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Space is infinite, but within your house, there never seems to be enough of it. If your bedroom is a tight squeeze, you should consider purchasing an ottoman bed base. With an ottoman storage bed, the mattress ...can be lifted and items can be stored underneath. This gives you organized storage space and a cleaner overall look to your bedroom. Here is a handy guide to learn about best ottoman bed and which 5 top picks we recommend and review! Happy reading!

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Top Listed Best Ottoman Bed of June 2024

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Happy Beds Phoenix Grey Ottoman Storage Bed
Additional Information
  • Type: Ottoman Storage Bed
  • Material: Solid Ruberwood
  • Features: Sprung slatted base for extra comfort and natural bounce
  • Colour: Stone Grey
  • Weight: 88 Kg
  • Flat Packed: Yes

Beautiful grey fabric. Happy Beds has a 5-star service rating. Gas pistons support 588 Newtons. Solid rubberwood build. 5-Year guarantee. Slatted with springs for extra comfort. Storage is organized. Allows for storage.


Less storage space than others on the list.

Stylish grey ottoman bed from a trusted company.

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Caspian Ottoman Gas Lift Up Storage Bed
Additional Information
  • Type: Ottoman Gas Lift Up Storage Bed
  • Material: Wood
  • Features: Upholstered in a Soft Faux Leather – Stitched Headboard – Sprung Wood Slats
  • Colour: White
  • Weight: 33 Kg
  • Flat Packed: Yes

Contemporary look and fashionable design. Stores extraneous clutter. Large storage space. Hydraulic gas lift arms make lifting mattress easy. Long lasting. Wooden slats for extra support. Provides proper comfort for mattress.


Storage is unorganized. No spring edges.

Chic fashionable black leather ottoman bed from a good company.

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Chesterfield Style Grey Fabric Ottoman Bed Frame
Additional Information
  • Type: Ottoman Bed
  • Material: Wood / Fabric
  • Features: Smooth open and close hydraulic system for easy access
  • Colour: Grey
  • Weight: 38 Kg
  • Flat Packed: Yes

Breathtaking chesterfield style padded button fabric cover. Large storage space. Metal gas lifts. Piston system holds the mattress in place when raised. Uses wooden slats for extra support. Extra fabric on the bottom so your possessions never touch the ground. Headboard and footboard.


No spring edges. Storage is unorganized. Head and footboard take up extra space.

Exquisite chesterfield style ottoman bed that will impress you and everyone you show.

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Snuggle Beds Eleanor Dark Grey Fabric Ottoman Bed
Additional Information
  • Type: Ottoman Bed
  • Material: Wood / Fabric
  • Features: Gas-assisted lift system
  • Colour: Dark Grey Fabric
  • Weight: 38 Kg
  • Flat Packed: Yes

Snuggle beds makes quality products. Sleigh Style bed. Large storage space. Extra cushioning around the bed for safety. High-quality pistons. Sprung wooden slats push back up against mattress to give you proper support.


No organized storage space. No spring edges.

Safe and stylish ottoman bed sure to please anyone into classic design.

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Otto-Garrison Ottoman Upholstered Storage Bed
Additional Information
  • Type: Ottoman Storage Bed
  • Material: Faux Leather / Wood
  • Features: Low Profile, Slats Included
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 30 Kg
  • Flat Packed: Yes

Made by trusted UK brand. Gas lift system has been tested for over 180,000 lifts at 1000 Newtons. Long lasting construction. Fabric base so materials never touch the ground. Double-sided plywood side rails. Well designed. Large storage space. Sturdy and robust frame.


Storage is not organized.

Time and battle-tested bed that will last for decades.

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Top 5 Storage Beds in 2021

1. Happy Beds Phoenix Grey Ottoman Storage Bed

Happy Beds is a great company out of the UK that makes all kinds of quality beddings with a 5-year guarantee. They are a trusted National Bed Federation brand and have a 5-star service rating from Feefo. The Happy Beds Phoenix Grey Ottoman Storage Bed is another exceptional and stylish product from them.

This Happy Beds Ottoman storage bed with gas lift has looks that will please anyone. It uses different coating shades on the wood and comes with an open slatted headboard. The cover lifts to reveal 3 different wooden grooves for storage space. These different sized slots are perfect for storing extra clothes, blankets, or pillows. The bed with storage allows for the mattress to be lifted at a 45-degree angle which allows access to all storage ports. The gas pistons used can support the strength of 588N. This is good and means the pistons and frame won’t wear over time no matter what type of mattress you use. The pistons and wood used are both high-quality materials, including solid rubberwood, meaning the bed will last long beyond the 5-year guarantee that Happy Beds offers. Click here to read what customers have said on Amazon!

This base is slatted with springs where possible, giving more bounce than traditional ottoman beds. Since there are more springs, the mattress will be able to give you optimal comfort – springs work to contour your back and bounce back against your weight for extra support. Best ottoman beds don’t come with springs, but this one does. Using this ottoman storage bed will give you superior storage compared to a divan bed frame. This will allow your room to be free of clutter. The cleaner your room is, the cleaner you will feel. When you are buying an ottoman storage bed, you are not only purchasing the frame; you are also buying the extra space for your house. Plus, since the storage is broken into three distinct grooves, your life will be as organized as ever.

