Best Super King Size Mattress 2021

It’s not uncommon for people to purchase a mattress impulsively. But this could mean havoc for your back support and your general well-being. The quality of your sleep is much more important than you believe.... It is an aspect that influences pretty much all aspects of your health. This is what makes it primordial to carefully consider what makes the best super king size mattress before purchasing one. Hopefully, our mattress reviews and buying guide will be useful.

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Top Listed Best Super King Size Mattress 2021 of May 2024

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Molblly Super King Memory Foam Mattress
Additional Information
  • Type: Memory Foam
  • Firmness: Medium/Firm
  • Features: Gel Memory Foam Mattress, It includes a soft hypoallergenic cover layer, No-Motion Transfer
  • Packing : Vacuum packed and rolled
  • Certification : Meets all UK & EU safety regulations by using quality components
  • Weight : 29 kg
  • Warranty : 10 years

A lovely super kink from Molblly; memory foam, breathable with a medium firm level of firmness featuring a fire resistant yet skin friendly cover. The mattress is constructed using an all foam system. A certified gel memory foam layer alongside a high density base support foam layer. It also features a soft hypoallergenic washable cover.


Ideally it would require 24-72 hours to fully expand and firm up

A great mattress to sleep on, the Moblly super king comes with a 10 year guarantee offering peace of mind. It uses the best materials and advanced sleep technology this mattress is breathable, skin friendly and conforms to your body for optimal pressure relief. No motion transfer.

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Vesgantti Lavender 6FT Sprung Memory Mattress
Additional Information
  • Type: Memory Foam/Pocket Sprung
  • Firmness: Medium/Firm
  • Features: Hundreds of individual pocket springs, Orthopedic; Hypoallergenic; Foam Top
  • Packing : Vacuum Packed, rolled up mattress
  • Certification : Meets all UK & EU safety regulations by using quality components, BS7177 fire retardant, CertiPUR-US Certified
  • Weight : 41.5 kg
  • Warranty : 10 years

Vesgantti needs no introduction; this super king mattress is constructed using both memory foam + pocket sprung technology, a popular combination. Its CertiPur-Us Certified and comes with 100 nigh trial for your peace of mind and a romantic 3 zone lavender stretch knit cover that absorbs noise and vibration.


Some may consider it to be soft, despite being advertised as a firm model.

Another model with a 10 year warranty, from Vesgantti. It featutes a romantic lavender cover with ventilated mesh border that enhances airflow for superior comfort during your sleep. Its structures combined multiple layer of memory foam and individually wrapped pocket springs.

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Naturalex Extrafresh Deep Memory Foam 6ft Mattress
Additional Information
  • Type: Latex Foam/Memory Foam
  • Firmness: Firm
  • Features: Memory Foam; Latex; Hypoallergenic; Dual Seasons; Reversible
  • Packing : Vacuumed and rolled in a box
  • Certification : Oeko-tex® Certified
  • Weight : 24.3 Kg
  • Warranty : 10-year guarantee

Popular French mattress brand, Naturalex made this deep super king size foam premium quality mattress that uses Oeko-Tex certified materials. It features a multi-zone support system with zero motion transfer thanks to the individual wrapped pocket springs. Its breathable ensuring ventilation throughout the mattress, releasing excess moisture for a good night sleep.


May feel a bit firm at the begining

The Naturalex high density memory foam super king model relives and prevents joint pressure and reduces aching bones. It also provides optimal weigh distribution across the mattress. It features memo fresh viscoelastic foam composed of microcapsules so you can breathe easily when you sleep. No overheating, no motion transfer with this model.

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Marcapiuma Super King Memory Mattress
Additional Information
  • Type: Latex/Memory Foam
  • Firmness: Medium/Firm
  • Features: Non-allergenic Breathable Removable Aloe Vera Machine Washable Cover, Orthopaedic Mattress,
  • Packing : Vacuumed and rolled in a box
  • Certification : CertiPUR, Oeko-Tex standard 100 Class 1 and ISO 9001
  • Weight : 24 kg
  • Warranty : 10 years

Marcapiuma mattresses are made by Italian craftsman in Italy; this mattress is breathable, non-allergenic and has a removable and washable Aloe Vera quilted cover. It’s classified as an orthopaedic mattress with 5 differentiated comfort zones. This mattress is certified by several marks of trust such as: CertiPur, Oeko-Tex and others.


