memory foam has a medium level density. The memory foam allows it to be soft but not soft enough to let the body sink beneath. It aligns the body with the mattress, keeping the spine straight and supported throughout. 


Economical Prices

If you are in search of a good mattress for small double bed, then check out Sleep Factory Small Double Mattress as it has amazing quality. The best thing about this small double mattress is that it lasts for a long time while being super affordable. 

3. Vesgantti 4FT Small Double Mattress

We all wish to have a big room as well as a big comfortable bed to sleep on. Unfortunately, not every wish can be fulfilled at times. But guess what? It is OK not to have a huge bed to sleep on as long as it is comfortable, and with the right mattress, it will surely be super comfortable.  If you are in search of the best small mattress and a mattress for small double bed, then look nowhere else as Vesgantti 4FT Small Double Mattress is the best mattress you need.

Constructed Especially for Light Sleepers

Being a light sleeper is a curse for oneself. You get easily awaken by the smallest sounds, and a little movement can make you lose your sleep. Are you a light sleeper too, and you are unable to sleep due to this reason? Well, we have a solution for you. Vesgantti 4FT Small Double Mattress is the best small mattress designed especially for light sleepers. It is constructed in such a way that it absorbs movement and motion and does not make any noise either. It has been designed in such a way that a light sleeper like you sleeps peacefully all night long.

Small Double Mattress Memory Foam

If you are in search of a small double mattress memory foam, then Vesgantti 4FT Small Double Mattress is at your rescue. We know how hard it is to find memory foam for a small bed, and we also know how hard it is to find memory foam in a small mattress. Vesgantti 4FT Small Double Mattress is constructed in such a way that it is very comfortable to sleep on. It has the right balance, which hugs your body and makes you sleep soundly all night long. Light sleeper or not, Vesgantti 4FT Small Double Mattress is the best small mattress you can find.

Soft and Durable

There are not many options of having a mattress with memory foam when it comes to small size beds. Vesgantti 4FT Small Double Mattress is not only soft but very durable too. People might have the perception that because it has memory foam, it will be ridiculously expensive too. But that is a misconception. Vesgantti 4FT Small Double Mattress has quality and durability, all while being super reasonable and cheap on the pockets too.

Perfect Body Alignment

One great thing about Vesgantti 4FT Small Double Mattress is that it is neither too hard for your body nor too soft. It provides the body with the perfect balance to keep the back aligned and to keep the hips and knees supported.

It is constructed in a way that Vesgantti 4FT Small Double Mattress has a memory foam along with pocket springs, which are great to absorb movement and noises while helping you sleep soundly. The memory foam in Vesgantti 4FT Small Double Mattress allows one to sleep comfortably without waking up with stiff necks or back aches.

4. Vesgantti Small Double Foam Mattress

Small mattresses are perfect for sleeping on. They are not only cozy but are also very comfortable. We often find ourselves waking up with neck pains and backaches, wondering about the reason for such pains. It can be something else, in which case you should get it checked by a doctor at the earliest. Most of the time, it is a bad mattress. We get so busy in our lives that we do not pay attention to our mattresses’ condition, and we keep on using them for years and years. Sometimes when mattresses are overused or were not right, to begin with, your body does not get the proper support it needs to sleep. It might not be noticeable for the first few days, but eventually, your body starts protesting, resulting in stiffness in the neck and aches in the back. 


If you are looking for a small double mattress, which is a perfect mattress for small double bed, then Vesgantti Small Double Foam Mattress is the best one you can find. 


Let us shed some light on exactly why is Vesgantti Small Double Foam Mattress is so great and why everyone should take advantage of this amazing mattress for small double bed:


Amazing Material

People usually have this misconception that sleeping on a small bed has to be like sleeping on a slab. While comparing a queen-sized bed to a small one is not at all justified, it does not mean that sleeping on a small bed has to be a rough experience. If you have a good and comfortable mattress even on your small bed, you will get an amazing sleep. Vesgantti Small Double Foam Mattress is the best small mattresses as it is very comfortable to sleep on. The material of the mattress and the covers are extremely soft. It feels very soft against the skin and is made of non-toxic materials. 


Triple Layers

One thing that sets Vesgantti Small Double Foam Mattress apart from other mattresses for small double beds is that Vesgantti Small Double Foam Mattress is constructed in such a way that it has three layers. It has two soft foams with memory foam in it. It is very cozy, comfortable, and bouncy to sleep on. 


Gives the Right Support

One more thing great about Vesgantti Small Double Foam Mattress is that it gives the right amount of support to the backs and other parts of the body. 



Vesgantti Small Double Foam Mattress is very affordable too. It has quality and affordability. 

Before buying a mattress, it is important to know that if the mattress is too hard, it might put your back and spine under a lot of pressure. And if it is too soft, it might not give proper support to your body at all. That is why Vesgantti Small Double Foam Mattress is the best small double mattress that gives the right amount of pressure and comfort to our backs and hips.