2. Caspian Ottoman Gas Lift Up Storage Bed

Right Deals UK is a major supplier of brand new, clearance, and overstocked furniture for all of the UK’s best bedding brands. They are continually giving incredible value on hotly sought after products. They also have their selection of products known as the Caspian Furniture brand. One of these products is the high-value Caspian Ottoman Gas Lift Up Storage Bed. This Caspian ottoman bed looks sleek and trendy. It uses faux leather that will look cool in any room. It comes with a headboard, sides, and a footboard which are all padded with foam for comfort and style. This ottoman bed has a contemporary and fashionable design where the headboard is a little bit wider than the mattress, making your room look bigger.

The best ottoman bed with storage features hydraulic gas lift arms that raise the mattress quickly. You will never have to struggle when lifting this mattress. It raises and lowers easily. The gas struts are of high quality and will not break down over time. They are adequately constructed to last so you will not have to purchase another bed frame for a long, long time.

Beneath the bed is a large amount of storage space. The space is completely free, meaning it provides maximum storage. This space would be an excellent place to store air mattresses, skiing supplies, or extra bedding. Since it is free and open, you can organize it however you want. This type of bed frame offers much more storage than divan beds or traditional mattresses. The bed frame utilizes wooden slats for the bed to sit on. These wooden slats will work to press against your body’s weight, giving you extra support. Your body builds pressure up over the day. If it is not adequately supported at night, the pressure is not relieved, and you wake up with pins and needles. By resting the mattress on the wooden slats, you are giving your body the support it needs. The slats are wrapped with a delicate material fabric to make sure your belongings below are undisturbed. Read what customers have said on Amazon! The bed supports itself when lifted, allowing you to manage the space safely. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

3. Chesterfield Style Grey Fabric Ottoman Bed Frame

Chesterfield Beds are a timeless style for bed frames. They go well in master bedrooms, guestrooms, and even for kids’ rooms. Your guests are sure to be dazzled by this classic grey fabric ottoman bed frame. You will feel at home every time you go into the room. Plus, since it is an ottoman bed frame, you will be able to store more.

Between style and functionality, this ottoman bed with storage cannot be beaten. The ottoman bed grey fabric opens up using gas pistons. The pistons are made of metal and are of high quality. When the pistons are made of plastic, they are prone to wear over time. The metal used ensures this system will last for a long time. The ottoman bed lifts to reveal storage underneath. It is not difficult to lift the bed frame; any adult will be able to do it with ease. While the mattress is raised, the piston system keeps itself in place, allowing you to work the storage space with both hands. The storage below is unrestricted. There are no boards or grooves; you get the maximum amount of space for storage. This Chesterfield Style Grey Fabric Ottoman Bed Frame would be perfect for storing extra bedding, seasonal clothing, or even your Christmas lights for the year. Since your ottoman bed gas lift offers additional storage space, your bedroom will be free of clutter. When your room is clutter-free, you feel and think better. This bed helps your room become a living space.

The ottoman bed grey fabric utilizes wooden slats. The wooden flats are sturdy and made of a solid material. These slats will catch your mattress and push back against it, making it firmer and giving better support. Since they are sprung, they also offer extra comfort. Comfort and support are the essential qualities of a bed. If you are not comfortable, you will not be able to fall asleep. If you are not supported, your body will not rest in the proper position, and you may wake up with pains running through your body. Since this ottoman bed frame has wooden slats as a base, you will sleep all night soundly and wake pain-free with the proper support and comfort. The chesterfield-style has a grey fabric wrapping the bed frame, which makes it more comfortable and safe for everyone. The storage compartment sits on the floor and has a fabric base. This extra fabric will keep your possessions safe from dust. Click here for customer reviews on Amazon!

4. Snuggle Beds Eleanor Dark Grey Fabric Ottoman Bed

Snuggle Beds is an excellent UK brand known to make high-quality products. This Eleanor in dark grey is an exquisite addition to any room. The ottoman bed with storage looks royal. It has inlaid buttons and a traditional upholstered feel. Your neighbours and family will love the look of this ottoman bed gas lift, which uses sophisticated grey fabric.

The ottoman bed is sleigh style, modelled after a traditional sleigh design with a scrolled head and foot ends. The fabric and rounding coating make this an exceptionally safe bed frame for children. The bed raises using gas pistons to undivided storage space. The gas pistons used are metal and of high quality. They will not break down over time, but Snuggle Beds offers a 1-year guarantee if anything goes awry. Since the ottoman bed space is undivided, the 20cm high space is adaptable to storage. This space is perfect for extra bedding, curtains, or storing your luggage. Since there is so much space under the bed, your bedroom will remain cleaner for longer. You will feel better having a clean room while still knowing where everything is.

