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Naturalex AntiStress Pure Relief Memory Foam Mattress

A mattress is a product that is meant to offer you comfort & support for a night of sound sleep and durability to ensure you enjoy it for many years. This is something that Naturalex has successfully achieved. Established in 2007, this French Mattress brand is known for its comfortable mattresses, and one living proof is the Naturalex AntiStress Mattress Pure Relief Memory Foam Mattress.

Finding the right mattress can take time, so, why not save time and shop for this mattress online?

With outstanding comfort and stress relief properties, it may be just what you’re looking for. The Naturalex AntiStress Pure Relief Memory Foam Mattress can become your best friend. Coming at an affordable price versus the quality it has to offer, this Pure Relief Memory Foam Mattress can make sure you get enough sleep without tossing & turning during the night. It is made from Pure Relief Memory Foam that adapts to your body shape, no matter your sleeping position and helps relieve the pressure that you usually feel with other mattresses.

Key features:

  • Multi-Season Mattress – Reversible
  • Balanced Support – 7 comfort zones
  • Spinal Alignment – Reduces pressure points
  • Antistress – Memory Thermoregulator
  • Medium Firm Mattress
  • Pure Relief Memory Foam Mattress

To prove its long-term durability, it comes with a 10-year warranty. The materials used are free of toxic substances, as Oeko-tex ® certified them. This Pure Relief Memory Foam Mattress is reversible; it has a winter side and a summer side. The winter side is made of a thick cotton fabric helping you to stay warm at night. The summer side features a well-ventilated side to help dissipate heat and perspiration as well as high-density memory foam with open cells which draws heat away from your body ensuring you do not overheat.

This was implemented to guarantee that the mattress will offer benefits, no matter the season. Those who suffer from back pain can also benefit from using this mattress. It has a Viscotex high-density memory foam that relaxes your muscles and relieves back pain.


This Naturalex AntiStress mattress is quality, however, it is best you compare different models before making a final decision. So, if you want to check out another mattress before coming to a decision, we recommend the Silentnight Memory Foam Mattress. Another quality mattress that offers unmatched comfort no matter the type of sleeper you are. It’s great for body support and makes sure your whole body is aligned correctly, including your hips, back, and shoulders. Not to mention that it can also relieve pain and prevent it while reducing pressure points. It moulds after your body, regardless of the size and shape. That being said, the Silentnight Memory Foam Mattress is great to look into if you’re still not decided.


Naturalex has proven to deliver quality to its customers, even if the brand doesn’t have such a long history compared to others. The Pure Relief Memory Foam Mattress is one of the mattresses that could make your life happier by providing you comfort and support, relieving pain, and ensuring a healthy position. And what’s even better is that you don’t have to replace it when the season changes, thanks to its dual side, summer/winter.  It’s a wise investment.