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Best Emma Mattress Discount Codes and Sales

Should you be interested in finding the Best Emma Mattress for the best deals, discounts, and sales, we are the place to be looking. We have done all the hard work for you, scoring deals, promotions, sales, and so on, we have compiled all of the best in our sections below. 

We have found couchers, sales, and a plethora of savings for you to be making this year in 2021. We can lay them all on the table for you to view and choose from, whatever fits you and your situation best. Emma has so much to offer with a high quantity of deals and savings across the board that choosing one can be a challenging task. Especially when you get a multitude of other suppliers that offer their own unique discounts and extra services, such as Amazon, what don’t they sell these days?

Summary of Discount Codes and Sales

Let’s show you a quick summary of the best Emma Mattress deals and discounts coming on offer this year. 

Emma Coupon Code 40% OFF (up to)
Emma Original Deal 15% OFF (up to)
Emma Key-Worker Discount 35% OFF (up to)
Amazon UK Amazon Sale 50% OFF (up to)
John Lewis Discount 25% OFF (up to+ price match)
Wowcher Savings 71% OFF (up to)

(Be aware that these figures may change over time, so double-check with the manufacturer and/or site beforehand to clarify)

Emma mattresses are a great mattress for supreme comfort, they allow your shoulders to sink in, offering support and the structural soundness to cradle your spine in whatever position you sleep in, perfect for those of you who suffer from back pain.

The NIH conducted a study in 2003, should you want to learn more about the effect of firmness of mattress on chronic back pain.

It also has breathable materials so air can pass through, this keeps you cool while you sleep, which is a god-send in the summer months when going to sleep feels as if you’re being roasted like a Sunday dinner. Not only this, but it also has a top cover that is designed to regulate your sleeping climate by retaining moisture and reducing heat, no more waking up damp and uncomfortable. 

Now we will have a look at all the Emma original mattresses at their different price options, including information and options with varying voucher codes, deals and sales! 

What Do We Expect To See For Emma 2021 In Deals?

In previous years, as well as last year we saw colossal mattress specials and deals throughout the mattress industry. This specific make ran discounts up to 40% on all of their products towards Boxing Day in 2020, and throughout this year we expect to see similar savings for all UK customers, we anticipate figures that will range around the 30-40% mark. 

With us, you can always expect to see updates and information regarding discount codes and exclusive codes that are available just for you so that you can get the best out of your mattress and get the best sleep that you can dream of. 

Best Emma Mattress Discount Codes and Deals 

Thinking about Emma mattresses, we notice that these mattresses are designed with the customer in mind, all the way from their design to the sale of them. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are a side sleeper, a stomach sleeper, or a back sleeper, it is suitable for any sleeping habits or nocturnal habits. Emma aims to make their mattresses superior in comfort and relieving the pressures of your body and your days while also giving you the best support. 

The mattress industry is very competitive and to keep up with the ever-competitive market Emma runs many discounts, deals, sales and specials. The best deals for Emma mattresses in 2021 have now surfaced and these prices are ones to make sure that buying a mattress that will give you al you need, doesn’t break your bank. Shall we take a peek at these prices? 

The Emma Original Mattress

First up if the Emma Original Mattress. Here are some details on this great mattress; 

  • Specifications: This mattress is fitted with 3 foam layers, on the top an airgocell layer, followed by a memory foam layer, and finished while a base polyfoam. 
  • Sizes: It is available in many sizes; small, small double, double, king, and super king. 
  • Firmness: This mattress has a medium firmness, rated at about 6.5/10 if 10 is the firmest.
  • Height of mattress: All Emma original mattresses are exactly 25cm tall.
Mattress size Mattress measurements Price (without the discount code)
Emma Original Mattress- Single 90x190x25 £299
Emma Original Mattress- Small Double 120x190x25 £499
Emma Original Mattress- Double 135x190x25 £499
Emma Original Mattress- King  150x200x25 £579
Emma Original Mattress- Super King 180x200x25 £649

Other Emma Deals

There are other options of items you can get with Emma. You can land yourself some amazing deals on mattress offerings and accessories. Emma will often discount on products such as their signature accessories, what is there not to love? These are uniquely designed to further improve the quality of rest and working with mattress designs. And, we thought it couldn’t get any better!

