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Dosleeps 9-Zone Pocket Sprung Mattress Review

We all love to sleep. It’s what we look forward to after a long day – a tiring day, with our only thought being that we want to sleep, comfortably. However, the feeling of an uncomfortable mattress will be enough to put a damp on that joy. This is why so many people are enjoying the DoSleep pocket sprung memory foam mattress – mainly because it does exactly what this mattress brand advertises: it lets you sleep, comfortably. With its smart features and convenient design, it is the kind of mattress that will keep you sleeping throughout the entire night.

The Comfort of Tencel Surfaces

Most mattresses have covers that are made from cotton. However, the DoSleep Mattress features a cover made from Tencel Lyocell fibres that can absorb moisture in a much more efficient way than cotton. This way, the body’s natural thermal regulating system can be supported – ensuring that your skin feels dry and fresh throughout the entire night. That being said, even if the surface of the mattress is soft, this pocket sprung memory foam mattress itself is supportive, thanks to the pocket springs. Each coil has its pocket that contours around your body – therefore, ensuring that your spine stays straight. It also prevents transfer-motion. It provides a good night’s sleep to your partner if you tend to toss and turn around a lot during your sleep.

Extra Memory Foam Comfort

As mentioned, the pocket spring coils have a significant role in ensuring that your back gets the support that it needs. No matter if you sleep on your back, your side, or stomach, the coils will mould so that the mattress evenly wraps around your body. However, aside from those coils, you also have the memory foam layer for comfort. This way, you will receive the proper support for your neck and back – ensuring that you wake up painless after every good night’s sleep.

Features to Keep in Mind

  • Innovative 9-zone support system made from individual spring coil pockets
  • The Tencel surface can absorb moisture more efficiently than cotton
  • Supportive undisturbed sleep due to the individualized comfort support system
  • Extra memory foam that reduces 87% of the pressure on the neck
  • Memory foam that can absorb pressure and reduce the need to toss and turn


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Customer Opinion

From reading a number of reviews online, most customers like how thick this pocket sprung memory foam mattress is. That being said, although it has a decent quantity of memory foam, the mattress is not too firm, nor too soft. Many people with back problems also find this Dosleeps pocket sprung memory foam mattress highly convenient, as it aligns their spine correctly. Many of those that have gone through surgery claim that using this pocket sprung mattress has helped them wake up without any back pain – allowing them to have a full night’s sleep without any issues. It is very comfortable, and it also took away the need to toss and turn throughout the night. Since the mattress conforms to the shape of your body, you will find your comfortable spot right away.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a pocket sprung memory foam mattress that is not too firm, nor too soft, then this one should certainly do the trick for you. It is a good option if you tend to sweat a lot during the night, as the Tencel surface will wick away the moisture more efficiently than cotton does. It is undoubtedly an investment that is worth the money.