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Need help choosing the best king size mattress for a great night’s sleep? Then you’re in the right place! In this comprehensive, step-by-step king size mattress buying guide we’ll take you through the who...le process. First, we’ll explain what to look for in a king size mattress – and show you the benefits of selecting the best mattress for your individual needs. To help you choose, let’s take a look at 5 of the very best king size mattress reviews available in the UK!

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Top Listed Best King Size Mattress of June 2024

Product Information Our Verdict Price
#1 Good Value
Hf4You Sprung Memory Foam Mattress 5Ft Kingsize
Additional Information
  • Type: Memory Soft Sprung Mattress
  • Firmness: Medium / Soft
  • Features: 13.5g open coil bonnell spring unit for unbeatable support
  • Packing: Full size mattress
  • Colour: Black
  • Certification: Meets all UK fire regulations
  • Weight: 30 Kg
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Combines modern reflex and memory foam materials in addition to a traditional sprung construction. Great for a comfortable night’s sleep. Excellent value for money.


While some buyers like a memory foam top layer, others may prefer standard foam or natural materials. Some buyers have found the springs to be slightly noisy.

Great value for money for buyers on a budget who prefer a sprung mattress to a solid foam construction. The reflex/memory foam topping means that this product combines the advantages of both styles.

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Birlea Luxor Multi Pocket Sprung King Size Mattress
Additional Information
  • Type: Pocket Sprung Mattress
  • Firmness: Medium / Firm
  • Features: Includes 20 mm of soft foam for extra comfort
  • Packing: Vacuum packed and rolled
  • Colour: White
  • Certification: Meets all UK fire regulations
  • Weight: 30 Kg
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Rated medium/firm for support – a level favoured by many buyers. Comes vacuum-packed for convenient delivery and positioning. The quality, multi-layered construction comes without a heavy price-tag.


Heavier than some, and lacking side handles, this is not the easiest of mattresses to move. Some buyers may prefer a memory foam topped option.

A great, mid-range product that combines quality with affordability. Definitely a leading contender if you aren’t a fan of memory foam, and worth anyone’s consideration regardless.

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#3 Top Pick
Silentnight Comfort Rolled Foam King Size Mattress
Additional Information
  • Type: Foam Mattress
  • Firmness: Soft
  • Features: Pressure Relieving and Hypoallergenic
  • Packing: Rolled, wrapped and delivered next day for your convienence
  • Colour: White
  • Certification: Meets all UK fire regulations
  • Weight: 14 Kg
  • Warranty: 5 Years

A mattress in a box! This product comes vacuum-packed and simply unrolls and expands to its natural size when in-situ. Very light, easy to handle, and affordable, this item has sold exceptionally well on amazon and secured over 500 reviews – the vast majority being 5 stars!


This is the entry level model in its range and doesn’t include features like multi-zonal support. The product also doesn’t feature memory foam.

It’s hard to be critical of a product as affordable and convenient as this. And, if you prefer a softer mattress, this could actually be a better choice than some of the pricier options in the same range. Essentially, this is a good back-to-basics type solution for anyone needing a comfortable mattress that won’t break the bank!

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Silentnight Brodsworth Memory 2000 Pocket King Mattress
Additional Information
  • Type: Memory Foam Pocket Sprung Mattress with 2000 Springs
  • Firmness: Medium/Firm
  • Features: Naturally self-cleaning mattress cover completely eliminates mould and dust mites without chemicals
  • Packing: Full size mattress
  • Colour: White
  • Certification: Meets all UK fire regulations
  • Weight: 98.5 Kg
  • Warranty: 5 Years

This is a well made mattress combining the advantages of pocket sprung construction with a memory foam top layer. The excellent ventilation ensures a cool night’s sleep and prevents moisture build-up and mould. Handles on the sides make this mattress easier to move.


The flip-side of the depth and sturdy construction quality is that this mattress is, inevitably, heavy. The handles help with movement but some buyers may simply prefer a lighter choice.

