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Marcapiuma Bio Soty Memory Mattress Review

The level of firmness of a mattress is an important aspect that needs to be taken into consideration if you want proper body support and wake up with no back pains. This Marcapiuma double memory foam mattress will offer the right support thanks to being an orthopedic firm mattress; on a scale from 1-10, this is an 8. It is a 1st class medical orthopedic firm mattress that is meant to make you feel like you’re getting a massage in your sleep. It has 5 differentiated comfort zones and a central alveolar structure. This will give the massage effect that will help your muscles relax and wake up fresh. Made with viscoelastic memory foam, the Marcapiuma Bio Soy Memory Foam Mattress is comfortable, 22 cm deep, and has 3 foam layers. The first one is 4 cm and is the memory foam bio soy layer, which is thermosensitive, viscoelastic, and has 5 wave-shaped zones with an alveolar structure to create the massage effect. The core is 12 cm and is a type of water expanded high-resilience foam, which serves as support. The last one is 4 cm and is a WaterFoam layer that has 5 shaped zones.

Non-Allergic Cover

The mattress’s cover is something to cherish. It is non-allergenic so that people who suffer from allergies won’t suffer from symptoms anymore during their sleep. It is antibacterial and dust-mite resistant. You can rest assured that your cover will always be fresh, feel nice, and be safe from any bacteria. It is Silver-Ion treated, thus being resistant against 650 different types of bacteria. Furthermore, the cover is anti-odor too. Whereas many other covers tend to catch a smell as time goes by, this one will not; it will maintain its freshness. Another advantage is its breathability. The cover is machine washable at 60 degrees, so maintenance is easy.

Easy to Set Up

When shipped, the Marcapiuma double memory foam mattress is vacuum packed and rolled, so that is it easily transported and is protected as well. To make sure it is protected, the Marcapiuma orthopedic firm mattress is shipped in a double resistant envelope. When it arrives, it just has to be unpacked, after which you leave it to recover to its original shape. Please allow it 24 hours before sleeping on it, as recommended by the manufacturer, MarcaPiuma Mattress.


  • The cover is machine washable at 60°
  • Proper spinal support
  • Blood circulation improvement
  • Non-allergic, dust mite resistant, anti-bacterial and breathable
  • Vacuum packed and rolled
  • OekoTex certification, CertiPUR, standard 100 Class 1, and ISO 9001 n. 16333Q
  • 10-year warranty
  • 22 cm depth
  • Orthopedic firm mattress
  • Firmness level – 8/10 Memory Foam (orange), 9,10 polyurethane WaterFoam (light green)

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Many buyers online noticed there was a clear difference between before and after using the orthopedic firm mattress, with one of the most noticeable being the disappearance of back pain. Another aspect people seemed to like was the fast delivery and how comfortable this Marcapiuma double memory foam mattress is. The Marcapiuma mattress offers excellent value for money.

Final Thoughts

This Marcapiuma Bio Soy Memory Foam Mattress will improve your life. If you suffer from back pains, the firmness of this Marcapiuma double memory foam mattress, along with the massaging effect it creates, will be enough to rid your pain. For more information about this mattress, check out Amazon for more features and benefits.