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Brook and Wilde Lux Mattress Review

As a relative newcomer to the market, you might not have heard of the Brook and Wilde Mattress just yet. They’re hoping to change that soon, with an expanding range and an impressive set of rewards behind them. Brook and Wilde want to be the best bed in a box around.

The Brook and Wilde Lux Mattress is a hybrid mattress that boasts memory foam and full pocket springs – with a cost to match. As an expensive item, you’re unlikely to want to spend unless there’s some guarantee of quality.

To make sure you can feel safe in your purchase, we’ve reviewed the Brook and Wilde Lux mattress and all its feature.

So, is it worth the price tag?

The Basics

The Lux mattress is the most basic of the mattresses sold by Brook and Wilde, although basic doesn’t really do it justice. Perhaps not as luxury as the Elite or the Ultima, there’s no doubt that the Lux is still a high quality mattress.

This bed in a box really stretches the standard for what bed in a box can be. At 28 cm deep it’s 3 cm higher than the standard mattress, offering a sturdy and comfortable base for a perfect night. Those extra 3 cms are boosted by 6 different layers, to offer a multitude of support.

The foam used is CertiPur certified, and contains no CDCs (Chlorofluorocarbons), mercury, lead, or TDCPP. This makes the mattress better for you, and for the environment. It also complies with the BS7177 standard, for a fire retardant mattress.

Brook and Wilde design and make all their mattresses in the UK. Derby, to be precise.

The 6 layers

One of the major selling points of the Brook and Wilde Lux is the 6 layers it boasts. The Lux is a hybrid mattress, meaning it contains both memory foam and springs.

Each one of the 6 layers promises to bring you another level of comfort and support.

1.The cover

The first of the 6 layers is the cover. Made of a polyester and cotton blend, it’s hypoallergenic, and provides a soft base that’s both durable and breathable.

The cover helps you remain cooler overnight. There is, however, a downside. The cover itself is not machine washable. To clean, it needs to be dabbed with warm water and cleaning solution. Not a dealbreaker, but it is an inconvenience.

2. The first memory foam layer

The first of the memory foam layers is made of a visco elastic, to contour itself to the shape of your body. The layer is dense to give support, but also to minimize motion transference.

The slow reaction of the memory foam essentially absorbs excess movement. This means if a sleeping partner turns, the mattress will move less with them, leaving you undisturbed. It’s also cooling, to keep you comfortable as you sleep.

3. The mini pocket spring layer

The 2000 mini pocket springs placed beneath the memory foam layer is just the first of the spring layers in this mattress.

The springs act as both a support layer and a transition layer. They move with you, to keep you supported through the night.

4. The second memory foam layer

The second memory foam layer is denser than the first, and constructed in a wave design to support your shoulders and spine.

5. Full pocket spring layer

The second spring layer consists of full sized springs. Individually wrapped to allow for separate movement, the mattress moves intuitively with you.

With 1,000 135 mm springs, this layer offers bounce and push back, and prevents edge collapse. You can sleep easy through the night, no matter where on the mattress you lie.

6. The base layer

Made of industry standard polyurethane, this foundation layer holds the mattress together.

It provides the mattress with its structure, and keeps it solid.

The Firmness

Unlike other mattress providers, Brook and Wilde doesn’t off the Lux in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ firmness. For optimum comfort, they provide you with three options: soft, medium, and firm.

This allows you to choose a mattress to better suit your body. If you aren’t happy with your choice, you’re able to switch to a different firmness within the 100 Night Comfort Trial. (Although any switches will affect the amount you can be refunded).


The soft feel is ideal for side sleepers and those with a lighter frame. Sleeping on your side alleviates tension from your spine, so the soft mattress allows you to simply sink in.

This is also better for those with a smaller build, who need less resistance from a mattress to get comfortable.


The medium feel is advertised as the ‘happy medium’, to best suit those who move about a lot, or who share a bed. Offering a decent level of both support and softness, it’s the choice for those who change up how they sleep.

However, being a happy medium does mean it will feel different for different people. Reviews show some have found it too soft, and others too firm. Luckily, the 100 Night Comfort Trial will allow you to switch it out.


Recommended for front sleepers and those with back problems, the firm feel offers the most support.

The spine needs support during the night, so if you sleep on your front then the firm feel offers a resistance you might not get otherwise. This is also recommended for those with a heavier build.

All 3 options offer the same 6-layer mattress, only with differing levels of firmness. This is a personal choice, as only you know what will offer you the most comfort and support. However, you can rest assured knowing none of the options skimp on quality.

The Wave

Regardless of which level of firmness you choose, each Lux mattress comes with the same unique wave design. The wave is moulded into the denser foam of the second memory foam layer. Its unusual shape distributes pressure across the body.

4 separate zones offer support to the neck, the shoulder, the hip, and the leg. The dips and waves conform to your body, keeping you in alignment. It also stops too much pressure from being placed on any one area. Sleeping on the wave means you’re less likely to wake up sore.