This mattress is produced by a well-known manufacturer and features the very best of both traditional and modern materials. If you’re willing to pay a little more for great quality, this mattress will surely meet your needs.

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Relyon Royal Ortho Supreme King Size Mattress
Additional Information
  • Type: Pocket Sprung Mattress 2220 Springs
  • Firmness: Firm
  • Features: Firm Perimeter Support – Adds strength to the edge of the mattress to allow you to use the whole surface of the mattress as a sleeping area
  • Packing: Full size mattress
  • Colour: Blue
  • Certification: Meets all UK fire regulations
  • Weight: 89 Kg
  • Warranty: 5 Years

An outstanding quality mattress produced by a British manufacturer with a long pedigree. Superior pocket sprung construction and the high density of springs make this a great choice for users seeking firm support. Guaranteed for an exceptional 8 years!


We can’t hide the fact that this mattress isn’t cheap. There’s little doubt that this is a premium quality product, but the price may make it simply unobtainable to some buyers. The manufacturer has favoured natural fillings, while some buyers may prefer memory foam.

In terms of overall quality it’s hard to fault this mattress. If you are seeking a firmly supportive mattress to aid healthy sleep then this could be the one for you. For buyers willing to pay a premium price to ensure premium quality then this is a great option.

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A Guide to Buying the Best King Size Mattress

1. Hf4You Sprung Memory Foam Mattress 5Ft Kingsize

The Hf4You Sprung Memory Foam 5Ft Kingsize Mattress is an affordable, Made in the UK product. Featuring a double foam layer in addition to traditional sprung construction it offers excellent support.

Main Benefits

As a British made product complying with all safety regulations, you can rest easy knowing that this mattress is well-constructed and safe. It features 3 support systems – designed to offer comfortable support throughout the night. The National Bed Federation have also given this mattress model their seal of approval.

While this isn’t explicitly marketed for sufferers of back-problems, they may benefit from the orthopaedic support properties offered by the reflex and memory foam components. Meanwhile, allergy sufferers will likely be attracted by the mattress’ hypoallergenic properties.

Construction and Materials

The 3 primary support systems consist of an Open Coil Bonnell spring unit, a high-density reflex foam layer, and finally, a memory foam layer.

Reflex Foam is a popular, cost-effective alternative to memory foam, offering many of the same benefits – typically at a lower price-point. Both varieties are high-density polyurethane foams – often included in mattresses for their excellent levels of orthopaedic support. By combining both materials, this king size mattress offers superior comfort and postural support while being great value.

Features and Specs

  • Open coil Bonnel springs
  • A high-density memory foam layer
  • A high-density reflex foam layer
  • High-quality quilted cover
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • 150 x 200cm


Excellent value for money product, this best king size mattress offers a medium level of firmness and 3 complimentary support systems. If you’re considering a king size memory foam mattress, but also favour the extra support of springs, then this could be an excellent buy for you!

2. Birlea Luxor Multi Pocket Sprung King Size Mattress

The Birlea Luxor King Size Mattress is made by the British manufacturer Birlea Furniture. It features a multi-layered construction based around a core of pocket-springs.

Main Benefits

This Birlea Luxor Multi Pocket Sprung King Size Mattress features superior pocket sprung construction – a system that ensures even weight distribution and support. Meanwhile, the upper foam layer and quilted cover provide a comfortable sleeping experience. This best king size mattress is supplied vacuum-packed – a definite plus for anyone likely to experience problems moving a full king size mattress into position! Birlea, the manufacturer, offers a 3-year guarantee on this model, for your peace-of-mind.

Materials and Construction

This mattress is constructed with multiple layers of different materials to ensure maximum performance. A 20 cm pocket offers the core support sprung section – with 800 coils. A layer of cotton tops this felt, followed by a 1cm layer of soft foam, a fabric layer, a second foam layer, 2cms of polyester fibre, and finally a knitted fabric outer cover! On the underside (beneath the pocket springs), is a cotton felt layer and a fabric base.

