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Sleep Factory Deep Hand Tufted Memory Foam Sprung Mattress

If you want to sleep well during the hot summer season, you need a mattress that can keep you cool during the night. With this Sleep Factory Deep Hand Tufted Memory Foam Sprung Mattress, you can regulate your body temperature during the night. Although it has memory foam in its composition, it also uses heat-sensitive Visco elastic memory foam to make sure you won’t feel like you’re on fire. Moreover, since you won’t sweat that much, there are fewer chances of staining the mattress. The fabrics are breathable. This will ensure that your pocket sprung mattress with memory foam top is always fresh.

A Great Night’s Sleep with Memory Foam

This pocket sprung mattress with memory foam top is made of memory foam and pocket springs.  The mattress is soft enough whilst offering an adequate level of firmness to support your body. The foam will contour your body – thus, no pressure will come between you and adequate sleep.

Furthermore, there is adequate body support thanks to the spring system. Inside the mattress, there are open coil traditional Bonnell springs, which will individually work to hold your different body parts in the right position. It’s a great mattress to have if you want to wake up feeling fresh and fully rested. The memory foam and spring combo work amazingly. For people who usually wake up with severe back or hip pain after sleeping on their old mattress, this pocket sprung mattress with memory foam top from Sleep Factory can be a life-changer.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning a mattress is not the most straightforward job. Cleaning it is free of trouble – you just need a vacuum nozzle attachment and baking soda to keep its shine and freshness over time. For more tips on how to clean your mattress, follow our blog.


  • Memory foam mattress
  • It offers medium support
  • Open coil traditional Bonnell springs
  • Body contouring mattress
  • Temperature regulating mattress
  • Breathable fabric
  • It is handmade in the U.K.
  • Traditional hand-tufting for a long-lasting experience
  • BS7177 fire retardant
  • Comes in multiple sizes

Customer Ratings and Reviews

It seems that users loved the back pain-relieving properties, as their back pain has disappeared after their old mattress has been replaced with this model. Also, they loved how affordable this pocket sprung with memory foam mattress is. Considering its affordable price, it offers high quality and top features.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing a mattress is no piece of cake, especially if you’re on a budget. High-quality mattresses are quite expensive, but settling for this Sleep Factory Ltd model will ensure that you will get a good deal. You will save some money if you choose this pocket sprung with memory foam mattress. The mattress will keep you comfortable throughout the whole night, moulding to your body whilst being supportive at the same time.