Best Mattress for Heavy People

For those of you on the heavier side, choosing the best mattress for heavy couples can quickly become an exercise in frustration. This mattress for heavy people buying guide below is here to provide a bit of cl...arity when it comes to buying a mattress for heavy people in the UK! Reviewing materials, models, and most commonly recommended features, you will learn about the best mattresses for heavy people. With medium-firm support and quality orthopedic designs, you can finally learn about the joy of uninterrupted comfort, knowing what to look for when choosing the best mattress for heavy couples. Here’s our curated list of the best mattress for heavy people.

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Top Listed Best Mattress for Heavy People of May 2024

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Sleep Factory 3000 Memory Orthopaedic Sprung Mattress
Additional Information
  • Type: Memory Foam Orthopaedic Pocket Sprung Mattress
  • Firmness: Medium / Firm
  • Features: Dust mite resistant , Luxurious Viscose fabric , Contours to your body’s natural shape , Relieves points across the body , Promotes good blood circulation
  • Packing: Full size mattress
  • Colour: White
  • Certification: Fully compliant with all UK fire regulations
  • Weight: 90 Kg
  • Warranty: 5 Years

High pocket spring count for those woken up by their restless partner. Hand tufted and structurally reinforced, with high quality natural fillings. Hypo-allergenic and dust mite resistant; with high density memory foam padding.


Delivery to the UK mainland only.

A solid choice for those looking for a firm memory foam/pocket sprung combo. It combines several features at a super affordable price. Highly recommended!

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Naturalex Supervisco Supportive Memory Foam Mattress
Additional Information
  • Type: Memory Foam Mattress, Orthopaedic
  • Firmness: Medium / Firm
  • Features: Mattress with Exclusive Deluxe Quilting GRAND CLASS ® with Special material completely environmentally friendly that is anti-bacterial deodorant hypoallergenic and anti-mite, 100 % Breathable fabric of natural ecological fibres , Soft and suitable for sensitive skin , Antibacterial , Bedbugs Proof
  • Packing: Vacuum packed and rolled
  • Colour: White / Grey
  • Certification: Certification Oeko-tex® on all the raw materials used (absence of harmful substances) | Certification ISO 9001 ® | Certification Certipur®
  • Weight: 20.5 Kg
  • Warranty: 5 Years

One of the thickest models, the breathable fabric and 11-zone memory foam make for a luxurious offering. One of the most breathable surface materials on the market; Oeko-Tex certified.


Vacuum-packed delivery requires time for the mattress to return to original form. Make sure to let it rest for up to 48 hours.

Those looking for a silent, spring-free experience need look no further than this highly rated mattress. It combines high density foam and responsive memory foam to give you a smothering, yet supportive rest. Very breathable – this easily translates into more durable when it comes to memory foam. Highly recommended!

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Simpur Relax Gold-threaded 11-Zone Memory Mattress
Additional Information
  • Type: Memory Foam Mattress
  • Firmness: Medium / Soft
  • Features: Sense H.R Resilience foam, micro-cell structure for improved ventilation. Mattress with Exclusive Deluxe Quilting GOLD ® . Mattress composed of 400 g / m2 of gold color nanoparticles anti static . High Quality fabric with 3D technology, soft tissue-Therm 350 g / m2 micro-channels.Soft and suitable for sensitive skin . Antibacteria. Bedbugs Proof
  • Packing: Roll-packed, vacuum-packed
  • Colour: Gold
  • Certification: Certification Oeko-tex® on all the raw materials used (absence of harmful substances) | Certification ISO 9001 ® | Certification Certipur®
  • Weight: 21 Kg
  • Warranty: 5 Years

The added quilting and side-stitching for additional support makes for an even more luxurious offering from Simpur Relax. Another Oeko-Tex certified model, that is free of toxic materials, and treated with additional protection against common allergy triggers. Micro cells provide superior ventilation.


Not as thick as Simpur Relax’s Luxury Memory Foam Mattress, some might prefer the added depth.

Another solid offering from Simpur Relax in a thinner, yet more luxurious design. The dense foam layer will provide the necessary support, while you will definitely enjoy the soft and immersive upper layer of memory foam.

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Happy Beds 3000 Orthopaedic Sprung Foam Mattress
Additional Information
  • Type: Orthopaedic Pocket Sprung Memory Foam Mattress
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Features: Reflex foam boundary is added which acts as a firm barrier to reduce the chance of you rolling off the edge of the bed
  • Packing: Vacuum packed and rolled
  • Colour: White
  • Certification: Made in UK with the finest materials, conforming to the British Standard
  • Weight: 21 Kg
  • Warranty: 1 Year

High spring count and pocket sprung combination provides the best of both worlds.