Features and Spec

  • Pocket sprung with soft foam mattress
  • Medium/firm support
  • Hypoallergenic mattress
  • 3 Year Guarantee
  • Dimensions: 150 x 200 x 20cm
  • Weight 30kgs


If you are seeking a king size mattress with a premium feel, at a surprisingly affordable price, the Luxor by Birlea could be the right pick for you! The mattress is vacuum packed – making delivery and initial positioning simpler. On the flip-side, however, the lack of handles on the sides could make moving this mattress awkward if it needed carrying to another room in the future. The topping of foam, rather than memory foam, may appeal to those concerned about staying cool through the night. The medium/firm support rating makes this a reasonable, middle-of-the-road option, likely to suit most sleepers.

3. Silentnight Comfort Rolled Foam King Size Mattress

Constructed of Miratex Foam, this mattress by big-name mattress brand, Silentnight Mattress, is designed to offer a soft, comfortable sleeping experience. Hypoallergenic and pressure relieving, Silentnight Mattress has thought about the health of their product’s users when designing this.

Main Benefits

This king size foam mattress is rated as medium/soft – this could suit buyers who favour a more luxurious sleeping experience than that offered by firmer, sprung products. Delivered vacuum packed and rolled; buyers are likely to find this an easy option when it comes to delivery. If you need a mattress for a room where access is awkward, this could be the right buy for you!

The foam construction also naturally makes this significantly lighter than some of the products we have reviewed here. Weighing in at only 14 Kg, this Silentnight Comfort Rolled Foam King Size Mattress could be a definite plus should you need to move the mattress again after delivery. This best king size mattress also comes approved by Allergy UK – a real bonus for sufferers of illnesses such as dust-mite allergies.

Materials and Construction

The king size mattress is manufactured using a high-quality Miratex foam core. This is designed to absorb movement and prevent the dreaded ‘roll-together’! It is worth noting that this is the ‘entry-level’ model in the Silentnight ‘Mattress Now’ range. Unlike the other mattresses in this family, this model does not feature multi-zone support, nor a memory foam top layer. As a significant plus, the outer fabric layer features zips and can be removed and washed if necessary.

Features and Specs

  • Miratex foam construction
  • Fabric outer with zip
  • Anti-allergy (officially approved)
  • Light and mobile
  • Dimensions: 150 x 200 x 14cm

What the Customers Say

This king size mattress has generally received positive reviews from users. Many buyers have focused on the exceptional value for money provided by this mattress model. As an entry-level model, most buyers feel the price more than reflects any (slight) compromises in quality. Some negative reviews have focused on the fact that the mattress may have a strong smell initially. Buyers may wish to air the product thoroughly before use.


The removable outer cover and anti-allergy properties make this an appealing choice for those concerned about health and hygiene. The lightweight of the product could be a big plus for some buyers and others may prefer the fact that this doesn’t feature a memory foam top layer. Silentnight has designed this mattress model to be simple, comfortable, and highly affordable. If you’re looking for the right mattress at a great price, then this item deserves your consideration.

4. Silentnight Brodsworth Memory 2000 Pocket King Mattress

The Rest Assured by Silentnight Brodsworth Memory 2000 Pocket Mattress is designed with the sleeper’s comfort at the front of the mind. This quality British made product combines the benefits of a traditional sprung mattress with the modern support of a memory foam top layer.

Main Benefits

Made by Silentnight, one of the UK’s leading mattress brands, this king size mattress features a host of appealing benefits for the discerning buyer. Designed with allergy sufferers in mind, it is covered with a self-cleaning cover which effectively prevents mould and dust-mites. Built-in air vents also mean that air can circulate, preventing moisture build-up within the mattress (one of the leading causes of mould). This best king size mattress is suitable for use on either a divan or a traditional slatted bedstead and is rated as offering “medium to firm support”. Should you ever need to move this mattress to another room (or house), the sturdy handles on either side allow for this.