Depending on preference, some claim this mattress is a tad soft.

Quality mattress made in Italy classified as orthopaedic, this model featured 5 differentiated support zones. It consists of 3 layer for optimal support and comfort during sleep. The ALOE VERA cover is quilted with non-allergenic, dust mite resistant and breathable padding, 300 gr/mq. It can be easily removed thanks to the zip and it is washable in washing machine up to 60°.

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Inofia Super King Memory Foam Sprung Mattress
Additional Information
  • Type: Memory Foam/Sprung
  • Firmness: Soft
  • Features: Wave Memory Foam, Ultra-soft Knitted Fabric with Airy Mesh on Side
  • Packing : Your vacuum-packed mattress needs 24-72hour to fully recover
  • Certification : Meets all UK & EU safety regulations by using qualiuty components, BS7177 fire retardant
  • Weight : 29 kg
  • Warranty : 10-year guarantee

We have chosen the best super king size mattress and Inofia is certainly a mattress worthy of being featured in this comparison guide. Made using the popular combination between pocket springs and innovative wave memory foam this mattress features ultra soft knitted fabric with airy mesh on the side ensuring an adequate level of breathability.


Heavy mattress, 2 people required to move about

With extraordinary pocket coil technology, the Inofia super king mattress offer good spinal support for everyone. It provides pressure relief and motion separation for back support. The mattress is hypoallergenic, it features an anti-mite cover made of moisture releasing fibres.

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Best 5 Super King Mattresses in the UK

1. Molblly Super King Memory Foam Mattress

When looking for a new mattress one of the first considerations is the size of the mattress that you need. While a king size mattress has been the largest available for several years, the larger Super King mattress is now available. Its 203cm by 203cm is slightly larger than the standard king mattress 183cm by 203cm. This new larger size offers more room for people who need or want it, and who have space for it.

  • The Molblly Super King Memory Phone Mattress is made with a strong foam that will support the body without causing sagging in the mattress or compressing significantly. This mattress will support you and shape itself around you to offer equal all-over support. This foam is created to absorb the pressure and relieve all pressure points, reducing pain and overnight movements and adjustments. Absorbing up to 95% of the pressure applied to it allows this mattress to surpass the competition in comfort and support while preventing the transfer of movement from one person to another encouraging you to sleep through the night.
  • The foam is tested in independent testing facilities to ensure it meets all safety standards as well as our quality standards and made from foam that is safe for sleeping on and meets all safety rules for indoor emissions. In addition to meeting safety standards, this mattress is hypoallergenic making it safe for anyone, and helping those with allergies sleep well safely through the night.
  • Combining these two types of foam, one dense foam to create a strong base of support and topped with soft memory foam, creates a soft and comforting yet supportive mattress. The top layer of foam is created to dissipate the heat and help you stay cool throughout the night, and the whole mattress is covered with a washable cover layer.
  • To help you sleep through the night the foam is created to encourage airflow to help control the temperature and maintain comfort the whole night. With even temperature and lack of movement across the surface, combined with the support and comfort this mattress is sure to offer night after night of comfortable sleep and helps you to awake refreshed and well-rested. Offered in a Super Kingsize to provide increased sleep surface it allows you to stretch to your full length in comfort and provides room for those who move a lot during their sleep to have space to do so.
  • For ease of delivery and set up the mattress is shipped vacuum sealed and rolled. When it arrives simply unroll the mattress and remove the shipping plastic, allow it to unroll completely and it will return to its full size. For the best sleep allow the mattress to settle for a day before use, though it may take up to three days for it to be fully settled.

2. Vesgantti Lavender 6FT Sprung Memory Mattress

Vesgantti is a well-established company and has been making mattresses for decades, providing top quality mattresses that are backed with a 100-night warranty to ensure that each customer has the right mattress for them.