The wave is included in all 3 firmness options. So even if you choose the soft because you like to sink in, you know you’re still getting the support your body needs.

The Design

The Brook and Wilde Lux mattress looks so good you might regret having to cover it up. The design is a classic, with a navy base offset by a white top. The cover is divided by an orange strip, which looks sleek and streamlined. It really makes you appreciate just how thick this mattress is.

You should never buy a mattress simply for its design, but it is nice to see where time and care have been taken. The sleek look shows that Brook and Wilde care about the product.

There’s also the added bonus of the handles. The mattress comes with 4 handles on the side, allowing for easy manoeuvrability.

As mattresses are a heavy item this is a fantastic touch, and one that’s often overlooked. With handles, it’s much easier to transport the mattress if you’re redecorating, or to air it out. A mattress is a long term investment, so it’s good to have these reassurances for the future.

Trial Period and Guarantee

Like most other mattress brands, Brook and Wilde offer a 100 Night Comfort Trial. This gives you a chance to try the mattress and see if it works for you. Perhaps more importantly, it gives you an opportunity to try the firmness.

As mentioned, within those 100 nights you’re given the option to change the mattress for a different firmness. Useful, as very person’s standard for firm is different.

Brook and Wilde also offer a 10-year guarantee. This is fairly standard in the industry, but it is an extra reassurance. It shows the confidence that Brook and Wilde have in the product. If anything, it allows you to sleep that little bit easier.


Brook and Wilde offer a good time period for delivery, but reviews indicate that there have been delays on occasion. Mattresses are a large item, so delays in shipping aren’t uncommon. They are still frustrating, however.

What is great about Brook and Wilde’s delivery service is they offer delivery to a room to your choice. The mattress is heavy, as is to be expected, so it’s relaxing to know you don’t have to struggle to get it up the stairs. If you’re happy to do it yourself, then they also offer doorstep delivery.

Reviews have shown that Brook and Wilde are quick to respond to queries. Overall, the delivery service seems to run well. They also offer a mattress recycling service. Simply add the option to your order, and they’ll take your old mattress away. None of it goes to a landfill, with everything being recycled, reused, and repurposed.

Your new mattress comes vacuum sealed into a 100cmx50cmx50cm box. After the mattress has arrived and been unwrapped, it should be left to air for several hours. This allows the mattress to acclimatise to room temperature, and to rise.

After this, your mattress is ready to sleep on. Be aware, there may be a slight chemical smell at first. This is normal with foam mattresses, and will dissipate within a few days at most.

The Size and the Price

The Lux mattress comes with 4 different sizing options. These are single, double, king, and super king. Although this does cover most standard UK beds, the range is limited and doesn’t offer European sizes. As a relatively new brand, they may expand in the future, but there are no guarantees.

While there are many features that will help you choose a mattress, we understand that price is a large part of it. The Lux mattress isn’t cheap, but it’s also not as highly priced as other luxury ranges.

The prices are subject to change. The single mattress is generally priced around £600, with the super king at an average of £1000.

It’s worth noting that Brook and Wilde regularly offer discount codes.


Brook and Wilde accept payment from:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • They also offer the option to pay on finance.

The prices are high, but for the quality of mattress they aren’t unreasonable. With a Brook and Wilde Lux you do get what you pay for.

Awards and reviews

Brook and Wilde have received several awards for quality. They have been approved by Indy Best buy, Good Housekeeping Institute, Good Homes, and Grand Design Loves. The Lux was a Which? Best Buy in 2019, and the brand is featured in Great British Brands 2021.

Although they may not have the history behind them of other mattress brands, it’s clear that Brook and Wilde are fast growing in terms of respect and name recognition.

Bonus: Tree Planting

One additional thing to mention is the Brook and Wilde tree planting guarantee. For every mattress sold, Brook and Wilde promise to plant one tree. They support efforts in Indonesia, Brazil, Rwanda, Guatemala, and North America.

It’s not the most important selling point, but something to remember if you’re struggling to make a decision. By purchasing with Brook and Wilde, you give something extra back.

Final Thoughts: Should I buy a Brook and Wilde Lux Mattress?

I can’t guarantee that a Brook and Wilde mattress will give you a good nights sleep, but Brook and Wilde certainly think they can. The 6-layer mattress is designed to be as supportive as possible, and to react and respond to you as you sleep.

The choice of firmness is a strong selling point. Whether you want soft, medium, or firm, it’s best to get a mattress that works with you. Being able to exchange during the 100 Night Trial is also a major comfort. With Brook and Wilde, you know that you can tailor the mattress to suit you.

While the price point is high, it isn’t unreasonably so. Brook and Wilde have created an investment mattress, that should keep you comfortable for years.

We think the Brook and Wilde mattress is a buy.