Quality Construction

This best king size mattress is handmade with 2000 springs to provide uniform levels of support across the full sleeping surface. The top layer of memory foam offers a responsive surface that contours naturally to the user’s body. Particular focus has been given to providing a finished product suitable for sufferers of back-pain and similar conditions.

Features and Specs

  • Sprung + memory foam topped
  • 2000 pocket springs
  • Built-in ventilation
  • Medium/firm firmness
  • Self-cleaning anti-allergy cover
  • Dimensions: 150 x 200 x 34 cm

Customer Reviews and Scores

Some buyers have mentioned that the model is heavy, though this is, in fact, a result of its high-quality construction. The handles on the sides also mean that this is less of an issue than it could be. Another feature that buyers praise is that it keeps its cool! Memory foam sometimes has a reputation for being hot to sleep against, but the excellent ventilation built into this mattress appears to solve that issue effectively. Overall, the product is consistently praised for being comfortable and well constructed.


Well made by a leading British manufacturer, this king size mattress provides a range of benefits. While it is bulky and heavy, most users won’t need to move their mattresses too often. If you are looking for a high-quality, well-constructed mattress that brings together the benefits of traditional springs and modern memory foam materials, the Rest Assured could be for you!

5. Relyon Royal Ortho Supreme King Size Mattress

The Relyon Royal Ortho Supreme King Size Mattress – by Relyon is unquestionably a high-end product. Its pocket sprung construction offers fantastic weight distribution. As the name suggests, this king size mattress was designed with postural support firmly in mind!

Main Benefits

With a name like the ‘Royal Ortho Supreme’, it may seem that this king size mattress has a lot to live up to! But the manufacturer, Relyon, is a British maker of high-quality beds and mattresses with a long history and a proud reputation for excellence. This best king size mattress is designed to provide firm orthopaedic support. The 2200 pocket springs ensure that pressure points are avoided – instead, the user’s body-weight is supported evenly right across the surface. Pocket springs also have the benefit of working independently. This reduces the chance of large areas of the mattress being compressed by the user’s weight (which can cause ‘roll-together’!)

Anyone suffering from back or joint problems could well benefit from choosing this product. Anyone favouring a firmer, more supportive mattress will enjoy the great night’s sleep that the Royal Ortho Supreme offers.

High Build Quality

There’s no doubt that the manufacturer, Relyon, has taken pains to ensure a high-quality product. The materials used and construction standards are superb. Additional support has been added to the side areas (which can sometimes be less firm than the centre of a mattress). High-end natural materials have been selected (including silk and cashmere). Silk offers excellent absorbency and is often noted for its cooling effects. Cashmere is a form of goat’s hair traditionally prized for its exceptional softness.

Features and Specs

  • 2200 pocket springs
  • Pocket sprung for enhanced support
  • Reinforced perimeter and sidewalls
  • Premium quality materials
  • Dimensions: 200 x 150 x 30 cm


Excellent for anyone experiencing back problems, this best king size mattress provides firm support. However, this does mean that users favouring a softer mattress may not find this product to their liking. Some buyers may prefer the feel of memory foam. These are, of course, purely areas of personal preference. Any users favouring sprung construction and the appeal of premium-quality, natural materials will be strongly attracted to this high-end product.

What to Look for When Buying a King Size Mattress


Believe it or not, your king size mattress is a big part of your life! You’ll likely use it almost every night for the next 8-10 years, depending on the quality of your king size mattress. Most people spend around one-third of their lives in bed! And making the best decision when you buy a king size mattress can have a significant impact on your health. In some ways, you could say that there’s no such thing as the best king size mattress, only the best mattress for you! So, before we jump right into the process of reviewing and comparing products, we’ll start by looking at the different features available and the points you should consider when buying.

King Size Mattress Size Guide!