  • Delivered to your home vacuumed sealed in plastic and rolled to save space and make it easy to ship and deliver, to set up your new mattress simply unroll it and remove the protective plastic cover. Your mattress should be ready to use the same night as it is delivered but can take up to three days to fully expand to its full size. The 6 foot sprung memory foam mattress offers support across the entire surface. The lavender cover is breathable and soft while offering protection from allergens and a soft surface that will not cause irritation or discomfort to the skin.
  • The springs are individually wrapped allowing them to offer support across the mattress but move individually minimizing the movement that travels across the surface. This allows one person to move during the night without disrupting their partner, and the air is able to flow through the mattress, the mesh sides allowing airflow to continue and maintain a cool sleep surface throughout the night. This maintains an undisturbed sleep and prevents excessive tossing and turning, while also reducing the pain of the pressure points, joints, and offering support for the spine.
  • This Vesgantti mattress has multiple layers of foam and triple-zone support that provides stronger support where needed and lesser where you want to sink into the mattress for comfort. The pocket springs offer a medium to firm support and the memory foam layers offer a softer surface you sink into slightly for comfort but also remain supportive enough you don’t sink uncomfortably into the mattress.
  • The different zones provide comfort for your entire body and reduce the pressure on any pressure points, allowing you to sleep comfortably through the night and reduce the pain in the joints and back.  The different layers and types of foam both slightly cradle and fully support the curves of the body as they need, keeping the spine aligned by keeping the legs and torso higher while allowing the hips and shoulders to sink in slightly more. As the spine is supported in its natural position the other joints are better aligned and both joint and muscle pain is decreased.

For a full night’s sleep that is comfortable, cool, supportive, and not interrupted by the movements of a partner, this mattress offers a well-rounded product that is high quality and will last for several years. The support zones create comfort for all parts of the body and is hypoallergenic to provide a safe sleep for everyone. With mesh sides and a breathable top layer, the airflow is maintained throughout the mattress keeping it from overheating during the night, and with multiple layers of foam over individually wrapped springs this mattress offers layers of comfort.

3. Naturalex Extrafresh Deep Memory Foam 6ft Mattress

This Super King Size mattress is a larger mattress at 180cm wide and 200cm long, making it a large sleep surface suitable for those who move and shift a lot in their sleep. Created with layers of memory foam and seven different zones for comfort and support for every section of the body offering the right support for each. These zones keep the spine aligned and ease the pressure that occurs around pressure points relieving pain and discomfort in joints and decreases back pain while encouraging correct alignment.

  • The core of the mattress is denser foam created to offer firm support that reduces pain and maintains comfort for the joints and muscles. The outer layers of foam are built to offer a softer surface that allows the body to sink in a little and feel cradled and comfortable. The foam resists the transfer of motion from one side of the mattress to the other, offering fewer disturbances during sleep which leads to a better sleep overall.
  • The topper for this mattress is created with three-dimensional channels to allow the airflow to continue through the bubbles in the mattress and across the surface to avoid overheating. The airflow through the mattress maintains a comfortable temperature, and this NaturalexExtrafresh Deep Memory Foam mattress has both a winter side, where the topper is soft and welcoming, and a summer side with cool gel to maintain a cool sleep surface throughout the night Flipping the mattress between seasons will also help to maintain the shape of the mattress, avoiding sagging.
  • To ensure each customer gets the right mattress for them, there is a thirty-day trial, if you are unhappy with the mattress in the first thirty days it can be returned or exchanged, and there is a full ten year warranty period for any manufacturers defect. Made with high-quality materials and both viscoelastic Bio memory foam as well as HQ Blue Latex for the core this memory foam mattress is certain to bring comfortable nights sleep and last for years, with the warranty to provide confidence in its quality.
  • For those who suffer back pain, joint pain, or other, a memory foam mattress can offer gentle support that is even across the full mattress to avoid any increased pressure on regular pressure points, and the zones of comfort will help to keep the spine straight and properly aligned to discourage pain in the morning, and will help to slow the build-up of pain that happens during the day. This mattress will reduce pain, increase sleep, and the two different surfaces for winter and summer each maintain comfortable temperatures all year long.
  • Delivered rolled and vacuum-sealed in a protective layer of plastic to protect it during shipping, all that is required is to unroll the mattress and remove the protective plastic and the mattress will expand to its natural shape in a few hours and should be completely expanded to its full thickness within the first three days and ready to be used the first night.