Doesn’t look very fancy, and takes time to regain shape due to vacuum-packing.

A quality design combo with a high spring count in a softer, medium-grade tension. It is one of the most affordable models on the market, and definitely a top pick when it comes to the price-performance ratio. Most highly recommended!

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Rest Assured Silentnight Memory 2000 Pocket Mattress
Additional Information
  • Type: Memory Foam Pocket Sprung Mattress with 2000 Springs
  • Firmness: Medium / Firm
  • Features: Naturally self-cleaning mattress cover completely eliminates mould and dust mites without chemicals
  • Packing: Full size
  • Colour: White
  • Certification: Made in UK with the finest materials, conforming to the British Standard
  • Weight: 98.5 Kg
  • Warranty: 5 Years

The 2000 spring-count may be just right for those opposed to the higher 3000 spring-counts on offer. Impressive edge-to-edge support, anti-allergic and highly durable.


Some were hoping for a firmer experience, saying they found this mattress to be on the softer side of the medium-firm tension scale.

A highly-rated offering for those looking for an ideal spring-count. It offers the most impressive edge-to-edge support as one of the best performing models across all price categories. An investment worth considering!

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Top 5 Mattresses for Heavy People

The Sleep Factory 3000 is a medium/firm tension mattress that boasts a memory foam and pocket spring design combination, with a 10 M wire wedge for added support of the upper body, providing relief for those who suffer from acid reflux and other related conditions.

  • Wrapped in semi-synthetic Viscose fabric for a soft, natural feel, this approximately 25 cm-thick mattress is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. Read the latest customer reviews on Amazon!
  • The pocket spring design minimizes weight transfer while adjusting your sleeping position, and the high-density memory foam conforms to your body, offering additional support while easing pressure points and promoting good blood circulation.
  • Also, this best mattress for heavy people uk isn’t vacuum packed or rolled, but shipped flat to ensure it’s delivered in pristine condition.

With dozens of positive reviews on Amazon, the Sleep Factory 3000 Memory Orthopaedic Sprung Mattress is a great starting point when considering your the best mattress for heavy people in the UK. It’s a supportive and comfortable mattress.

The Naturalex Supervisco Supportive Memory Foam Mattress boasts a luxurious 11-zone support system, providing incredible comfort for the entire length of your body.

  • With a depth of 25 cm, this medium-firm mattress offers a high-density memory foam layer combined with reflex foam layer totalling 4 cm, giving you the additional firmness and comfort you need while effortlessly conforming to the contours of your body, no matter your sleeping position.
  • With an exclusive Grand Class deluxe quilting pattern, the Naturalex Supervisco Supportive Memory Foam Mattress is made of environmentally friendly materials that are antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and dust mite and bed bug-resistant.
  • This best mattress for heavy people in the UK helps regulate body temperature, keeping you fresh in the summer and warm in the winter, while absorbing and dissipating moisture via individual air vents.
  • If you or your partner tend to toss and turn at night, this best mattress for heavy people in the UK is sure to cut down on your restlessness. And when your partner does adjust their position, the deep memory foam provides silent weight distribution mitigation sure to leave you blissfully unaware.

With a host of certifications, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and a five-year warranty, the Naturalex Supervisco Supportive Memory Foam Mattress is 100% EU-made with overwhelmingly positive Amazon reviews, providing you with all the confidence you need when making your purchase.

Another mattress model from Simpur Relax, the Simpur Relax Gold-threaded 11-Zone Memory Mattress measures a thickness of 25 cm with a high-quality side-stitched border for added support and comfort.

  • The memory foam/Bio Natural rest foam provides improved temperature regulation and ventilation via a micro-channeled fabric structure that utilizes 3D technology. These features provide a luxury mattress for heavy people that is antifungal, antibacterial, anti-odor, and moisture-absorbent, as well as dust mite- and bed bug-resistant.
  • Carbono therapy with particles’ ability to absorb moisture and odours. Check out more benefits of this mattress on Amazon!
  • The Simpur Relax Luxury Gold is 100% EU-made, with an Oeko-tex certification on all raw materials, and a 100% 5-year satisfaction guarantee. This best mattress for heavy people arrives vacuum rolled and sealed in a box for easy transportation.

The manufacturer recommends that you allow this best mattress for heavy people to fully recover for up to 24 before you use it. This mattress for heavy couples may smell, but this is not unusual for a new mattress and it is nothing to worry about it. Airing the mattress will help the odour fade within a few days.

