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HomyLink Gel Memory Foam Pocket Sprung 7-Zone Orthopaedic Mattress Review

How many times have you tried to sleep and felt as if your mattress is burning hot? Not in the actual sense  – but in the sense that it can become warm causing you to sweat. There may be a variety of reasons – from the way in which it was built to the materials that it uses. This is why the gel memory foam of this mattress is a convenient addition.

The Cooling Effect of Gel Memory Foam

Mattresses can get hot during summer, mainly if they use materials that are not breathable. This might cause you to toss and turn a lot until you get to the “cool side of the mattress” – the side that feels the most comfortable. However, with this gel memory foam mattress, this problem no longer exists. Since the gel has a cooling effect, it’s perfect for those hot summer nights or for people that suffer from hot sweats. Plus, not only will it allow you to feel cool during summer nights, but it can also help you feel warm during winter. The cool gel factor combined with the open-structure high-elastic memory foam, disperses heat from your body while relieving the pressure, adjusts the sleep temperature overnight to achieve a cool fresh summer or a fluffy warm winter.

The 7-Zone Support Technology

Each spring within gel memory foam mattress features is individually wrapped and adjusts whenever someone sits on top of it. The only springs that will lower are those that are in direct contact with the body – in which case; the others will remain unaffected. This means that whenever you get up from the bed, the only side that will move will be yours – whereas your partner’s side will be undisturbed. There isn’t a bouncy or wavy effect, the mattress also features noise-dampening and anti-vibrational properties that will not wake your partner when you get out of bed. It’s perfect if your significant other is a light sleeper that wakes up from the slightest movement.

Features to Consider

  •  Cool gel memory foam mattress
  • An antibacterial surface that is resistant to mites and allergens
  • Extraordinary 7-Zone support technology
  • Temperature control due to the gel factor
  • Ability to memorize the body curve
  • Can relieve pressure
  • Draws heat during summer, keeps heat during winter
  • Vacuum packaging + warranty


As an alternative and for comparison, we recommend the Vesgantti 9.4 Inch Pocket Sprung Mattress; solid build, trusty worthy s manufacturer, hundreds of positive reviews.

The Customer Opinion

It’s relatively difficult to find a mattress that can feel comfortable during summer and winter alike – which is why so many people find this mattress model so convenient. It can disperse heat from your body while relieving the pressure. There will be no awkward squeaking from the springs – and when you shift or get up, only the springs from underneath you will move. People sleeping with their spouses claim that there is no bouncing effect – so, if they have to shift position during the night, this will not affect the other sleeper

Final Thoughts

If you tend to feel hot during summer, then this is undoubtedly the gel memory foam mattress for you. With its temperature regulating properties, this gel memory foam mattress will offer support while making every season very comfortable for you.