4. Marcapiuma Super King Memory Mattress

This Italian made Super King Memory Mattress is created with three layers of memory foam, and eleven comfort zones to create the most comfortable sleep surface. A traditional king size mattress is 183cm by 204 cm, while a super king is 203cm by 203cm. The additional mattress surface allows for more space to stretch out and room for those who toss and turn a lot during their sleep, for less falling out of bed than with smaller mattresses.

  • The inner core of this mattress is created from a firm memory foam offering stable support to the entire mattress from edge to edge, and this foam is the fastest to return to its original shape after use. A dense foam that has a water foam layer with small bubbles to allow airflow, this core is suitable for any time of year and helps to keep the mattress cool and smelling fresh. The second layer of foam has been textured to offer increased comfort for the body, and returns to its natural resting position and thickness slowly after use, but will be fully expanded and ready for use night after night.
  • The 11 comfort zones offer varying levels of support and firmness for zones of the body, creating cradling support for the areas that require less support and firmer support for areas that require them. These zones help to keep the spine aligned by adapting to the shape of the body and expanding to match the curves of the body, reducing the pain felt in the pressure points and spreading the weight of the body across the surface to remove the pressure points of the body against the mattress, reducing the pain felt in the joints and areas that normally feel the pressure of the body against the mattress.
  • With a removable cover that is easy to clean this mattress is created to last for years and remain clean, with airflow throughout to avoid build-up of sweat or allergens. This cover is made with silver thread and covers the entire mattress on all sides, while silver is a natural antibacterial. reducing allergens, the build-up of bacteria that cause the mattress to begin to smell musty or moldy, and the killing of bacteria helps to reduce the transfer of illness and bacteria to others.
  • It is recommended that this mattress be used on a slatted bed, where it will not require a box spring for support, to offer even support and comfort. The mattress is vacuum-sealed and rolled for delivery, which saves both shipping costs and emissions from delivery. To use simply unroll the mattress onto the base and remove the protective plastic.
  • The mattress will expand to its full size within three days, but will expand enough to be used in only a few hours, and can be slept on the night that it arrives. Any scent detected will dissipate when the foam is exposed to the air again and is simply the foam after being sealed for shipping. It is not harmful and the mattress is safe to use on the day of delivery.

5. Inofia Super King Memory Foam Sprung Mattress

The Inofia Super King Memory Foam Sprung Mattress is created to be one of the most comfortable mattresses with its layers of memory foam and pocket springs that are individually wrapped. With a base of foam that is bouncy and adapts to the zones of the body to offer increased support in some areas and softer comfort in others.

  • The pocket springs are above the bottom layer and their individually wrapped springs allow for movement to be smooth without affecting the rest of the mattress surface and to form around the shape of the body. These are topped with wave memory foam formed into zones, offering the right amount of support and the correct shape to all the zones of the body and maintaining support for the spine and a reduction of pressure points.
  • Layers of memory foam made for comfort, and the surface of the mattress is a soft and airy mesh that allows airflow to travel throughout the mattress and maintain both a fresh mattress and a surface that does not overheat during the night. With a 100 night trial, you can allow three full days for the mattress to completely expand after it is delivered vacuum sealed and rolled in plastic within the box, and four more weeks for the body to adjust to the mattress and be sure that it is the right fit.
  • This particular version of the Inofia Memory Foam Mattress is a medium-firm to soft, with a plush feeling of the top layers and the ability to adapt to the curves of the body and cradle the sleeper. Soft to the touch and on the pressure points, the Inofia brand uses seven zones including head, shoulders, back, waist, hips, thighs, knees, legs, and ankles to offer the right amount of support to the right areas in order to maintain spinal alignment during sleep.
  • By providing varied support in the springs as well as the memory foam the body will feel less pain both at night and throughout the day, and a proper alignment is encouraged. Also benefitting are those with back pain or who tend to toss and turn or move a lot at night, as the movement is not easily transferred across the surface and the reduced pressure on the pressure points themselves keeps sleeping positions more comfortable for extended periods of time and reducing the number of adjustments to the sleeping position. A more comfortable sleep with less pain and decreased movements will provide deeper sleep and allow the sleeper to awake rested and refreshed.
  • Get the most from your mattress the larger Super Kin mattress, slightly larger than the traditional king-size with a difference of 183 cm by 200 cm for a traditional and 203cm by 203cm for the super king, a trial period to test the mattress past the adjustment period, several zones of comfort and the breathability to maintain surface temperature. The pocket sprung coils offer steady support across the whole mattress and the memory foam contours to the shape of the body, making a comfortable resting place for all body shapes.