For those who prefer a mattress more on the medium level of support, we bring the Happy Beds 3000 Orthopaedic Pocket Sprung Memory Foam Mattress. Approved by the National Bed Federation, this best mattress for heavy people boasts 75mm of memory foam, and an individual pocket sprung design, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep free of disturbance when your partner switches positions.

  • The Double Jersey fabric cover with light quilting accentuates the mattress’s medium tension, and the Reflex foam barrier encompassing the mattress provides a firm barrier, keeping you from being rudely awakened by an accidental impact with the floor.
  • Made in the UK with the finest materials, the Happy Beds 3000 Orthopaedic Pocket Sprung Memory Foam Mattress has several positive reviews on Amazon, making it a strong contender for those seeking a softer comfort level. Read the latest customer reviews on Amazon!

The Happy Beds 3000 Orthopaedic Pocket Sprung Memory Foam Mattress is ideal for couples. The mattress is shipped vacuum packed for easy delivery. Please allow the mattress to fully recover for up to 24 hours before use.

This medium-firm offering with memory foam and 2000 pocket spring combination offers the best of both worlds for those looking for a mattress that contours perfectly to the shape of their body while ensuring a disturbance-free sleep experience throughout the night.

  • The Rest Assured Silentnight Brodsworth Memory 2000 Pocket Mattress also boasts a self-cleaning mattress cover, a chemical-free solution for eliminating mould and dust mites. And at a thickness of approximately 25cm, it’s perfect for use with a sturdy bedstead. Its 2000 individual spring-count allows for the excellent support of every inch of your body, and inner mattress air vents allow for entirely free air circulation, providing a comfortable night’s sleep free of moisture.
  • Rest Assured recommends using a bedstead with wooden slats for this mattress, as tubular steel bars don’t offer the same support, and can dig into the upholstery, causing uncomfortable ridges to form over time.
  • Likewise, it is recommended the slats be smooth with chamfered edges, and secured to the bedstead to prevent migration. The Rest Assured Silentnight Brodsworth comes with a 5 warranty and booklet, providing you with the peace of mind you need to make a confident purchase.
  • And with dozens of five-star ratings on Amazon, this popular mattress for heavy people stands out for those seeking medium-firm luxury that’s designed to last. Read what customers are saying on Amazon!

This mattress is delivered flat, full size; please note that it weighs 98.5 kg as its a sturdy quality mattress. 2 people are required to handle the mattress. Please be sure to check with the seller or delivery company whether they provide a 2 man delivery service and if the mattress is delivered to your room of choice.

Mattress buying guide for those above average weight

Which is the best mattress for heavy people?

Mattresses come in different sizes and types. With a wide variety of models, materials, and levels of firmness, it may be challenging to decide what works best for you, especially if you are a heavy person uk. What you may not know is that experts offer some general guidelines to follow when shopping for the best mattress for heavy person UK. These guidelines recommend finding a mattress that is deeper than average (25cm or more), has a medium/firm or firm tension, and if you opt for a pocket spring mattress, one that has a high spring count (approximately 2000 springs or more).

These characteristics and more should be taken into account when you are in the market for the best mattress for heavy people; so we have compiled a handy mattress buying guide for you to consider, offering mattress reviews on some of the best available mattresses for heavy people in the UK. But first, let’s learn a little more about the product, so you can consider the options put forth in our guide with the information you need to make the right decision for you.

What you should know about mattresses for heavy people

Mattress design is dependent on each manufacturer. With heavier consumers in mind, they often employ features such as more durable side rails, more and sturdier support slats, more legs to aid in support and weight distribution, and a higher count of more abundant sturdier springs.

Proper support starts at the foundation and many manufacturers offer bed frames with reinforced side rails that come in a variety of materials and designs, all geared toward providing better support for the mattress. After all, the sturdier the mattress, the higher the level of support offered to the end-user. The sturdiest of bed frames are made of steel and encompass the mattress with a robust design optimized for providing proper support and ensuring the mattress keeps its shape over the long term. Manufacturers also offer more durable support slats, the crossbeams that span the left and right sides of the bed frame. These are often made of steel as well and are provided in varying numbers depending on the size of the mattress. Again, depending on the size of the bed, designs can offer up to eight or more legs to aid in weight distribution.

