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Best Simba Discount Codes and Sales

Simba mattresses are becoming ever more popular in the UK! Many people are changing over to these more affordable and comfortable memory foam mattresses. 

Although they are already pretty cheap, you can save even more money with discount codes and deals. With the mattress-in-a-box industry being extremely competitive in the UK, you need to use a voucher code as soon as possible to get the best mattress for you.

If you’re looking for the best Simba discount code or any sales, we are here to help! Read on to find the best Simba deals around today as well as in-depth analysis on the key features of Simba mattresses.

Deals, discounts, and promotions differ wherever you look but the best ones are all on this page! 

Let’s check out Simba’s special deals, voucher codes, and sales today!

Simba Hybrid Mattress

Simba are renowned for making innovative mattress designs even naming some as “the perfect mattress”. They are constantly working on new technologies to create the best possible quality products. Although highly sought after, their prices remain competitive with other brands. This doesn’t mean you can’t save more money though if you know where to look.

If you’re shopping for a new mattress, Simba’s Hybrid design has become a popular choice. As with most Simba mattresses, the specifications can vary from one to another. Simba mattresses are designed with every sleeper in mind. With research into the sleeping habits of 10 million people, Simba designs their mattresses to suit everyone.

The Hybrid mattress uses 2,500 patented cone-shaped comfort springs so that your bed can adjust to your specific movements throughout the night. This keeps your bed completely settled while the springs work to support your movements.

These mattresses are supremely soft to touch with a breathable, hypoallergenic cover. You will stay cool and comfortable throughout on this mattress.

There are 5 layers with the Simba mattress ranging from an airflow foam layer to an ergonomically designed bottom layer to support your back and spine.

Here are the layers in more detail:

Layer 1 – This cover layer is made of a synthetic blend with a hypoallergenic airflow to breathe easily.

Layer 2 – The first comfort layer is made from open-cell foam which is more receptive than memory foam to help prevent any pain on your pressure points.

Layer 3 – Simba uses 2,500 conical pocket springs to adjust to your sleeping position and spine. You don’t have to worry about disturbing your partner again!

Layer 4 – This layer uses high definition foam which offers transitional support and gentle pressure relief.

Layer 5 – Here we have the foundational base foam. This contains ergonomic zones which help support your spine and keeps airflow free resulting in a cool night’s sleep.

There are various sizes to choose from in the UK:

  • Single
  • Small Double
  • Double
  • King
  • Super King

The EU offers Single, Double L, and a Queen sized bed.

The height stands at 25cm tall while the firmness of the Simba mattresses are rated at 6.5/10. Simba’s medium feel mattress should meet the requirements of the majority of UK sleepers.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of these of the Simba mattresses on offer.

Simba Discount Codes

Let’s take a look at the current discount codes for mattresses in the UK. Bear in mind that these are subject to change quite often.


Simba – Simba currently offers a coupon code with up to 30% OFF. This is the best Simba discount code we could find from the Simba website.

Simba also has a friend referral program with £100 OFF. The referred customer will receive two free memory foam pillows with their first mattress purchase.

Amazon UK – You can get a discount through the Amazon sale with up to 30% OFF. 

These are currently available on every Simba mattress.

Mattress Online – Mattress Online currently offer a Saving discount with £5.05 OFF and regularly offer discounts so it’s worth keeping an eye out here.

John Lewis – John Lewis regularly offers fantastic discounts. Check with their site for full details.

Simba NHS Discount Code – Our wonderful keyworkers can currently get a Key Worker discount with up to 40% OFF. Eligible people must confirm that they are legitimate members of the emergency services. To do this, key workers just have to verify using the Blue Light Card or through the Health Service Discount system. Many exclusive discounts will then be readily available.

We expect to see more codes throughout 2021 with around 25-35% discounts on many products.

Simba Mattress pricing in the UK and EU

Simba are not the cheapest brand on the market but they do often have discounts and sales on. Here are the current prices excluding discounts in the UK and EU.


Sizes                                                        Dimensions          Price (Excluding discount code)

Simba Mattress – UK Single                  90X190X25cm             £549

Simba Mattress – UK Small Double      120X190X25cm            £749

Simba Mattress – UK Double                135X190X25cm            £749

Simba Mattress  – UK King                   150X200X25cm            £849

Simba Mattress – UK Super King          180X200X25cm            £949


Simba mattress – EU Single                 90x200x25 cm                £599

Simba mattress – EU Double L             140x200x25 cm              £799

Simba mattress – EU Queen                160x200x25 cm              £899

Do Simba codes actually work?

Simba codes do work but you’re not guaranteed every time. Simba typically makes the discount available automatically on purchase. This is done when you go to the Simba website and add an item to your cart. A discount is then added automatically, if eligible.

They are currently offering a -30% discount on ALL products but this is subject to change.

If you want to use a code or gift card, you should add a product to your cart and a screen will pop up on the next page for you to enter your coupon.

More Simba Savings and Deals

Simba also offers alternate mattresses and items such as a hybrid pillow, a topper, duvets, fitted sheets, Simba Hybrid performance bed linen, travel kits, a travel pillow, a mattress protector, and eye masks for travelling. Simba discount codes usually just cover the mattresses but they often run special deals on an array of products so keep an eye out!

Types of vouchers 

Over the years there have been various discount codes and vouchers with Simba. Some examples of these from the past and present are:

  • A Halloween offer of 30% OFF
  • Free delivery on products over £150
  • 25% off for all key workers
  • The chance to choose your own delivery slots for free

To ensure you get the best deals, you should keep checking on updated promotions so you can sleep in absolute comfort without dipping into your piggy bank.

The 200 night trial

As we have mentioned, Simba offers a 200 night trial to see if your mattress is up to your standards. They claim you will “feel the difference” after just one night so they are pretty confident you won’t need to return the product. 

Simba originally offered a 100 night trial but competition from rival brands such as Eve made Simba increase this number. Some companies offer a 365 night mattress trial such as Nectar so don’t be surprised if you see Simba’s trial period extend soon.

Nonetheless, 200 nights should be more than enough to find out if your mattress is right for you or not. You should check Simba’s weight restrictions and stats to ensure you are within the allowed weight and that the mattress can fit your bed frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the firmness of Simba mattresses?

Mattresses have no definitive firmness or softness scale. To find out the exact specifications, it is recommended you check with the manufacturer and find out the firmness. You can also read various reviews online to get a good idea of each mattress’ feel.

Do Simba discounts work on other products such as pillows?

Simply put, yes. Simba offers discounts on all of their products including pillows, duvets, and other accessories. As we stated, Simba mattresses typically have discounts and sales more often but promotions can change every few months.

In Summary

Simba pride themselves on making the perfect mattresses and accessories for the best possible night’s sleep. Although their products are generally affordable, it’s always nice to save a bit of money wherever you can.

The discount codes and sales we have discussed above should help you save a big chunk of money on your next purchase so you can sleep comfortably with a little more spare change than you first anticipated.