What Makes the Best Super King Size Mattress?

Many people choose to purchase a super king size bed mattress mainly due to the extra sleeping space a super king size mattress offers. Usually, such a mattress has the same length as a queen-sized mattress, the difference being basically the width. Therefore, you and your partner can both enjoy sufficient space to stretch out without disturbing each other.

In addition, since a super king size bed and mattress offers so much space, there will be sufficient room for other family members, such as your children. But, aside from selecting just the best size mattress for your needs, you should also look for the characteristics of the mattress – particularly when it comes to the firmness rating and your preferred sleeping type.

Best Super King Size Mattress Firmness & Type of Sleeper

When the mattress you select has the ideal firmness level for your sleeping style, you’ll sleep like a baby! That’s because you’ll get the much-needed support for your back. In addition to that, the right support level will alleviate the main body pressure points. When your best super king size mattress is too firm, or – on the opposite side – not firm enough, you may experience back pain, shoulder pain, and discomfort.

The softness or firmness of your best super king size mattress will mostly be influenced by the type of mattress it is, whether it is memory foam, pocket sprung, or hybrid; overall it depends on the materials used within. The thickness of the mattress will also play a part when it comes to the level of firmness. The comfort system may also be referred to as the body-cushioning system that represents the most crucial part of the super king mattress memory foam. Usually, the comfort system can be made from memory foam, polyfoam, latex micro-coils, and so on. Depending on the manufacturer, the best super king size mattress will most likely have multiple layers. When it comes to innerspring mattresses, the thickness or gauge of the steel coil will imminently impact the firmness level of the mattress.

Meanwhile, when the mattress is made from foam or latex, the firmness is determined with a measurement referred to as “indentation load deflection”. When this rating is low, then the mattress won’t be as firm. In the case of mattresses with high ILD ratings, they are firmer.

The importance of body weight and sleep position

When you assess the firmness level for your best super king size mattress, you should take into account your sleep position and body weight. Depending on your body weight, you might feel that a mattress is either firmer or softer. People with an average weight will most likely find a mattress featuring a lower firmness level comfier. Meanwhile, if the mattress would be too firm, they would not get the necessary pressure relief.

On the other hand, your sleeping position is just as important. If you usually sleep on your back, you will need spinal and back support; this will also treat and prevent back pain. When it comes to side sleepers, there are 2 vulnerable points – namely the shoulders and the hips therefore a slightly softer mattress is needed, a medium firm mattress. As for stomach sleepers, they will prefer a mattress with a higher firmness index. Sleeping on your stomach is not a recommended sleeping position, however, for those who do sleep on the stomach, same as with back pain sufferers, a medium firm mattress is recommended.

Mattress Performance: What Should You Consider?

When you determine the performance of your mattress, there are several aspects worth pointing out, such as the following:


Durability is a crucial element if you ask us. And the longevity of a mattress has plenty to do with its firmness setting. A soft mattress, which has a lot of cushioning, will be the least durable as it is prone to sagging. Meanwhile, a firm mattress isn’t as susceptible in this respect.

Pressure relief

If you suffer from body pain and pressure at critical points, a mattress with a medium level of firmness ranging from 4 to 6 will offer just the right mix of support and comfort. But once again, you should consider your body weight and your preferred sleeping position as well.

Temperature neutrality

Do you want to invest in the best super king size mattress that doesn’t retain body heat? A mattress that does retain body heat will keep you fresh at night in other words, it allows airflow to circulate within. Depending on how important this aspect is to you, you should also look at the firmness level, as this is connected with temperature neutrality. For instance, if the firmness level is lower, the mattress might keep you warmer. Another essential consideration would be the type of mattress. Foam and latex models will retain more body heat in comparison with hybrid or innerspring mattresses.

Final Thoughts

While the tips included in this guide should come in handy, purchasing a mattress is a highly subjective aspect. This means that you cannot take everything you read and hear as such – you need to apply the information to your preferences and what you expect from your newly acquired mattress.