Let’s start with a simple question – what size is right for you?

If you already have a bed, then selecting the size of the mattress is easy. You simply choose what fits your existing bed! (Feel free to skip forward to the ‘Support’ section below if you’re already sure you need a UK 150 x 200cm king size).

However, if you’re buying a new king size mattress and bed, then you have a choice between a standard double, a king, and a super king. Here’s a size guide for each:

Standard Double: 135 x 190cm

King Size: 150 x 200cm

Super King: 180 x 200cm

So, which is best? Once again, there’s no one right answer, only the correct solution for you.

As a rough guide, most people prefer a bed/mattress at least 10cms longer than they are tall. This makes a king/super king the best option for anyone more than 180 cm (5’11’’).

You’ll also need to consider whether you’ll be using the bed alone, or with a partner. Think about your body size/s and your sleeping habits – do you tend to lie stationary throughout the night, or do you often move in your sleep?

Lastly, don’t forget to factor in the scale of your bedroom. How much space is needed for other furniture? How much room do you need to move around the sides of the bed? All of these factors can help you choose the correct size. We believe that for most people, a king-size mattress offers the best blend between the need for extra space while you’re sleeping, with the need for a bed that fits properly within your room. The extra length is a handy plus point if you’re tall and the extra width makes for a larger sleeping area. But crucially it doesn’t come with the considerable width of a super-king mattress – a size which simply doesn’t work in most people’s bedrooms.

So, if you’ve settled on a king size mattress and bed, you’ll need to be sure you choose the right size, king! You see, just to make things confusing, king size mattress dimensions vary slightly! The standard width for the UK made king size is 150cm, while the European standard is 160cm.

If you’re buying to fit a bed frame you already own, then you need to be sure to select the correct mattress size! To keep things simple, the mattresses we’re looking at here are all manufactured in the UK to the standard UK dimensions (150 x 200cm).


People come in all shapes and sizes! Selecting a product that offers the best support for your body is key to making the right choice. A good mattress should comfortably support your weight without sagging. You should be able to move and turn on the mattress without noise or excessive resistance from the springs (if it uses springs). And, it should regain its natural shape quickly after you leave the bed. If you’re of a larger build, elderly, or suffering from a condition such as arthritis, joint problems, or back pain, then selecting a mattress that provides optimal support becomes doubly important.


While it’s crucial to choose a mattress that offers excellent postural support, you also need to select a model you find comfortable. Again, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution here – some people find a firmer mattress more comfortable, while others prefer something soft, spongy.

To make things easier, mattresses are graded according to how firm they are. Categories include soft, medium, firm, and extra firm. Mattresses are sometimes also described as medium/firm (for example) if they fall between two groups. You’ll likely have a clear idea of your preference based on the mattresses you’ve owned before. Having said that, new mattresses are continually being developed with modern materials that offer a far better night’s sleep than a mattress from, say, 20 years ago ever could.

Materials and Construction

In writing this best king size mattress guide, one of our key areas of focus was the quality of materials and construction. Once, an outercourse fabric stuffed with horsehair (or even straw) was the best most people could hope for! Thankfully, things have moved on since those days! There are now a wide range of different materials available. These include:


Light and comfortable, offering excellent, even support for the user.

Memory Foam

Is a responsive material that becomes pliable in response to body-heat; memory foam adapts to your natural contours for fantastic orthopaedic support. Some sprung/foam mattresses feature a memory foam topping for extra comfort.

Open Coil Springs

A traditional method of construction, each spring provides support for the user’s body.

Pocket Sprung

The individual springs are wrapped in a fabric pocket. King size pocket sprung mattresses are famous for their excellent levels of support and are especially beneficial if you sleep on your side.


The spring’s firmness and density are highest in the areas (zones) where the most support is needed.

Buy Online!

Instead of being tempted by the blaring ‘King Size Mattress on Sale’ signs used by the big retailers, buy online to ensure you genuinely get a bargain!