If you want to get an Emma mattress and get some discounts on some of their other fantastic items, we highly recommend starting from scratch while a whole new bed set-up. This is because it is general that the discounts Emma awards usually affect all of their products, so buying a whole set-up at once from Emma, will give you the best discount you can buy! 

All Current Best Discounts & Deals From Emma

If you may be looking for a mattress urgently, we have some of the options for the best available deals, including Emma mattress specials you can find on Amazon, we all know that shopping at Amazon can be one of the preferable shopping options in the modern age. 

As we have previously noted, Emma mattresses all have various promo, voucher, and discount codes on their 2021 products. This is done to ensure that every customer is totally satisfied with their overall Emma experience, regardless of when it is and what discount of savings are being offered. 

Let’s take a quick look at the best Emma mattress deals that have best codes we can find. See below for details.

Emma Website Discount Codes

We have below a great discount code for you, always seeking out the best deals and exclusive offers available with Emma mattress. These that we seek out, are often superior to what you may find on their website. 

Our Emma Coupon Code:

[Enter discount voucher goes here]

The first deal we will look at is the Emma complete bundle, this is a recent deal that they have named, ‘The Original Bundle’. It includes an Emma Original Mattress, an Emma Pillow, and the aforementioned Mattress Protector. With the deal on this bundle, you can save up to, or around 15% on this bundle deal, depending on what size and combination deal you choose. 

Emma is also thanking keyworkers for their efforts in these unusual times, has created a page and discounts for all key workers. Keyworkers includes healthcare workers, teachers, education workers, carers and the emergency and armed forces. They currently offer 35% off all products for these key workers. 

Amazon Best Emma Discount Codes

Like many things, these days, Emma mattresses and their accessories are also available from Amazon, making things much more convenient. If you order from Amazon, you will also gain exclusive discounts and deals on the exclusive Emma Original Mattress. You can even get up to a 50% discount off of the Original!

Mattress size Regular price
Emma Original Mattress- Single £299
Emma Original Mattress- Small Double £449
Emma Original Mattress- Double £499
Emma Original Mattress- King  £579
Emma Original Mattress- Super King £649

What are the best deals you can find on Amazon? Well, we have found some fantastic deals on Amazon, keep updated on their deals if you are thinking about making a purchase from the Amazon Emma options as their deals may change, as deals will often be updated on the regular. 

  • Buy 2, Save 5% is one of the regular deals when you buy 2 Emma Mattresses. 
  • Get 10% off of the Emma pillow when you buy it with the Emma Mattress. 

John Lewis Discount Codes

The competitive reputation of JohnLewis lives up to their name and they are meeting the competitor’s prices in the discounts and sales for the Emma Mattress. 

John Lewis is currently running the Emma Mattress at a 25% discount which often increases during the sales year, so it is a good idea to keep your eye out for the price rise and fall of the John Lewis sales of Emma mattresses if you prefer this seller. 

Wowcher Best Emma Deals

In the Uk, you will often find that WOwcher has adverts everywhere, discounting anything that they can get their hands on. Doing some investigation and research into their sales for this specific article, full of all the information you need on Emma Mattresses, we did find that they are selling the original Emma Mattress at Wowcher for up to 71% off. 

You may be thinking, ‘well, that sounds way too good to be true’. You wouldn’t be entirely wrong if you thought that at first thought of that discount. The reason that these mattresses are so massively discounted is that these are refurbished Emma Original mattresses, this means that these are mattresses that have been returned after their 100 day trial period.

They have been checked over for any potential damages and are then recovered and refurbished with a fresh new cover and packaged again for resale. These are not so different from the standard Emma Original mattresses, and they are simply pre-owned and returned models. However, this does mean that they do not include Emma’s 100-night trial if they are bought from Wowcher at this discount.