5. Inofia Memory Sprung Small Double Mattress

Life has a set pattern for us all. If we follow it properly, life moves on smoothly. But if we dare look into its eyes, it has the tendency to run us over at every step we take. To enjoy life, good health is a must. Exercise daily, ensure a healthy diet and get proper sleep. Somehow, the third point turns out to be the most difficult to follow for individuals. They can straighten their diet and exercise routine, but good sleep is where they often go astray.

Don’t compromise on health

If you are not sleeping well, your health will never be 100%. Good sleep is one of the essential factors for a healthy lifestyle. This is where the quality of your mattress plays a major part. If you are a fit or slim individual and are not that buff, my recommendation would be the Inofia Memory Sprung Small Double Mattress. It is compact and is the best mattress for small double bed. If you wonder why I have suggested this name, here are a few salient features of the best small double mattress.

3D mesh fabric 

Unlike the knitted fabric material for side covers, this small double mattress memory foam comes with 3D mesh fabric on its side. This fabric has perspiration absorption quality, and it gives the mattress some breathing space. The classical memory foam helps cool down the bed’s temperature when you are lying down on it, thus giving you a comfortable sleeping experience.

Limiting vibrations with Pocket coil 

Pocket coil technology is one of my favorite things about this mattress. It makes the mattress cling to your body and limits any excess movements to affect your sleep. Since this is a small double mattress, you and your partner will be slightly closer to each other than a normal mattress. Despite this, the pocket coil technology will limit the mattress’s vibrations, so the other partner does not get disturbed.

Good posture

Bad posture while sleeping results in a number of problems for an individual. These problems range from back pain to pain in joints and even your neck. A good quality small double mattress memory foam helps you overcome this issue and relaxes your muscles and joints when you are resting on it. Your posture is not disturbed much as the mattress will be clinging to your body. The mattress will absorb all body vibrations, and you won’t need to worry about dislocating any joint or something even worse.

Your body is a machine. How well you want it to perform depends on how well you take care of it. If you deny your body of the basic necessities that it relies on, you are doing no good to it. Getting the Inofia small double mattress memory foam with be the best thing you can do to ensure a smooth and healthy running of your body.

The Best Small Double Mattress Buying Guide: Key Guidelines

In this section, we would like to move our attention to what you should focus on during the shopping process. Your choice of small double mattress size profoundly influences the quality of your sleep. You should acknowledge this. If you do that, then you should also know that your decision of mattress matters, so you shouldn’t be hasty in making a purchase.


Depending on how long you plan on using the small double mattress, durability should be a key consideration. It makes sense to consider a mattress a long-term investment, doesn’t it? The truth is that some products are likely to wear out sooner than others – as it is with any other product. Usually, latex is considered the most durable material used in manufacturing mattresses.

Meanwhile, coils are also renowned for their durability. Nonetheless, this will be influenced by the mechanism used for attaching the coils.

What’s the Best Ratio of Comfort and Support?

This is perhaps the most controversial topic when talking about small double mattresses. You might get a lot of advice regarding what makes the best small double mattress. But opinions might differ because this is such a subjective issue. In addition to that, your personal preference will play a crucial part in this respect. How your body is built and shaped will matter just as much.

Firmness – What Should You Know

Every mattress should feature a balance of support and comfort – no exception whatsoever. Usually, when we talk about support, we imminently associate it with firmness. This is why mattresses that promise to be mostly supportive will feel firm, or too firm for some individuals that prefer a softer mattress.

At the same time, heavier users will experience a firm mattress as being softer, because the body naturally presses through all the layers.

Pressure Relief – How Important Is It?

When talking about pressure relief, some people might refer to the level of comfort provided by the mattress. The pressure relief is granted due to the addition of softer materials, which are the top layer of the mattress.

As you’ve seen in our reviews, different mattresses come with several layers of materials. Each layer of material has a range of characteristics and benefits.

When your small double mattress size does that, you will most likely get rid of excess pressure that you might experience otherwise. This is also known to diminish the likelihood of pressure build-up. If you’re struggling with sore joints now and then, perhaps it might be a good idea to try a mattress featuring an improved comfort system.

Spine Alignment

Naturally, the body is prone to sink more in certain areas than others. This is why it matters to get the best small double mattress memory foam that promotes optimal spine alignment. What does this mean?

When you lie on your bed, you shouldn’t experience any discomfort. In other words, you should feel that there’s no pressure applied to your spine. On the other hand, if you feel that your spine is in an awkward position there is an increased possibility to experience discomfort when waking up the next day.


Are you a light sleeper? Being a light sleeper is the worst; you can get up in the middle of the night simply because your partner has changed his/her sleeping position; not to mention that some materials in the mattress structure are more likely to make noise. For instance, innersprings, in case they aren’t individually wrapped, are very likely to rub against each another. Therefore, you might hear squeaky sounds when you move in the middle of the night.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this small double mattress size buying guide has eased your quest to finding the best small double mattress for your needs. All in all, you should get the mattress that seems right for you – for your preferences, sleeping style, and budget. As long as you consider these aspects, you should be on the right path to enjoying a restful, good night sleep with your newly acquired mattress.