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Naturalex Aura Mattress Review

The Naturalex Aura Memory Foam Mattress is designed to correct problems with spinal alignment while giving the comfort and support your body needs. This double memory foam mattress has several layers of foams that both comfort and support all the aching areas of your body. This visco memory foam mattress, like all other Naturalex brand products, has a guaranteed 10-year warranty. Likewise, all of these mattresses are designed, made, and manufactured 100% in Europe. For anyone looking for the best memory foam mattress for back or shoulder pain, the Aura Mattress is highly recommended both by customers and the manufacturing company.

Extremely Supportive and Comfortable

The top layer consists of a Thermo soft temperature regulating memory foam that is designed to change with different temperature and body heat fluctuations. The Blue Latex foam is the core of an incredibly supportive base which keeps the spine and back aligned while avoiding any sensitive areas. The Viscotex viscoelastic foam keeps the blood flowing and help the muscles relax with a seven zone comfort system. These 7 areas that are commonly known to be sore will be cushioned and are supported with different softness levels depending on the part of the body.

The Naturalex Air System

The Naturalex Aura double memory foam mattress can be used throughout the year as this viscoelastic memory foam mattress is a reversible/dual-sided mattress with a thick cotton cover designed to keep heat in during the winter months, and a light and loose air mesh fabric for a steamy summer night. Thermosoft is the latest technology that is high-density memory foam, keeping the body heat trapped in cold winter nights. Viscotex is a highly resilient viscoelastic foam that is lightweight and placed on the summer side of the mattress. This layer is great for the exchange of heat and letting the cooler surrounding room temperatures flow in. With this particular viscoelastic memory foam mattress, the Aura has a square pattern on its winter side and features a horizontal line pattern on the summer side.


● Medium-firm
● Comes in 19 different sizes
● Multi-Zone Support System
● 26 cm thickness
● An Air Fresh system for ultimate breathability within the mattress structure
● Lightweight for easy flipping
● Dual season sides
● Multiple layers and several types of memory foam for comfort and convenience
● Standard white colour for the bedroom
● Around 10.7 kilograms


Should this not be a suitable choice for your needs, may we recommend another quality 4ft6 double mattress from the trustworthy supplier, the HomyLink Natural Filling Pocket Sprung Memory Foam 9-Zone Mattress.

Customer Reviews

The delivery experience was said to have been great, with the mattress showing up on time and all vacuum sealed into a protective mattress storage bag. There has been a definite reduction in pain with this double memory foam mattress, although some have wished that it was just a little bit softer, especially on the side designed for the winter season. Another observation made was that the dimensions were never precisely accurate, and certain sheets that customers had purchased did not completely fit around the mattress. As this viscoelastic memory foam mattress is delivered vacuum packed for a smooth delivery, the recommended time to fully expand to its original size before usage is 1-2 days.


Overall, the Naturalex Aura Memory Foam Mattress does the trick with maintaining good posture and keeping the body from waking up to aches and pains.