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Vesgantti Hybrid Mattress Review

You may have a fancy bedroom or a beautiful bed frame; however, these will not influence the quality of your sleep. Of course, while a nicely decorated bedroom might help you feel better, it is the best mattress that will give you the best sleep helping you wake up well-rested and ready for the day ahead of you. These being said, you must take your time when searching for a new mattress for your bed. As there are many mattress types, as well as technologies/features included in a mattress, it goes without saying that you have to make the right choice.

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Vesgantti Hybrid Mattress Review

Today, we’ll be taking a look at the Vesgantti Hybrid Mattress review. This Vesgantti Hybrid Mattress comes with the “Individually Wrapped Spring” technology built-in; basically, what this means, is that the springs are individually wrapped and thanks to this, there`s no motion transfer.  It also has a Comfort System specific to this reputable mattress brand, Vesgantti! Let’s see what more it has to offer and hopefully help you determine whether this is the right Vesgantti Mattress for you or not?

Does the Vesgantti Mattress come in a variety of mattress sizes and dimensions? 

Yes, it does, let’s list them below:

  • 2FT6 Small Single (75 x 190 x 24cm)
  • 3FT Single (90 x 190 x 24cm)
  • 4FT6 Double (135 x 190 x 24cm)
  • 4FT Small Double (120 x 190 x 24cm)
  • 5FT UK King (150 x 200 x 24cm)
  • 6FT Super King (180 x 200 x 24cm)
  • EU (90 x 200 x 24cm)
  • EU (100 x 200 x 24cm)
  • EU (120 x 200 x 24cm)
  • EU (140 x 200 x 24cm)

Given the many features that this Vesgantti Mattress review comes with, quality of sleep is essential and has to be given relevant importance. Your health, mood, as well as your happiness, depend on how well you slept last night. The reviews from users of this Vesgantti Mattress state that this mattress is capable of improving your sleep.

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Let’s highlight some of the features & benefits of this Vesgantti Mattress:

  • Spring Mattress & Memory Foam Mattress
  • Cooling properties
  • Excellent shock-absorption and resilience
  • Absorbs noise and vibration caused by tossing and turning
  • Hypoallergenic fabric cover with airy holes

Almost all buyers praised the product’s durability, value for money, softness, and comfort. On top of that, most of them claimed that it improved their sleep quality and has helped with pain relief. It seems that the Individually Wrapped Spring design does its job as intended, relieving pressure from the seven pressure points. This aspect also makes the Vesgantti Mattress perfect for almost every type of sleeper, as you won’t have to toss & turn to find the best sleeping position – every position you will find yourself in will be good for sleeping!


If you’d like to compare this model with a different type of mattress, then you could take a look at the Inofia Memory Foam Mattress. Its main feature is the memory foam that conforms to your body and helps align your spine whilst sleeping. The characteristics of the two are quite similar; the only difference being the Pocket Coil technology the Inofia mattress has. Both come with the 100 nights risk-free trial, so you might as well try both and see which one you like the best.


The Vesgantti mattress review is the perfect mix of spring and foam technology. The spring system helps the Vesgantti Mattress offer you increased support and stability for your body, while the breathable foam keeps it fresh and dry for the entire night. Read hundreds of reviews on Amazon! Because it is neither too firm nor too soft, the Vesgantti Mattress can reduce noise, movement, and vibration caused by you or your partner. No matter how much they turn and move, you won’t be woken up! Moreover, as it comes from a reputable company and you have the chance to try it for 100 nights, it goes without saying that you should give it a shot and see how good it feels!