The ottoman bed grey fabric is supported by sprung wooden slat frames that bow upwards. This gives more of a cushioned and comfortable experience than traditional solid slat bases. Since the wood is sprung, it is bouncy and pushes back against your mattress. This allows your mattress to sink, making sleep more comfortable. It also pushes back against the mattress, making it fill in and distribute your weight equally. Weight distribution is essential for relieving pressure. If the pressure that builds up during the day is not relieved while you sleep, you will feel it all the next day. The bed is 230 x 166 x 106 cm for a UK king. Read the latest reviews on Amazon! The cotton blend fabric is dark grey. Coating the frame in the padded material is not only good for safety, but it is also suitable for noise reduction. It will leave your room silent, clean, and organized. The extra padding also helps for comfort. Being comfortable means, you will go to sleep faster and healthier.

5. Otto-Garrison Ottoman Upholstered Storage Bed

Otto-Garrison is a trusted UK company known for offering the latest designs on the best ottoman beds in the UK. They have been around since 1998 and are renowned for their well-designed products. This bed is constructed intelligently with strong materials. The Otto-Garrison Ottoman Upholstered Storage Bed itself looks beautiful and stylish. It is padded with a high grade black faux leather with a headboard and double-sided plywood side rails. The black leather option especially will fit succinctly into any bedroom aesthetic, impressing your guests.

The gas lift system is carefully constructed and tested. These gas lift pistons are certified high grade and long life. They have been tested for over 180,000 lifts at a Newton force of 1000. In layman’s terms, this ottoman bed can handle it. This is important; you don’t want your ottoman bed with gas lift mechanisms breaking down over time. The gas lifts also keep the raised bed in place, so you are free to use both hands for the storage. The gas lifts are also designed to absorb heavy mattresses, making opening and closing a smooth process.

The storage below is undivided. This allows for optimal storage space, although you will have to divvy up space yourself. This space is ideal for extra shoes, blankets, pillows, or seasonal clothes. Storing them beneath your ottoman bed with storage will free up valuable space in your closet and bedroom. The high-quality wood used ensures a sturdy and robust frame that will not wear over time. The storage space has 29cm of depth. The bed has a fabric base that prevents your storables from being stored on the floor. It has 28 durable wooden slats that provide extra cushion and support. The slats will press back up against the mattress, making sure it gives you support where you need it. You won’t be disturbed from your REM sleep and you will wake pain-free. Read what customer are saying on Amazon!

What to know about ottoman beds

The best ottoman bed allows for the platform on which the mattress sits to rise. Underneath are different slots that can be used as storage. Since you can lift the mattress, ottoman storage beds often have more space than a divan bed frame where the drawers pulled out. Best Ottoman beds on sale use pistons that allow the mattress platform to be raised and lowered easily despite the weight of your mattress. They also work to stop the bed from dropping on what you store below. Be careful when you are looking for potential ottoman beds, as not all pistons and struts are built the same. Make sure they are secured tightly and can support the weight of the mattress platform.

Benefits of Best Ottoman Beds

When you use an ottoman bed gas lift, you are creating space; you would not otherwise have. Plus, you are getting more space than you would get with a divan style bed frame. This makes them an excellent place to store winter clothes or extra bedding. Any other seasonal items, shoes, books, anything really can be stored underneath the mattress to give your room. Your mentality often reflects your environment. When your place is clear of clutter, so will your mind be.

Checking the Quality of Ottoman Storage Beds

When you are searching for the best ottoman bed on sale, you want to make sure it is built to last—especially wooden ottoman beds, which involve more moving parts than traditional bed frames. When inspecting the frame, check inside to see what kind of wood is used in the dividers. This is often a good indicator of how much quality is involved in the construction of your gas lift ottoman bed. If it’s cheap chipboard, it might be best to move on to another sturdier model.

An essential component of the best ottoman bed with gas lift is the quality of the pistons and gas struts used. There is no standardized gas strut or piston; you will have to test them yourself to make sure they will endure. The best gas struts and cylinders will have solid brackets that unite them with 4 screws. Make sure the sturts are metal. Plastic struts and hinges that use spring are not likely to last for long. Finally, make sure the struts and pistons are strong enough to lower the bed gently, avoiding the risk of injuring a finger or hand when lowering.

Non-slip Covers

When you buy ottoman bed frame with gas lift, you should also invest in a non-slip cover for your mattress. The cover of the ottoman bases down always keeps the mattress in place. Luckily, there are non-slip covers. When a non-slip cover is placed over the mattress, the traction will keep it attached to the ottoman base. This will keep your mattress in place so you can safely lift and return the ottoman cover.

Thing to Note

Due to the nature of their construction, the bed frames are not spring edged like divan bed frames are. When a frame is spring edged, springs are placed below where the mattress would go. This gives the mattress an extra amount of bounce and softness. Since ottoman bed bases are not spring edged, mattresses will feel firmer when placed on top as opposed to a divan base. This is not an actual problem, however, some people prefer a firmer mattress. If you want a softer mattress, divan bed frames may be best. If you want a firmer mattress and more storage space, you should get an ottoman bed with storage.