Best Medium Firm Mattress


When shopping for a mattress, you have to take things one step at a time. There are several considerations worth noting, and one of the most important is the firmness level. And we couldn’t agre...e more: firmness is essential, more important than you might think. It influences the quality of your sleep, how your back feels in the morning, and whether you wake up well-rested or not. This is where our guide on the best medium firm mattresses comes in: to give you a hand and make things a tad more accessible to you.

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Top Listed Best Medium Firm Mattress of July 2024

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Pure Relief Memory Foam Medium Firm Mattress
Additional Information
  • Type : Memory Foam
  • Firmness : Medium Firm
  • Features : Viscotex High Density Memory Foam, promotes muscle relaxation, preventing and relieving back pain
  • Packing : This item is shipped vacuum packed, compressed, and in a box
  • Certification : Conforms to UK Fire Safety Regulations
  • Weight : 13.3 Kg
  • Warranty : 12 months

Anti-static technology A reversible design meant for dual seasons 7 individual comfort zones that provide optimal support Air-fresh system that ensures excellent ventilation


Some people that prefer a firmer mattress mentioned it was too soft

A good option if you want a medium-firm mattress that feels soft yet supportive.

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Bed Centre Diamond Pocket Sprung Medium Firm Mattress
Additional Information
  • Type : Pocket Sprung
  • Firmness : Medium Firm
  • Features : An anti-bug,anti-dust mite and anti-mosquitoes mattress
  • Packing : Full size mattress
  • Certification : The product is handmade in UK and using fire retardant materials
  • Weight : 39 kg
  • Warranty : 12 months

Anti-dust, anti-bug and anti-mosquitoes mattress Handmade in the UK The dual-side design allows you to turn the mattress


It tends to accumulate heat overnight, which can be quite unpleasing

A good alternative for a medium-firm mattress featuring diamond pocket springs.

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Concept Deluxe 3000 Medium Firm Mattress
Additional Information
  • Type : Memory Foam
  • Firmness : Medium Firm
  • Features : Reacts to body heat and moulds to individual body shape
  • Packing : Vacuum Packed
  • Certification : Complies fully with UK flammability regulations
  • Weight : 35 kg
  • Warranty : 10 Years

The memory foam aims at distributing the body pressure evenly Temperature-sensitive properties Promotes good blood circulation Silent


It has the tendency to overheat

A comfortable mattress that contours after the forms of the body.

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Silentnight 7 Zone Memory Foam Rolled Medium Firm Mattress
Additional Information
  • Type : Memory Foam
  • Firmness : Medium Firm
  • Features : Miratex 7 Zoned Support System
  • Packing : Vacuum Packed
  • Certification :
  • Weight : 22 Kg
  • Warranty : 5 Years

It provides optimal support to the back, hips, and shoulders It promotes healthy spinal alignment Allergy UK approved Made in the UK


Durability might be a problem according to some users

A high-quality mattress that gives you the cushioning effect of memory foam and just the right amount of support.

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Inofia Single Memory Foam Medium Firm Mattress
Additional Information
  • Type : Memory Foam
  • Firmness : Medium Firm
  • Features : 100 NIGHT TRIAL-Try the Inofia mattress at home for 100 nights.
  • Packing : Vacuum Packed
  • Certification : ECO-FRIENDLY-CertiPUR-US Certified foam made without any harmful substances
  • Weight : 17.4 kg
  • Warranty : 10 Years

Breathable memory foam construction Eco-friendly certified It efficiently absorbs motion transfer 100-night mattress trial


It might overheat at times

A well-rounded mattress you can test prior to deciding whether it is the right fit for you or not.

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Top 5 Best Medium Firm Mattresses 2021

1. Pure Relief Memory Foam Medium Firm Mattress

This is a lovely medium to firm mattress with a 20cm thickness. It features 7 individual comfort zones, which aim at releasing the accumulated muscular tension. A unique characteristic would be the inclusion of anti-static technology, as it counteracts static energy. The dual season design is also quite appealing, especially if you are vexed about the overheating sensation you experience in the summertime. On the summer side, the top of the mattress features 3D honeycomb fabric, which is breathable. Meanwhile, the winter side comes with a thick cotton fabric cover.

For the most part, you’ll be able to sleep on the mattress almost right away. However, there are some cases in which you might need to wait for up to 48 hours. In other words, you should give it time to expand to its intended size. This could be slightly inconvenient, but it’s not something you cannot deal with, that’s for sure. If you want to get it at a reasonable price, Amazon is the place to look – you can find it here.

2. Bed Centre Diamond Pocket Sprung Medium Firm Mattress

If you prefer a pocket spring mattress, perhaps this one by Bed Centre could address your needs. First of all, this Bed Centre Diamond Pocket Sprung Medium Firm Mattress is made in the UK, which is a testimony of its quality. But that is not all – it also comes with other promising features.

For one thing, the materials used in the manufacturing process are resistant to bed bugs, dust mites, microbes, and mosquitoes. Aside from this, if you’re worried about motion transfer, this one aims at isolating the motion and noise.

At the same time, since the pockets springs are individually nested, this provides just the needed amount of support for your back. If you usually wake up with back pain in the morning, the firmness level might be just right for you; this is a medium firm mattress. The side handles are a welcome addition to rotate the mattress whenever required. You can purchase it here from Amazon.

3. Concept Deluxe 3000 Medium Firm Mattress

Moving on, to the next medium-firm mattress; a difference would be that this one is made from memory foam. This innovative material is preferred by some, mainly due to its unique features. One would be its capability of following the precise contours of the body.

