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Naturalex Deluxe Multi Zone Memory Foam Mattress Review

Naturalex knows how to make a high-quality mattress and once again, they knew how to come up with this fantastic product. This reflex memory foam latex mattress is 20 cm thick and is suitable for different types of beds – including electric beds. This is a 2 side mattress; it features a winter side and a summer side. The winder side traps the heat offering that warm, pleasant feeling; the summer side is breathable thanks to the airflow system built-in. Just flip this reflex memory foam mattress as and when need it. The winter side uses merino wool and a thick cotton cover to keep you warm. The summer side has mesh fabric to allow air to flow and give you that cooling sensation. This reflex memory foam mattress comes at a reasonable price for the high-quality that it has to offer.

Viscotex Memory Foam Comfort and Air Fresh System

It should go without saying that a mattress needs to be soft & comfortable whilst providing adequate support too. Thankfully, this mattress is made with Viscotex memory foam to provide that much need it comfort. Viscotex memory foam is impressive as it relieves pressure. It contours your body shape, ensuring that you will have a good night’s sleep. You will feel like sinking into the mattress, waking up well-rested. The reflex memory foam mattress features an “Air Fresh System” to make sure the material is breathable.

Proper Spine Alignment

A lot of people complain that their mattresses cause them back pain. With this reflex memory foam mattress, though, that won’t be an issue. This reflex memory foam mattress has a dual-density Blue Latex core, which will ensure your spine is always in the right position, properly aligned. Anyone with back pain might find will find this double latex mattress very useful, allowing them to sleep comfortably and waking up pain-free.


  • Viscotex memory foam
  • 20 centimeters thick
  • Dual-sided
  • Dual-density Blue latex core
  • Around 15.8 kilograms
  • Has a white color
  • Medium-firm
  • Pain-relieving mattress

What the Customers Say

Many online users are happy with how comfortable the mattress is, and how effective it is in relieving back pains. The price versus quality aspect was something that many were pleased with. Some had hoped that the mattress was a little more comfortable on the edges, but overall, it left a positive impression.

Final Thoughts

If you need a reflex memory foam mattress for an excellent price that can fulfill your needs still, then Naturalex has you covered. This double latex reflex memory foam mattress needs no replacement, thanks to being dual-sided. Besides, it is medium-firm and able to get rid of your back pains.