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Naturalex Comfort Spa

Naturalex Comfort Spa Memory Foam Mattress

The Comfort Spa memory foam mattress promises a night of relaxation, similar to your blissful spa experience. The Comfort Spa Memory Foam Mattress is just one of the many products sold by Naturalex. The spa-like experience will put your body at ease with it being composed entirely of high-quality, high-density memory foam. Of course, Naturalex considered the well known social stigma of memory foam mattresses running ridiculously hot at night. Their method of combating the heat? A proper ventilation system. The 10-year warranty from Naturalex makes the Comfort Spa memory foam mattress the top choice for those looking for a therapeutic mattress. This viscoelastic memory foam mattress is shipped vacuum packed in a box for ease of transportation. Once you open and place the mattress on your bed frame, allow it 24-48 to fully recover to its original shape and size.

A Seven Zone Comfort experience

Naturalex utilizes the 7 zone structure to provide a therapeutic sleep experience. The memory foam is high density with contouring properties that mould after your body as you sleep. The mattress is designed to relieve pressure from several of the sensitive areas on your body like your joints, hips, and shoulders. The core of this viscoelastic memory foam mattress is also a tailor-made, and variable density blue latex material. Naturalex had comfort in mind when designing this mattress with memory foam for users with lower back pain and aches after waking up.

A Well Seasoned Mattress

For any season, whether it be wintry or hot, the Naturalex comfort spa viscoelastic memory foam mattress seeks to provide. With both sides usable (a winter side + a summer side), each having their unique features, you get the best chance of a good sleeping experience every day of the year. Naturalex included a thick cotton layer on its winter side and a 3D air mesh fabric for increased circulation during hot summer nights. The viscoelastic memory foam mattress contains memory foam with open-celled chambers, in an attempt to get more airflow rolling in and exiting the mattress.

The Mattresses Distinct Features

  • The Naturalex Comfort Spa Mattress comes in 20 different sizes
  • Comfort in both hot and cold weather Air fresh with an open-celled ventilation system
  • Thickness: 24 cm
  • High-density memory foam with medium firmness
  • Gels infused inside to add additional coolness and keep things light
  • Easy transportation
  • It takes 1-2 days to expand to its original size fully


Should this memory mattress not be entirely suitable for your need, may we recommended another model from a trustworthy supplier, meet the Angel Queen Mattress with Gel Memory Foam; tens of reviews from many happy customers.

Customers Reviews and Replies

This viscoelastic memory foam mattress has changed lives in the sleep department. Customers love the comfort you get for such a low price. (read what user are saying on Amazon)  As memory foam does tend to run warmer than other mattress types, customers were a little unsatisfied with the promised cooling effects of the memory foam and gels in this mattress. Regardless, the amount of comfort and support people found was stunning. The majority of users noticed a difference in comfort and pain relief with their new mattress.


This memory foam has, by far surpassed peoples’ expectations for a quality mattress with half the cost compared to other similar mattresses. Expect a new era of comfort with the supportive firmness and support of a durable memory foam mattress.