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Silent Night Memory Foam Mattress Review

We all know the importance of finding the best mattress for you! Therefore, we took up the task of testing, researching, analyzing, and reviewing some of the best mattresses in the UK so that you will have a reliable source of information. A good night’s sleep is of paramount importance to everyone! Today, we’ll be talking about Silent night memory foam mattress and about its incredible features that will make you sleep better than ever. Overall, it is a great mattress, providing your body with support across its most important areas, such as shoulders, hips, and back.

Still – there’s much more to be said! Let’s see what the Silent Night memory foam mattress can offer you. When memory foam was first introduced, everybody wanted to try it out and determine whether it can improve their sleep. The answer was yes, given the number of people that claim this Silent night memory foam mattress review has done wonders on their sleep. Truly, memory foam technology is a gift for anyone suffering from back pain. For example, if you have mild pain, you can choose the 3-zoned memory foam mattress from Silentnight. However, if you face harsher pain, then the 7-zoned option will provide you with all the support you need, as well as with pain relief along your spine, shoulders, and hips.

Mattress sizes available: 

  • Single
  • Small Double
  • Double
  • King
  • Super King
  • Euro Single
  • Euro Double

Mattress styles:

  • 3 Zones Memory
  • 7 Zoned Memory
  • 800 Pocket Memory
  • Miracoil Memory

Moreover, the Silent Night Mattress reviews are fit not only for any type of sleeper but for couples with different styles of sleeping as well. Once again, thanks to the memory foam core the mattress contains, you almost won’t feel when your partner moves, as their movements will be absorbed thanks to the shock absorption properties it offers. It has a medium/firm level of comfort – 20cm depth – making it fit for those that don’t like their bed either too soft or too firm.


As we know, different people have different needs. Thus, you can’t expect one mattress to satisfy every single customer out there. As mentioned before, even one tiny detail can make the mattress of your dreams seem not so great anymore. In this respect, we’ve thought of providing you with an alternative to the Silentnight 2000 Pocket Gel Mattress – it is a great mattress, with a lot of benefits for a different type of sleepers, and with an excellent price to quality ratio.

However, if you’re still looking for something different, then we recommend the Naturalex Perfect Sleep Mattress. This one features Aero Latex supportive foam, providing you with balanced comfort, the flexibility of latex, while maintaining the features of high-resilience foam, and zero motion transfer. Moreover, this is a 2 sided mattress, it features a summer side and a winter side.


As expected from Silentnight, the memory foam mattress we talked about today comes with a great price to quality ratio. No wonder, given the fact that the brand has received so many awards and it is being praised by its customers every single day. (read what customers have said on Amazon) Overall, the Silent Night Mattress reviews is the dream – if we can say so – of every person that’s looking for a more comfortable sleep or for those that have body aches. As previously mentioned, the memory foam core of the product – and the mattress 7 support zones – is simply amazing in terms of pressure relief. Add to the above the fact that Silent night mattress reviews is one of the UK’s most trusted brands, the thousands of positive reviews online, guarantee of a quality product and you’ve got yourself a mattress that can make you sleep like you never did before!