The firm support of the inner coil

As for the mattress itself, a wide variety of materials and layers have been developed to offer proper support. But let’s start with the coils. Innerspring mattresses employ coils, or springs, directly inside the mattress, providing the core layer of support. Keep in mind that the lower the coil gauge, the sturdier the coil. Most commonly ranging from twelve to fifteen, with twelve offering firmer resistance, coil gauge is an essential factor when considering your mattress; so too is coil quantity. Generally, coil count ranges from 400 – 900, and averages around 700. This is another important number to keep in mind, along with coil gauge. Coils also come in a range of configurations depending on manufacturer, with different settings boasting different properties. This is a feature worth inquiring about, as some may be employed for maximum resistance, while others provide maximum longevity.

Look for pocket coils

Another type of popular innerspring mattress is the pocket coil—individual coils wrapped in fabric, as opposed to linked together with wire. This is a practical design used to reduce weight transfer and comes in counts ranging up into the thousands. It is worth keeping in mind that more is not always better—there is some debate in the mattress industry regarding the correct range of springs. Generally, experts advise taking all of the above factors into account, not just the quantity of springs.

Why are pocket springs superior?

The technology of pocket springs is fairly new to the market (old fashioned coil ruled the industry for what is almost a century), but there are already numerous factories both in the UK and abroad manufacturing a steady supply of these. Pocket coils, unlike memory foam, provide stable edge support, so more of the surface can be used. Another advantage is the independent amortization of each coil, allowing partners of different weight to sleep without disturbing one another when moving throughout the night.

How many of them do you need?

The rule of thumb, in most cases, is to go for a higher number. However, anything that is above 2000 individually wrapped coils can be considered a marketing statement more than anything else. The simple explanation for this is because anything above 2000 coils must be vertically placed, which means adding another layer of pockets on top of the first. There is a lack of scientific evidence that such a feature can provide you with a better sleeping experience. Some experts even advise against it. On the lower end, you will generally need at least 800-1000 coils for the average weight person, so definitely above 1200 pockets if you are on the heavy side.

What about wire diameter and wire length?

Another way of determining the firmness of the mattress is by looking at the specifications of the wire. Each pocket will feature a separate spring, which means that you can generally gauge the durability and effectiveness of the support by investigating the wire length and diameter. Both play a role in determining support. A longer wire will always be more responsive, but it is the diameter that affects the level of support first and foremost. Take, therefore, these measurements in mind:

  • Soft 1.2 millimeters
  • Medium 1.4 millimeters
  • Firm 1.6 millimeters
  • Extra-firm/ Orthopaedic – 1.9 millimetres

Foam layers

The thing about foam is that it rarely provides adequate support for a heavy person. The ideal solution would be a very dense base layer that is generous in-depth, followed by a memory foam layer placed underneath the surface. And while memory foam is both cushy and soft, it prevents you from using the entire surface of the bed. The edges, as you would imagine, might compress under the weight, and you would risk rolling off to the side.

It is a good practice, therefore, to combine memory foam layers with other technologies such as pocket springs. This way, you will get the best from both worlds, enjoying support as well as a cushy and deeply immersive surface. Do note, however, that foam greatly highlights the need for breathability. Otherwise, being immersed in the material, your body temperature will rise very quickly, and you will easily start to sweat.

Combining features

The best mattress for heavy people UK come in a range of layers and materials, configured in a variety of combinations to provide varying levels of support. From memory foam and polyurethane foam layers to synthetic latex and the newer buckling column gels, it is rare to find a mattress that employs just one form of support. The good news is that many of these layers can be mixed and matched, and often come in sales packages that best compliment the type of support you are looking for. Now that you have some background information on the many styles, features, and materials involved in your mattress considerations, let’s take a look at a selection of some of the best mattress for heavy people.

Breathability is essential

Depending on the model, heavy people usually enjoy more immersion into the surface layer. If the mattress is offering firm support at the base, but medium to soft support at the surface, this is usually the case. And as you can imagine, it tends to become a problem. Immersed into the cushy surface, you see, the need for breathability is greater. Otherwise, sweating and constant heat can easily ruin your sleeping experience, messing up your ideal sleep temperature, which tends to rise exponentially.

Sleeping with a partner (overweight couples)

The biggest issue we had with our old mattress was that I was disrupting the sleep of my wife. My weight, you see, although not on the very heavy side, is still way above when compared to hers, and it was a problem. Compressing the mattress on my side of the bed, I often made her complain about the sag. If you are a heavy person, you already know how frustrating this can be.

Without any surprise, we found the solution in a pocket spring – memory foam combination. A pocket sprung mattress would suffice, but you can always add a cushy layer on top if you prefer to sleep on a softer surface. Pocket sprung mattresses often come with zonal support, which gets even better as different sections of the surface adjust even better to the weight of different parts of your body. The memory foam, at this point, becomes a personal preference entirely.