The density of the memory foam – which is an essential characteristic – is 7.5 cm. Therefore, it promises to provide a decent level of support even to people that struggle with back pain and chronic discomfort.

Due to its contouring capability, your body will enjoy a high level of comfort in the areas where it needs it the most. In addition to that, the memory foam supports proper body circulation, reducing the stress applied to the joints and muscles. Here is the Amazon link from where you can find the best prices.

4. Silentnight 7 Zone Memory Foam Rolled Medium Firm Mattress

This is a comfortable medium to firm mattress, which offers that luxury feeling we all crave. At the same time, the anti-allergy construction gives you peace of mind if you are ultrasensitive to exposure to chemicals.

Most importantly, it is allergy UK approved, due to the presence of Purotex – which is a highly capable natural probiotic. The purpose of this probiotic is to counteract dust mite allergens, ensuring a fresh sleeping environment.

Note that this Silentnight 7 Zone Memory Foam Rolled Medium Firm Mattress might not provide the needed amount of support to heavier users. So it’s best to assess your weight first. We will talk more about this characteristic later on in the guide. And while it does come with an off-putting smell, it will eventually go away once you air it out. Overall, the reviews for this mattress are overwhelmingly positive – people struggling with back pain for years swear by its effectiveness. Find out more about the Silentnight 7 Zone Memory Foam Rolled Medium Firm Mattress at Amazon.

5. Inofia Single Memory Foam Medium Firm Mattress

If you’re sick and tired of the unpleasant smell of a new mattress, then you should know that this one makes an exception to the rule. This is thanks to the lavender-infused scent, which makes all the difference.

Since you want to ensure that you get all the support you need from your medium to firm mattress memory foam mattress, note that the core of this one by Inofia consists of durable high-density support foam. As for the cover, it is hypoallergenic.

The manufacturer, Inofia, also makes it very easy for you to test the mattress stress-free, not to mention that the returning policy is very user-friendly. Therefore, you shouldn’t feel too stressed if this mattress doesn’t suit you or your sleeping style. Read more about the Inofia Single Memory Foam Medium Firm Mattress on Amazon! 

What Makes the Best Medium Firm Mattress?

When browsing the mattress department, you’ll stumble across different mattresses, various firmness, from soft, medium, and hard to medium-soft or medium firm. But what does this entail, more specifically?

We could say that a medium to firm mattress is one of the most popular choices for many people. Why is that? That’s because it offers a balanced feel. It is still supportive while being soft. Therefore, it has just enough cushioning so that your hips and curves get the needed relief.

People who prefer sleeping on their sides might be happiest with a medium to firm mattress. Why is that? Once again, it has to do with the balanced feel of support and cushioning. At the same time, combination sleepers, those who sleep in different positions, should also find it suitable.

A combination sleeper is a person that sleeps on his/her side and on the stomach. In terms of flexibility and versatility, a medium-firm mattress is the right choice, which is what makes it a popular alternative.

Does Firmness Mean the Same Thing as Support?

When talking about mattresses, we imminently discuss aspects such as firmness and support. But are they the same thing? What is the main distinction between the two? Although they are related, there is a slight distinction worth noting.

Usually, the firmness of a mattress refers more to the top layer of the mattress. Meanwhile, a mattress’ support refers to the underlying system, namely the core of a mattress. This is why there are many mattresses on the market that are supportive enough even if they have a soft comfort layer.

That is to say, a mattress that provides excellent pressure point relief will keep the spine properly aligned. Hence, you’ll get the much-needed support regardless of the softness of the top layer.

The Firmness Scale

There are several terms used to assess the firmness level of a mattress – such as extra firm, medium-firm or plush. But to have accurate information regarding the mattress you want to purchase, you should pay attention to its firmness scale. What is that? This is a way of rating the firmness level of a mattress from 1 to 10.

Usually, when a mattress has a medium firmness level, this means it provides a middle ground with a bit of limited sink. Most people will find a mattress with a medium to firm firmness supportive enough so that they don’t suffer from back pain or discomfort. Also, when it comes to spinal alignment, a mattress that has a medium to firm level of firmness will provide that.

Determining the Optimal Firmness Level for Your Needs

When determining just the right firmness level for your needs, there are several considerations. For one, there is your perception of comfort. As a reference point, you should first think of your current mattress and its firmness scale. How would you describe it? Are you content with it, or is there something you would change about it?

Don’t worry; you don’t have to know the precise firmness level of the mattress to get a sense of what you prefer and what feels best for you. But be completely frank with yourself and make sure you think of any sleeping experiences you had when you spent the night at hotels or friends.

In addition to that, your weight is just as significant in the equation. If you weigh between 130 and 230 pounds, then investing in the best medium firm mattress might be a sensible choice for you. This way, you’ll get just the right combination of support and cushioning without risking getting a mattress that is too soft.

Meanwhile, for those that weigh over 230 pounds, a mattress with firmer construction support might be a better choice. Heavier users apply more pressure on the bed, which is why the sinking and cushioning effect is significantly exaggerated.

Final Thoughts

If you determined that it’s high time to replace your current mattress and get the best medium to firm mattress, we hope this mattress buying guide has been of help. Remember, the firmness level is an essential factor, and you should consider all the details mentioned in this guide. In addition to that, don’t forget to assess your personal preferences beforehand. Once you do that, you’ll be on the right path to getting the perfect mattress for your needs. Waking up well-rested will be a given.