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HomyLink Pillow Top Pocket Sprung 9-Zone Orthopaedic Mattress Review

HomyLink has always been trusted to offer high-quality mattresses – and this small double pocket sprung mattress is certainly no exception. Designed to deliver both support and comfort, this is the kind of pocket sprung mattress that you need if you want extra support, but you also crave the comfort of a soft mattress. With deluxe features and elegant design, this extra-thick small double pocket sprung mattress is perfect for making you feel comfortable whenever you get into bed. With a comfortable pillow-top that will adjust easily to your body shape, it is the ideal small double pocket sprung mattress to have if you are concerned about the position of your spine while sleeping.

Pillow Top for Extra Comfort

This pillow top pocket sprung mattress features springs that are individually wrapped in their own fibre bags – enabling the springs to move separately when you lay on the bed. It also has massage convoluted memory wave foam that conforms to your body. This way, your spine will stay aligned from the shoulders down – ensuring a proper sleeping position. What makes this small double pocket sprung mattress special in comparison to other mattresses is the pillow top addition. This means that aside from your back, your neck will also receive the proper support throughout the night. Designed to conform to each person`s shape, the memory foam pillow top layer has the purpose of relieving the pressure points and aligning your spine for the best comfort.

Introducing Comfort Quiet Upgrade Sleep

Perhaps the most inconvenient part of sleeping with your partner is when they toss & turn during their sleep – you might wake up as well, depending on what type of sleeper you are. This is because not every mattress has individually wrapped pocket springs. Older style mattresses have all springs interconnected, when pressure is applied to one side of the mattress, the whole mattress will move, disturbing the person sleeping next to you. However, since the pocket springs in this pillow top pocket sprung mattress are NOT interconnected, but individually wrapped as previously stated, ONLY the springs that pressure is applied upon will move, so, if you toss & turn, get out of bed… the springs underneath you will move but not the springs that your partner is sleeping on. Your partner won’t even feel you moving and vice versa.

Features that Make the Mattress Special

  • Extra-thick comfortable memory foam
  • Spring system with individual fibre bags
  • Noise and vibration absorption properties
  • Waterproof design
  • Anti-allergenic and anti-odorization properties
  • Stretchy fabric that is comfortable to the touch
  • Pillow top that delivers even more comfort


As an alternative model, and for comparison, have a look at the Marcapiuma Latex 7-Zone Orthopaedic Mattress; 100% made in Italy, Oeko-Tex certified, standard 100 Class 1, euroLATEX , LGA Quality are a few of its certifications.

Read What Users Have Said

Many online users have expressed their surprise at the softness of the mattress – particularly considering the support that it provides. Some were initially nervous when they unpacked it – but once it expanded, the mattress could not be better. (Click here to read what users are saying on Amazon) The price is also excellent, considering the comfort that it brings. It is very suitable for people that are suffering from back pain – the comfort that it brings will generally be enough to keep you asleep throughout the night.

Final Thoughts

To buy, or not to buy this small double pocket sprung mattress? Many people swear by its efficiency, and they believe that they could not have picked a more supportive small double pocket sprung mattress. Overall, it’s an excellent pillow-top pocket sprung mattress at an affordable price.