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Naturalex Perfect Sleep Latex Foam Mattress

The Naturalex Mattress Company has reached new levels with their Perfect Sleep latex memory foam mattress. This latex memory foam mattress has a clean, modern look for the bedroom, with a navy blue siding and a fresh ivory white memory foam surface. Even without bedsheets on top, the Naturalex Perfect Sleep Mattress looks like it belongs in the bedroom of a stylish and comfortable home. This Naturalex latex memory foam mattress is 2 sided; there is a winter side and a summer side. The winter side has a series of blue circles and swirls on it with zig-zag lines and ridges, and the lighter summer side has straight lines running across the top of the mattress.

Excellent Quality of Foam and Fabrics

This latex memory foam mattress is composed of an HR Blue Latex Memory Foam core that has been tested and proven to adapt perfectly to the natural curve and shape of the body. There is good elasticity and bounce back from the memory foam surface that gives this memory mattress it’s comforting and snuggly feeling. Blue Latex has a micro honeycomb structure inside that makes be well ventilated for a satisfying night of rest. The Blue Latex Foam is an ergonomic material that is both supportive and stabilizing to the bodies of its users. 7 comfort zones offer the mattress excellent capacity to absorb pressure. The mattress uses SoftSensation fabric on the winter side and breathable Airtex3D fabric on the summer side so to regulate the temperature in all seasons, Oeko-Tex certified fabrics, of course.

A Fresh Feel, Minus the Bacteria

You will feel clean and fresh without having to worry about bed bugs. The latex memory foam mattress is 100% Antibacterial thanks to the Naturalex Air Fresh system that features Airtex 3D fabric to maintain a steady temperature within the memory mattress. Moisture is the leading cause of the presence of any mould or bacteria gathering up inside the layers of your mattress. The Perfect Sleep mattress avoids this problem by allowing air to circulate in between all of the different layers inside the mattress.

The Mattresses Distinct Features

● 16 and 22-centimeter heights
● 19 different sizing options
● HR Blue latex memory foam core base
● Seven zones of comfort that cushion and support all sensitive areas
● Winter and summer side for year-round use
● White colour
● Weighs about 12.4 kg depending on the mattress size
● Medium soft
● A 10-year warranty, guaranteed
● Vacuum sealed and rolled up


As an alternative to this model, we do recommend having a look at the Lv. life Pocket Sprung Mattress with Memory Foam with Zoned Support from another trustworthy mattress supplier.

Customer Feedback

From reading the many online reviews, this latex memory foam mattress is recommended as it is very comfortable, especially for a product with a low price.


The Perfect Sleep Mattress is a very comfortable mattress with a nice feel to its memory foam surface. It is a reasonably priced product and looks like an excellent fit for any type of bedroom. This model is made with the promise that no toxic substances were used in the making of this mattress.